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Homemade Glass Cleaner

Homemade Green Glass Cleaner :

Today we will learn how to save and Go Green with Glass Cleaner!

  1. Use an empty cleaning bottle
    (I originally purchased empty containers at Dollar General, but the nozzle kept getting clogged. So I recycled my old bottle and it has worked great!)
  2. Combine:
    2 teaspoons of White Vinegar
    1 quart of Hot Water

That’s it! I write the measurements on the bottle so next time I need to refill it’s right there. This stuff works great! Personally I think it works better than store bought glass cleaners.

Glass Cleaning Tips:

  • Don’t clean glass in full sunlight, this will help with streaking.
  • Use a washcloth that can be washed after each use instead of using paper towels.
  • Use two different strokes: horizontal on one side and vertical on the other. This will help you quickly identify which side may need touched up!
  • Did you know that clean glass can help heat your home?! Yep, clean glass allows the sunlight to fully penetrate through the window and help heat your home!

Do you have any frugal suggestions? We would love to hear them!

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