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EDUCATIONIAL: Artist Picture Study

Here is a great video on how to conduct artist picture study using the Charlotte Mason method.

Select one artist and 6 of his works, 1 to review each week for the next 6 weeks. Before beginning the picture studies, read a short story about the artist.

  1. Study the picture, silently, until you can create a mental image of the art work.
  2. Turn over the picture, and describe as much from the image as possible.
  3. Discuss what the child liked or disliked about the painting and any other notations the child has about the painting.

This is the method that I use with my daughter and we love it! Not only am I impressed with what my daughter has retained but what I have also learned with her!

Something fun we also like to do as a form of narration is to try and draw the picture from memory. I am amazed at how much detail my daughter can remember and how well she can draw it!

Source: Simply Charlotte Mason

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