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How to prepare your own Coupon Match-Ups!

Hot to Prepare your own Coupon Match-ups

If you use a blogs coupon match-ups to do your shopping you can find that the deals might not be the same in your area. Or perhaps you shop at a small grocery store that you may not be able to find coupon match-ups for. If that is the case then here are some tips to help you prepare your own coupon match-ups!

  1. Gather your grocery sales ad. Wither you have a paper copy or are viewing your grocery ad online, you will want to have it handing. I find that it is much easier to work with a paper copy when possible.
  2. Gather your coupons. Wither you use the binder method, file folder method or other organizational system, you will want to have all your coupons easily accessible.
  3. Go to the ecoMomical Me Coupon Database. The ecoMomical Me coupon database has the most up to date coupons for various areas. There are many coupon databases around and I have used several over the years and I feel the database used on ecoMomical Me has the widest variety of coupons for various regions and it’s updated daily for new and expired coupons!
  4. Begin searching sale items in the Coupon Database. Start by entering a short product description in the “description” box and press the search button. Example: Your sales flyer has “Chi-Chi’s Salsa on sale for $1.00″ you might want to enter “Chi-Chi” and see what results you get.TIPS:

    • Keep product descriptions short initially, if you get pages and pages of results consider adding a more detailed descriptions, such as “Chi-Chi’s Salsa” instead of “Chi-Chi”
    • Watch for coupons that you might miss when entering a more detailed descriptions. If you enter “Chi-Chi Salsa” in your description, it will only return results with all of those perimeters. There could be a coupon for $1.00 off any Chi-Chi’s product, but it would not show in the results because it does not contain the word “salsa”.
    • Watch punctuation. Some databases will make you enter products in a exact manner to display results. Such as you may have to enter “chi-chi” with the hyphen in order to get the coupon to display. Where you may be able to enter “chi chi” without the hyphen in other databases and get the same results. So if you don’t see coupons for a brand or product, see if there is any punctuation that can be changed.
  5. Gather Coupons. Pull or clip your coupons and set them aside from the rest of your coupon stash. If you prefer you can simple write down the coupon information or copy and past the coupon description and gather all your coupons at one time.
  6. Search Printable Coupon Sites. Printable coupon sites are updated daily and therefore may not be in the coupon database, so I like to browse, redplum, Smartsource and Coupon Network after viewing the sales ad.
  7. Look for store coupons. If your store offers store coupons, search those as well. Many stores will let you use one store coupon + one manufacturer coupon on one item. This is also referred to as “stacking” coupons.
  8. Complete your shopping list! Now write down or type up your shopping list and gather all your coupons and ready to hit the store!
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