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Our 1st week of Homeschool is Complete!

first day of school
Yep you guessed it… we have already started school! Last Monday we started our schooling and I am happy to say that we sailed through our first week much faster than we expected! You can visit our previous post to find out more about our curriculum.

So I took some advice from some veteran homeschoolers and we started our school work first thing in the morning! Not only did this make it less stressful but the day did not seem to sail by as quickly! (Previously I tried to take advantage of my youngest daughter’s nap time for obvious reasons!)

Here is a rough idea of our school day:

8:00 am

Wake girls up (if they are not already awake)
Girls do their morning routines

9:00 am

Breakfast @ the kitchen table
Once I’m done with my breakfast I begin reading… (I do not take nearly as long to eat as the girls do!)
Devotional (Leading Little Ones to God)
Bible reading
Bible memory verse & Song (Sing the Word)
(Once the children are done eating they are given coloring books or pages to color while I read)
History & Geography reading
Copywork is completed
Read Alouds (we are currently reading Charlotte’s Web)
(When the children start getting antsy we move outdoors or to the living room)
Readers are completed

10:00 am

Monday – Science, French, Composer Study
Tuesday – Phonics, Math
Wednesday – Science, Artist Study
Thursday – Phonics Review, Math
Friday – Science, Handicraft

12:00 pm


If we have not finished our studies then we will resume after lunch. We are normally done by lunch but will spend the afternoon doing additional reading and listing to our composer study music as well as working on our current Handicraft!

How do you plan your homeschool day? Please share any tips or suggestions in the comments below!

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