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Book Review: Find a Job Through Social Networking

In an era of disconnect and over scheduling, the authors of Find a Job Through Social Networking Diane & Ellen, bring us back to the heart of networking! While the face to face business after hours parties may still be in existence and of an importance, we are made aware of more popular and effective ways to network. As times and technology change it is important to keep up with those changes. Just as it is no long effective for a company to have a listing solely in a phone book, but it is necessary for that company to have a web presence. It is also necessary for individuals as well as businesses to establish a presence on the internet and this book helps show you how and on various networks.

I wanted to help give my blog (ecoMomical Me) a boost and learn how to connect with other bloggers and companies to help me reach my goals. Find a Job Through Social Networking helped me first identify my networking goals and then showed me how to accomplish those using social networking. I had already established a small presence on LinkedIn and Twitter and with a degree in digital media I was surprised that I learned small little things that I had no clue about, such as changing my LinkedIn URL. I was also introduced to Google Alerts which has helped me stay on top of new and coming trends. 

I shared some information from the book with my husband who is currently unemployed and he began to put some of the information into practice. If you know my husband… he needs to stay as far away from computers as possible! He barely knows how to turn the computer on! But with some direction from Find a Job Through Social Networking and a little coaching from myself, he was able to set up his own LinkedIn account and more. I am happy to report that last week my husband received a call from a recruiter who spotted his resume online! It just so happens that my husband had applied for a different position (his dream job) with the same company the recruiter was working with, so my husband asked the recruiter about the position. After several days the recruited called to let us know that the position was still available and apparently his resume had been overlooked. The recruiter stated that, this is a problem with lots of companies. They can easily overlook resumes including those like my husbands that meet all the qualifications requested! That reminded me of the space scenario referred to in Diane & Ellen’s book. You can’t just rely on sending your resume you must find ways to network your way into the company!

Regardless of your level of computer/internet/media experience I think everyone can find something useful in this book!

Have you read Find a Job Through Social Networking? Tell us what you thought of the book in the comments below. Do you have any books you suggest or plan to read? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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