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Homemade Fruit Fly Trap

homemade fruit fly trap

I have been canning away the past several weeks and one hazard of that is… fruit flies! So I began my search for a quick and easy solution for taking care of these pesky critters. I was amazed to find this homemade solution that worked extremely well!

homemade fruit fly trap

  1. Just take a scrap of paper (here you can see I used an old envelope), roll the paper into a cone shape. Leave a very small hole at the the end of the cone for the fruit flies to crawl threw, but not to big that they will be able to fly out!
  2. Put some fruit scraps or something sweet in a jar.
  3. Place the small end of the cone inside the jar.
  4. Seal the paper to the jar, so the fruit flies can not escape.
  5. Your done! Wait for the little critters to fall into the trap and then take outside and release!

homemade fruit fly trap

In less than an hour I had fruit flies in my jar! I have been using this method for the past several weeks and it has worked beautifully!

You can find the homemade fruit fly trap on my Canning Recipes – Home Food Preservation board on Pinterest! Come follow me on pinterest?

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2 Responses to “Homemade Fruit Fly Trap”

  1. Oh, thank you for the tips! I’m not a canner (yet), but I do still have garden tomatoes on the counter, and the fruit flies can be intolerable.

  2. Erika says:

    You can also put about one half inch of red wine into a small bowl, cover with plastic wrap, poke a couple of holes in the wrap and put on the counter. I got rid of my fruit fly infestation in one day with this method. You can also use a piece of fruit covered with apple cider vinegar to help it break down. (in case you drank all of the wine in the house…hahaha!)

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