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Book Review: Gooney Bird Greene

Gooney Bird Greene

We just finished the book Gooney Bird Greene and it was a hit! An eccentric second grader named Gooney Bird Greene moves to a new school and shares some amazing “absolutely true” stories about her adventures! My six year old couldn’t get enough of this book and pleaded to read more with the end of each chapter. As a parent and teacher I found it quite fun to read this book and see the interest that was sparked in my child. The author Lois Lowry finds creative ways to educate children through the amazing adventures of Gooney Bird Greene!

Gooney Bird Greene reminds me a lot of my own children. Full of confidence, knowledge and their own sense of fashion! My daughter loves Fancy Nancy and I found Gooney Bird Greene’s character to have a similar personality to that of Fancy Nancy. If your daughter loves Fancy Nancy then she is sure to love Gooney Bird Greene!

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