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REUSE: Turn Plastic Milk Jugs into Planters

reuse plastic milk jug

This spring I needed some larger planting containers and I had the great idea to use plastic milk jug containers! I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this idea, but the milk jugs work beautifully.

So I asked my husband to cut some milk containers for me and he took it a step further by leaving the handle on the milk jug. What an ingenious idea! This makes transporting the planting containers much easier!

This can be done with any type of plastic 1 gallon container.

reuse plastic milk jug container

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One Response to “REUSE: Turn Plastic Milk Jugs into Planters”

  1. I love this! The handle is something I never thought of. I use plastic jugs too – only I use them to cover my plants in the spring to protect my baby pea plants from stinky squirrels!

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