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HOMESCHOOL: August in Review

Here are some of the fun homeschool activities that we did during the month of August!

math We are using Math-U-See again this year and loving it! Here my daughter is learning rounding with some help from a chart I created. (I plan to post this and more materials very soon!)
cooking We continued with our cooking classes and here you can see my daughter learning to brown hamburger for Mexican Pizzas that she made as part of our Mexican night!
tostones Here you can see we made Tostones as part of our Spanish foreign language curriculum, La Clase Divertida. I think this is a great curriculum as we are not just learning to speak spanish but we are learning about the Mexican culture and heritage! These Tostones were a great dessert for our Mexican night!
garden Our girls also had their very own garden this year and here you can see it is doing very well!
chickens We also became chicken farmers in June! The girls have been learning about caring for our chickens and soon we will be collecting eggs!
i love god During August our church participated in family worship, where the children attend church with their parents instead of going to their normal classrooms. I just had to share this picture of notes that my daughter took during one of our family sermons!
soccer We started another year of soccer along with my daughter’s (littlest) biggest fan!
fair We attended our local fair and my daughter was so excited to be apart of our local 4-H program as a cloverbud!
kings island My daughter was so excited to win tickets to Kings Island through our library’s summer reading program! This was our family vacation this year and the girls absolutely loved it! We will have to plan another visit to Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy again… or just win more tickets! :)

What fun things have you been doing with your homeschool? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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  1. charlene says:

    She just seems brilliant and dedicated in here work. Thanks for the share and enjoyed every bit here.

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