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Fire Prevention Checklist – October is Fire Prevention Month

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October is National Fire Prevention month so it’s a good idea to make sure your household is prepared in case of a fire! Follow some of these tips to help prepare and protect your loved ones!

  • Prepare and practice an evacuation plan.
    • Make a diagram of your home highlighting all the exits from each section of the house. (Home Fire Escape Plan)
    • Make sure everyone knows where to meet outside.
    • Ensure that all household members know at least two ways to escape from every room of your home.
    • Test doors for warmth with the back side of your hand. If closed doors or handles are warm, use your second way out. Never open doors that are warm to the touch.
    • Crawl low under smoke.
    • If smoke, heat or flames block your exit routes, stay in the room with doors closed. Place a wet towel under the door and call the fire department or 9-1-1. Open a window and wave a brightly colored cloth or flashlight to signal for help.
    • Once you get out of your home, stay out under all circumstances, until a fire official gives you permission to go back inside.
    • Practice escaping from your home at least twice a year and at different times of the day. Practice waking up to smoke alarms, low crawling and meeting outside. Make a pretend fire out of cardboard and set it in different parts of your home as well as placing hot & cold signs on doors to practice different escape routes.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to call 9-1-1.
  • Teach household members to STOP, DROP and ROLL if their clothes should catch on fire.
  • Buy extra smoke detector batteries and change them when daylight savings ends.
  • Buy/Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work, replace those that are more than 10 years old.
  • Buy/Test a fire extinguisher or replace an extinguisher older than 10 years.
  • Take a tour of your local fire station and talk with a firefighter.

Additional Fire Prevention Resources:

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