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Valentine’s Day Fun & Failures!

So this Valentine’s Day I tried to be “Super Mom!” Well I hate to break it to myself and others that “Super Mom” is a fictional character!

I had a long list of fun activities that I planned on doing with my children but some of them either flopped or we just didn’t have time to do! I guess you could say I failed… Wait a minute! For the first time, I tried to make this a super special and fun day for my children and just because we didn’t get it all done or it all didn’t turn out right, doesn’t mean I am a failure… It means I am a great mom because I cared enough to try! (A little self help therapy… why is it so hard to compliment yourself?!)

Guess what we are going to do it again tomorrow! Yep, my kids loved the special projects and just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean that the fun has to be over! We are going to try and tackle as many fun projects tomorrow that we can. And I am already planning for the next special day, St. Patrick’s Day! This is all thanks to Pinterest because I am just not that creative, but now I can just copy other people’s ideas!

We started Valentine’s Day off a day early by having a Valentine party with some of our homeschool friends!

valentine box

valentine suckers

valentine suckers
My oldest with her Valentine Box. Here are some of the suckers the girls passed out! …and more suckers!

heart shaped bacon

heart shaped pancake & bacon heart pizza pockets
We started Valentine’s Day morning off with my attempt at heart shaped bacon. (Next time I will use 2 strips per heart!) Our chickens went on strike this week so we didn’t have any eggs to make heart shaped sunshine toast… so I decided to make heart shaped pancakes! (Umm, yeah the recipe called for 2 eggs… I used 1 banana instead and they turned out great and had just a slight hint of banana flavor that made them unique!) For lunch I made these heart pizza pockets which turned out great!
heart dessert BURNT! heart hair heart shaped cupcakes
The heart dessert… well can we just write “My heart burns for you!” on them and call it good?! Needless to say they ended up in the trash! After the day was half over I looked at my list and realized I forgot to make heart shaped hair for the girls! We tried our hand at heart shaped cupcakes!
heart shaped cupcakes heart garland baby feet valentine
I guess I should have read the directions… only fill 1/2 full instead of 2/3 full like normal! We did get to make heart garland to decorate above our dinner table… However I punched the holes wrong and all of the hearts were upside down!When my daughter asked, “Are they suppose to be upside down?” I said “Yes!” I did get daddy’s valentine from the baby started and I absolutely LOVE it! I didn’t get to put it in a picture frame like I hoped but daddy didn’t care! This Valentine sums up the entire day and was the icing on everyone’s heart shaped cupcake!!!
the legend of the valentine
We topped the night off by reading “The Legend of the Valentine.” I found this book last year at the library and absolutely LOVE it! So I checked it out again this year and I plan to check it out every year for Valentine’s Day!

So what did we not find time to do:

Isn’t Pinterest a wonderful place to get ideas? … and at the same time it inspires me to be a better funner mother!

Did you do anything fun or special for Valentine’s Day? We would love to hear about in the comments below!

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