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Homemade: Crochet Sock Monkey

Crochet Sock Monkey

Homemade is a series about making more items and gifts yourself in an effort to save money! Hopefully it will inspire you to make some of your own homemade items and share them with us.

My last homemade project I mentioned that I made one homemade item for each child. The girls each received a crochet ballet hair bun cover and the baby received a crochet sock monkey!

I searched and searched the internet and Pinterest trying to find the perfect sock monkey pattern but I just could not find what I wanted, so I improvised!

I used a pattern found at Patons for the shape of the body and I used the Monte Monkey found on for a guide for the color changes. (See end of post for detailed directions.)

Crochet Sock Monkey

The great thing about making your own gifts is, you can do really cool things like stick a hand written note inside or pray for that person while you are making their gift! Above you can see a prayer that I wrote down and stuck inside the monkey. This way our baby will always have prayer! Perhaps someday when he is older and he gives it to his son or daughter and it begins to tear, they will find this special prayer and remember how much they are loved!

Main Color (MC) = Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand 403 Barley
Yarn A = Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand 400 Oatmeal
Yarn B = Red Heart Soft Worsted E728.4608 Wine
Black = Patons Classic Wool Medium 00226 Black

Follow directions until you reach ‘Proceed in Stripe Pat as follows’.
1st – 9th rounds: Use A (Oatmeal)
10th round: Join MC (Barley)
… continue rounds using MC (Barley) until work is 8″ long.

Follow directions as stated.

Follow directions until you reach 6th round.
6th round: Keep using A (Oatmeal)
Stripe 1st – 15th round Keep using A (Oatmeal)
16th round: Join MC (Barley)
… continue rounds using MC (Barley) until work is 8″ long.

Follow directions until you reach end of 2nd round.
2nd round: Join A (Oatmeal) with sl st to first sc.
… continue rounds using A (Oatmeal) until work is done.
(Attach to muzzle about 4 rows down from the bottom of the Oatmeal yarn on the top of the monkey head.)

Follow directions until you reach 7th round.
7th round: Keep using A (Oatmeal)
for Stripe Pat:
1st – 4th rounds: use A (Oatmeal)
4th round: Join MC (Barley)
… continue rounds using MC (Barley) until work is 8″ long.

Make 2 using MC (Barley)
Chain 3,  Join with sl st to first ch to form a ring.
1st round: ch2 (ch 2 counts as first dc) 6 dc into ring (7 dc total including ch2); Turn
2nd round: ch2, dc into same st, 2dc into each st across (14 dc total including ch2)
Sl st to fasten off, leave a long tail to sew onto monkey.
(Line up the top of the ear with the bottom of the Oatmeal yarn on the top of the head. After attaching to the body, weave tail around the outside of the ear and gather to create a cup effect and fasten off on the body.)

(Top of the eye is 1 row down from the bottom of the Oatmeal yarn on the top of the head. Eyes are 2 rows long/wide.)

(Top of the nostril is 2 rows out from where the muzzle is attached. Nostrils are 2 rows long.)

If you have a question, please leave it in the comments below.

Have you made anything recently? It doesn’t have to be crochet, we would love to here about it in the comments below! Who knows, maybe we will feature your project in our series!

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