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Homemade: Monkey Cupcakes

monkey Cupcakes

Homemade is a series about making more items and gifts yourself in an effort to save money! Hopefully it will inspire you to make some of your own homemade items and share them with us.

Last time I posted about my homemade crochet sock monkey, so I thought I would share with you my homemade monkey cupcakes! For our girls birthdays we rented a local church room that has a HUGE 2 story playhouse in it. When the girls said they wanted monkey cupcakes we thought it fit perfectly! (And if you know my girls they ARE little monkeys!)

Normally I would have our local grocery store make a cake or cupcakes, but we didn’t really have the money to spend. So I immediately began to search Pinterest for Monkey Cupcake ideas and I came across two. But I didn’t LOVE them both, so I decided to meld them into my own monkey cupcake design!


  • Cake Mix
  • Frosting
  • White M&Ms (found in the bulk food aisle of my grocery store)
  • Mini Vanilla Waffers
  • Black & Red gel icing
  1. Bake your cupcakes and frost.
  2. Break some mini vanilla wafers in 1/2 for the monkey ears.
  3. Place one whole mini wafer on the bottom of the cupcake for the monkey snout.
  4. Place 1/2 of a mini wafer on each side of the cupcake and center vertically.
  5. Place 2 white M&Ms above the snout and in between the ears for the monkey’s eyes.
  6. Using black gel icing make 1 black dot on each white M&M to form the monkey’s pupils.
  7. Using black gel icing make 2 small dots or vertical lines on the top of the whole vanilla wafer used for the monkey snout, to form the monkey’s nostrils.
  8. Using red gel icing make a half circle in the middle of the whole vanilla wafer used for the monkey snout, to form a mouth.


Have you made anything recently? We would love to here about it in the comments below! Who knows, maybe we will feature your project in our series!

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3 Responses to “Homemade: Monkey Cupcakes”

  1. ebrooks says:

    I had to take a break or loose my mind;)

  2. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    OMW! I’ve made these before! I love the way you did different colored icing! I cant believe I stumbled onto your site like a yr or 2 ago! The name stuck with me cause I thought it was really creative!! Its soo cool to meet the girl behind the blog!!

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