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Math-U-See Shape Builders {FREE Download}

Math U See Shape Makers

As many of you know we use the Math-U-See curriculum and LOVE IT! Our preschooler always wants to “do school” just like her big sister and that means that she wants to use her big sisters math manipulatives too! So I created some pages for her to use to build shapes with her Math-U-See blocks!

These pages can be printed out and laminated or can be placed in a page protector and the student can just build right onto the sheet. I tried to use the size block that corresponds with the number of sides on the shape. For example the triangle uses the pink-3 block and the hexagon uses the blue-5 blocks. Some of these shapes may require more than one set of blocks. But if you only have one set of blocks, this is the perfect time to teach your toddler addition without them even knowing it! Show them (or have them show you) how to use other blocks together to reach the desired block length. You can print out the colored outlines or black & white outlines to increase difficulty. You can also have your preschooler color in the blocks before they build.

This is a great way for younger students to become familiar with the blocks while they are learning their shapes!

Math-U-See Shape Makers
Math-U-See Shape Makers (outline)
Math-U-See Shape Makers (black & white)

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Let us know what resources you would like to see, in the comments below!

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  1. Angela says:

    Thank you for putting together such wonderful FREE resousrces. This is truly a blessing. Keep up the great work!

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