Robot Vacuum Buyer’s Guide – How to choose the Best Robot Vacuum

There are so many brands of robot cleaners like Dyson and Samsung offering so many features that you may find it difficult choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner. You can make your best choice if you know what the features to look out for are.

While some features are standard features which exist in most robot vacuums, there are some additional features available as add-ons. You have to make your choice based on what you are looking for and of course, your budget.

However do remember that an expensive unit with all the latest features may not always be an effective robot vacuum! Most of the time a competitively low-priced unit with basic features is more than enough for your vacuuming needs. Here are some features to look out in robovacs so that you buy the best robot vacuum befitting your budget:

  • Power

Power is of course important as different models and brands have different power. Find out how long the unit can work on a single charge as you’d prefer to buy a unit which can work longer on a single charge.

  • Base

While most vacuum robots come with a home base, there are a few models which come with an optional self-charging base. This is a convenient option to have as the robot vacuum’s cleaning efficiency increases if it can charge itself on its self-charging base whenever required.

  • Detection and transition

Most robotic vacuums work best on hardwood flooring but there are some which are programmed to easily transition from hardwood flooring to carpeting. This is an important feature to have in your robot especially if you have lots of carpets on your flooring.

Though vacuums designed for use on hardwood flooring are usually cheap robot vacuums, they won’t be of much use if your house is full of carpet. Moreover, if you don’t have a low level carpet, the unit may not be of any use in your house at all too!

Besides its transitioning capabilities, check the unit’s detection programming as many high end models have infrared detection feature. This lets them identify all the off-limit areas and nearby stairs or doorways. This feature is rather handy as it prevents your robotic vacuum from banging its way through your home while doing it’s vacuuming!

  • Thorough cleaning

It’s essential that you chose a robotic vacuum that knows how much to clean. Some affordable units are programmed to assume they are done but they have actually missed some areas. There are also some units that are programmed with the artificial intelligence to know if they have missed any spots or if some areas need more thorough cleaning.

So it’s essential you know what you want before you start shopping for your robotic vacuum. If you want a fool-proof unit which gets the job right at the first attempt, its better paying more for a high-end unit.