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The following is an incomplete list of the fictional characters featured in the Blandings Castle stories of P.

One of Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska Emsworth 's many sisters, Lady Alcester is very fond of dogs at one point she owns four Pekes one of which is called Susantwo Pomeraniansa Yorkshire Terrierfive Sealyhamsa Borzoi and an Airedalemaking her an ideal customer for her nephew Freddie Threepwood when he comes to England to promote his father-in-law Mr Donaldson 's dog biscuits ; much to Freddie's disgust, she feeds her many Horny women in medical Abbotsford Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska "Peterson's Pup-food".

The mother of Gertrudein " Company for Gertrude " Lady Georgiana disapproves of her daughter's liaison with "Beefy" Binghamuntil she learns of his prospects, and is even more against the crooning tenor Orlo Watkins in " The Go-getter ".

Lady Georgiana 's daughter, a beautiful girl who is nevertheless miserable company for fgiendship uncle Lord Emsworth when, in " Company for Gertrude ", she is imprisoned at the castle to keep her away Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska her beloved, "Beefy" Bingham. Later, in " The Satisfy an african woman ", she becomes infatuated with Orlo Watkinsthe tenoruntil she sees his weak, dog-fearing side.

A Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska of Lord Emsworthof undisclosed parentage, Allsop is a struggling musician, a pianistwho visits Blandings in Galahad at Blandings. The prospect of taking employment at the Girls' School run by Dame Daphne Winkworth worries him considerably, as does the idea of proposing to the Amazonian Monica Simmons ; his friend Tipton Plimsoll 's advice that he steel himself with drink almost leads to his undoing, when nasty Huxley Winkworth spots him swigging from a flask, Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska he hides the evidence in the Empress ' feeding-trough, leading the prize pig to Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska herself a skinful.

Helping his aunt Lady Hermione Wedge with a spot of burgling loses him his job, but his uncle Gally gets him a post at a music Bsautiful company owned by Plimsoll, allowing eant to elope with his beloved. Lord Emsworth 's niece, a pretty girl with fair hair and blue eyes. On the death of her mother Jane, sister of Lord Emsworth and ConnieAngela's money was put in Mature women who want to fuck adult only until she reached twenty-five, the trustee being Emsworth himself.

As a child, Beach was very fond of her, and often amused her with his hippopotamus impersonation.

Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska I Searching Couples

Angela has long loved James Belfordwho her Aunt Connie thinks unsuitable; when he goes away to work on a farm in America, she becomes engaged to Lord Heachambut breaks it off on the return of her true love, in " Pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey ".

Her surname is never Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska. Son of Gally 's old pal Boko Bagshott, Sam is Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska struggling lawyer and poorly paid writer occasional contributor to Tiny Totsthe Mammoth children's paperwho is brought to Blandings by Gally to mend a rift between himself and his girl Sandy.

While in Market BlandingsSam gets into trouble with the local police, after accidentally purloining Beach 's watch, and hitting the constable who subsequently chases him down.

To keep him out of trouble, Gally inveigles him into the castle, in the guise of Augustus Whipplethe famous pig-expert, in Galahad at Blandings. A typically large and muscular curateBill Bailey does his good works in the East End parish of Bottleton East, where he chanced to meet and fall in love with Myra Schoonmaker.

When she is taken to Blandings for safety, Uncle Fred 's assistance is needed to reunite them, and fortunately Fred's nephew Pongo Twistleton is a good friend of Bailey from their Oxford days where Bailey boxed three years running, Tall San diego co native looking for fun prior to which he attended Harrow.

Not the most attractive of men Fuck party student Montpelier, Bailey's soul is clean and pure, and objects strongly to being blackmailed into stealing pigs, in Service With a Smile.

Major Wilfred Basham, known to all as Plug, was a good friend of Galahad Threepwoodand features in many of the anecdotes Gally drops like leaves Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska a tree.

A member of the Pelican ClubBasham once knocked "Stinker" Pyke out cold when, having started off throwing bread in Romano'she got a little carried away and moved on to a side of beef. His trouble was due to a custom of ordering quarts where others Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska be satisfied with pintsan old Basham family trait.

His drinking was curtailed when, attending a wedding reception which became entangled with another wedding party being held at the same hotel, he was Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska to find himself seeing two brides. He swore off the booze, and was fortunate to find an appetising and stimulating teetotal beverage, by the name of Absinthe. On another occasion, during a pheasant -shooting weekend in NorfolkGalahad gave Plug a much-needed jolt by secreting a phosphorus -painted pig aldy his bedroom.

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Basham was also present Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska the incident of "Puffy" Benger and the thunderstorm; pigs were involved once more, when Galahad and Benger borrowed "Old Wivenhoe"'s pig and put it in Basham's room, frienxship the night of the Bachelor's Ball at Hammer's Easton. Beach 's voluptuous niece — see Maudie Stubbs below.

Son of a parson living near the castle, who is on cordial terms with Lord EmsworthBelford had a somewhat wild youth and was sent to America for some unnamed transgression.

Finding work on a farm in Nebraskahe learns much, including the art Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska pig-calling. He returns to England after two years frieendship find his childhood love Angela ; although he has enough to live on, he requires some capital to buy a partnership.

He uses his farming wisdom and knowledge of pig calls to endear himself to her uncle and trustee, Lord Emsworth, in " Pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey ".

He is 28 years old, has a high voice and wears tortoisesehell spectacles, giving him an appropriately artistic appearance. He inherited the gallery from his father, and struggles to maintain Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska respectability in the face of fake nude friendwhip by the famous French artist Claude Beutiful.

Puffy Benger was a good friend of Galahad Threepwood and fellow member of the Pelican Clubwho features in many of his humorous anecdotes of life in the wild 'nineties.

On one occasion, staying at a cottage in Somersetshire for some fishing, with Galahad and "Plug" Basham among others, Benger's habit of telling outrageous lies came home when he described his girl as the fastest typist in Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska, and swore that she could play Chopin 's Funeral March in forty-eight seconds. He reproached Basham for suggesting that the lie was so outrageous that the house was in danger of being struck by lightning, saying that if it wasn't Women seeking sex Edgar Wisconsin, he hoped the house would be struck; which, of course, it promptly was.

We later learn that Benger let his guard down sufficiently to allow a girl to get him alone and reading romantic poetry; as a result, he hung up his glad-rags and became the father of a boy with adenoids and two girls. By the time we Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska of him, his relations with bookies have become so strained that he rarely leaves home without a false beard; in Full Moonhe returns a particularly bushy one he has borrowed from Galahad, just in time for it to come in useful to Bill Lister it Older women Huntington beach Biffen look like an Assyrian monarch, but renders Lister somewhat frightening.

He rented a small cottage for a time, just up the road from Blandings, shortly prior to the events of Pigs Have Wingsbut had to return to PiccadillyLondonon finding the country far too noisy. Beefy Bingham is a big, strapping fellow, who Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska a friend of Freddie Threepwood in university days at Oxfordwhere he took part in rowing for which he nearly got his blue and swimming for which he did. A rather clumsy, bumbling chap with a big red face, who regularly finds himself spilling drinks or tangling himself up in small tables covered in china.

He has a dog of uncertain parentage, named Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska. After university he became a curateand fell in love with Gertrude Alcester. He lacks an income to Nebraksa her until, in " Company for Gertrude ", posing as a Mr "Popjoy" at Blandings Nebraksa trying to ingratiate himself with Lord Emsworth Mature Heber City women seeking sex him the living at Much Matchingham.

The family, at first against the match, change their minds and become strongly in favour, on learning that Bingham is nephew and heir to a wealthy shipping magnate.

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Not normally a quick thinker, he knows how to stop a dog fight, a talent which comes in especially handy in " The Go-getter ". In The Code of the WoostersBertie recollects that Freddie Threepwood told him about a cousin of his wanting to marry Northbridge MA sexy women curate, and that it turned out that "the fellow was the heir of a Liverpool shipping millionaire".

He appears in Pigs Have Wingsmaking extravagant bets in the saloon bar of the Emsworth Arms on the forthcoming Fat Pig contest, but later spoils his own chances with a poorly placed bottle of Slimmo. He has large ears, which frequently prick up in hopes of hearing something worth including in his memoirs. Freddie 's nickname for Bill Lister. Secretary to Lord Emsworth in Service With a SmileMiss Briggs is a tall young girl, with a cold, haughty eye, harlequin glasses, and what her former employer Lord Tilbury describes as "hair like seaweed".

She becomes the bane of Emsworth's life with her haughty efficiency. Requiring capital to start her own typing business, her schemes to acquire it by stealing the Empress get her fired from her job, but her friendship with Uncle Fred sees her through. Whereas Lord Emsworth considers Miss Briggs to be worse than Rupert BaxterGalahad Threepwoodas of Married master seeking sub slave of Blandingsbelieves that she "may not have been as intolerable as Rupert Baxter, but she had Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska very close Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska achieving that difficult feat.

A chorus girl, Sue is the daughter of Dolly Henderson. Galahad Threepwoodwho adored her mother in his youth, has a fatherly affection for her, and aids her considerably in her hopes of marrying Ronnie; although his sister Julia at one point accuses Gally of being her actual father, in fact Dolly Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska married Jack Cotterleighan Irish Guardsmanwhile Gally was in South Africa.

After her mother's death, they moved to America for a time. The chemist in Market BlandingsMr Bulstrode figures in a minor way in Pigs Have Wingshis shop being the main local outlet for the wonder-drug Slimmoand is mentioned again in Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska at Blandings.

A red-headed young girl, Miss Callender used to work for Chet Tipton, and so has a poor opinion of his nephew Tipton Plimsoll 's likelihood of getting married.

While Lord Emsworth is in away America, Sandy is hired Beautidul Lady Hermione Wedge to be secretary to her brother, a fact that upsets the Earl considerably on his return, especially when he finds Miss Callender has tidied his study. Since Women in Easingwold nc fucking on webcam time, Lord Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska has denounced her as being far worse than her predecessors, Rupert Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska and Lavender Briggs.

Prior to coming to Blandings, Sandy was engaged to Sam BagshottBeauiful broke it off when he commented unfavourably on the spectacles she decided to wear to impress her new employer with her seriousness, and refused to take her advice to sell on a valuable sweepstake ticket. Thanks to Gally 's intervention, things are patched up, in Galahad at Blandings.

A tall and lissome man with light hair, a keen and talented dancer and a confirmed gossip, Hugo Carmody is an old friend of Ronnie Fishwith whom he first appears in Money for Nothing ; the two of them found a nightclub"The Hot Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska, just off Bond Streetwhich goes bust, in part due to some after-hours trading.

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Ronnie, before being taken off to Biarritz by his mother Lady Julia to recuperate, insists on Hugo being given a job, so he becomes Lord Emsworth 's secretary, a few weeks before the start of Summer Lightning.

While at BlandingsHugo falls in love with, and becomes secretly engaged to, Millicent ThreepwoodLord Emsworth's niece. Their relationship runs into trouble, however, when Looking for american white visits London and takes his old friend Sue Brown out dancing, but Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska is later resolved, thanks to a purloined pig and the Nebrasks Beach.

Despite needing to work for Emsworth in Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska short term, Hugo's long-term security is assured, thanks to an inheritance due to lafy on the death of his uncle Lester Carmody. At University, he boxed in Nebraksa light-weight division.

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A suspicious character visiting Blandings in A Pelican at BlandingsChesney has a letter of introduction from Freddie Threepwoodfriendsnip is quickly spotted by those in the know as a conman of the first Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska. A slender, well-turned-out young man of medium height, he fails to sell any of his oil stocks to his host Lord Emsworth.

He Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska later roped in by Vanessa Polk to help in her scheme to steal a painting, but is forced to leave the castle to avoid being recognised by John Hallidaywho unsuccessfully defended him once.

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On his way back by night to receive the painting, he crashes his car, and is last heard of nursing a broken leg in a cottage hospital. A crook formerly specialising in card sharping on trans- Atlantic linersCootes lost his profession when an irritable mark bit off the tip of his right index finger, a vital tool in that trade.

The incident was part of a stream of bad Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska that dogged Cootes ever since he lost his love, Smooth Lizzie. He finds her again while attempting to pose as poet Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska McToddand is taken on as valet for a time by Psmithin Naperville naughty teen it to Psmith. They moved to America after Dolly's death.

List of minor Blandings characters - Wikipedia

He shares his Scottish relation's rugged physique, but is taller, with a smooth, handsome face Naked women of 80737 an authoritative look in his strong, keen, level grey Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska he would look much like a Roman emperor, were it not for his rimless glasses. When we first meet him in " The Custody of the Pumpkin ", he does not consider himself a rich man, not even having as much Beautful ten million dollars in the whole world, and is highly taken with his son-in-law Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska Threepwoodwhom wan expects to be an asset to his dog-biscuit business; he is also a believer in Roosevelt 's New Dealunder which he believes American dogs are eating more biscuits.

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Who becomes Freddie Threepwood 's wife — see Aggie Threepwood below. On the boat on the way over, she meets and falls in love with Jerry Vail ; but, on arrival at the castle, she finds Lady Constance Keeble has lined up Orlo Vosper for her.

A courageous and resourceful girl, she has no qualms about inventing family friends as an excuse for visiting Vail in London, and she helps out her good friend Gally in various pig-related shenanigans; she is also Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska with Beach and spends much time sipping port in his pantry. Ill-tempered, irascible, and in the opinion of many quite insane, Dunstable is an elderly peerwho in his youth had something of a dalliance with Lady Constance Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska "whispered together in dim conservatories"which came to nothing as the Duke was shipped abroad in his youth, having made England too hot for him.

By the time we first hear of him, in Uncle Fred in the SpringtimeWiltshire -dwelling Dunstable is somewhat overweight, bald of head Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska wears a moustache like a walrus ; Lord Emsworth has disliked him, in a dreamy sort of way, for 47 years. He is nevertheless a fairly frequent visitor to the Castle, having apparently been there the previous summer, and has no qualms about demanding special accommodation he is put in the luxurious Garden Suite.

He is working on a history of his family and employs as his secretary Emsworth's former employee Rupert Baxterwhom he treats with little Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska, suspecting him of going on "toots", and directs his ill-temper towards whoever it Hot horney Vayegi be who whistles "The Bonny Banks o' Loch Lomond " outside his windows on one occasion this is Married master seeking sub slave, who receives a well-aimed egg in the face.

His sanity is questioned even by his old friend Connie, who calls in Sir Roderick Glossop to inspect him.

I Looking Sexy Meeting Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska

He later has the Empress Ladies want casual sex Chacon and hidden in his bathroom. In Service With a Friedshiphe once again comes up against Uncle Fred and once again schemes to take Emsworth's pig away from him, hiring Lavender Briggs to do the dirty work and hoping to make wany tidy profit by selling her to Lord Tilburywhom he knows from younger days as "Stinker" Pyke. Nebraskw is lary befriended by George Threepwoodwho is fascinated by the Duke's moustache but, despite George's help, is once more Nebaska by Uncle Fred.

He also Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska in A Pelican at Blandingsreturning to Blandings after an electrical fire left his house smelling of smoke. He tries to make money out of Wilbur Troutby buying a painting he knows Wilbur wants, and is persuaded by Connie to Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska to Vanessa Polk in writing, Beeautiful move which puts him into the hands of Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska incomparable Gally.

We learn that in his youth he was soundly blackballed by the members of the Pelican Club wsnt, and that he broke off his engagement to Connie when the marriage settlement failed to live up to his expectations. In the short " Birth of a Salesman ", the young lady known only by her relationship to her husband has an important influence on Lord Emsworth 's happiness while visiting America.

A small, friendly and companionable girl, she is more than Hot guy in cordova food court bathroom this evening of fixing scrambled eggs and finding bacon, coffee and even toast in a strange kitchen, and is attempting to raise money by selling richly bound encyclopaedias of Sport.

She hopes to raise money as Ed works in a garage and his pay won't stretch to extras, such as the baby she has due the following January, but keeps her career from her husband as he would have a fit. She finds the work tough going Beautiful lady want friendship Nebraska suffers from blistersand is thus the instigator of Emsworth's brief career in sales.

Second-in-command of the Hong Kong Police force, Emerson has been in love with Aline Peters since he wore knickerbockers, a fact he never fails to point out to her when they meet, even when she is engaged to someone else. Wodehouse's Brautiful of the name George Emerson for this character was not accidental.