Five Rules For Home Carpet Cleaners


Some people think that keeping a carpet clean is a hard work. No it’s not! If it would, why so many people are buying carpets in the first place? It’s not that hard, but there are some basic things you have to remember when you buy, clean or use a carpet.

Here is some information for Home Carpet Cleaners. This is basics. Nothing stunning or secret is included on carpet cleaning. It’s for simple people who wants to do things by them self, rather than buy a professional service for everything.

Home Carpet Cleaners

  • First rule you have to remember is this: More water you put on the carpet, more water stays in. That’s a simple fact what so many people doesn’t even know. High amount of water is not an answer of any kind. For example: wool carpet will literally absurd every water drop what it gets!

Use water, but use it wisely. It’s not a general key for everything. With controlled use it will give excellent results, but careless use you can probably ruin every carpet you have.

  • Second rule: use chemicals with caution. Mild as possible and test it first. Any chemical will probably do everything what it promises. With careless use it will probably do something extra too. Like on nylon carpet, the colours are not the same after wrong or hard chemical exercises. Use it, but use it with caution.
  • Third rule: read the manual. If there is any kind of information coming with the carpet, cleaning chemicals or with the cleaner it self, read it. Now days there is no guess work necessary in anything. Everything is tested, documented and delivered to you. Also, if there reads something like “don’t do this and that” then don’t do it. It’s there for a reason.
  • Fourth rule: know what you are doing and test it first if possible. Like I said there’s no guess work of any kind necessary. If you are not sure can you do something, its better not to do it at all. Carpets are valuable items and if you accidentally get it ruin just because you were not sure what to do, you end up buying a new carpet. There is no saving formula. If it’s ruin, it’s ruin. Nothing can save that anymore.
  • Fifth rule: don’t ever hesitate to contact a professional if you have a problem. They are there for you. They do it for living so it’s their job to help you. If you don’t like one, find another. There are plenty to choose from. Remember this, for professional, there are no stupid questions.

With these rules in mind you can get the most us from Home Carpet Cleaners. It’s no rocket science. Every carpet owner can do it and that includes you.

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Home Carpet Cleaners – Choosing The Right One

Home carpet cleaners are big hit now days. While you can’t possibly ignore the importance of professional work, much things can be done with own efforts. While you look at the idea home carpet cleaners, suddenly the popularity seems obvious. If there is a stain in a carpet you don’t need a professional carpet cleaner to fix that. It costs and takes time. Now days you can have your own home carpet cleanersproduct what gets the job done in push of a button.

Still there is something to remember. As it will be well pointed out in the resources links at the end of the text, you have to choose carefully what you buy. First there is the brand. You don’t want to choose a product from something you have never heard of. When there is a well known brand you can easily find out what other people are saying about it. For sake of your money, you don’t want to be the first person to tell everyone: “Boy, this product sucks big time…”

Other good point what James C writes in the article “What To Look For When Buying A Home Carpet Cleaner” is the fact that good brand will be there tomorrow also. You might need some replacement parts or other customer support during the up coming time. I don’t say that other not so well known products could provide you valuable service. Only problem is that you don’t know it before you buy it. It’s a good thing to remember the way how business world thinks: if there is something what sells well, there will always be merchants who try to take advantage from it. Making cheaper products with cheaper parts, cheaper production and cheaper customer service they will get lower price but…the last one is the easies to get rid of and again your price falls. Don’t be one of the unlucky ones who will fall in to this trap.

Before the actual price, you should also consider this. What do you need from the home carpet cleaners? Where will you use it? There are very handy products what contains hand tool for example. Do you have kind of small corners or stair steps you need to clean? Big and clumsy machine is a no go.

My humble opinion is that everyone who owns a carpet should get their own carpet cleaner. It won’t replace the need of a professional, but comes in good use and is well worth of every dollar. There are many different kinds of home carpet cleaners. You are in charge of what you choose.

Review of Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac, F5914900

With your Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge carpet cleaner machine at home, you no longer need to rent a deep cleaner to give your carpets and upholstery a thorough cleaning. This carpet cleaner grooms carpet fibres from sides to loosen the dirt while the Clean Surge feature applies extra detergent to remove stubborn stains.

Its dual tank system makes cleaning so much easier by keeping clean and dirty water separate for easy filling and emptying. There’s no hassle of changing belts because of breakage as there are no belts!


The Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner has multi-directional brushes which surround the carpet fibres and removes dirt from all angles. There is also a SpinScrub hand tool which helps thoroughly clean upholstery, stains and stairs from the palm of your hand.

Dual tanks

Carpets are cleaned faster with a dual tank system as clean and dirty water is stored in different tanks. You empty, fill and rinse the respective tanks as needed, individually.

3 brushroll speeds and Clean Surge 3 brushroll speeds and Clean Surge

Choose your brushroll speed as per the cleaning job. You have high mode for normal cleaning, low for gentle cleaning and switch off to pick up any spills. The Clean Surge feature of the Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner gives sufficient power and applies extra detergent to clean stubborn spots and heavy traffic areas.

Heated cleaning

With heated cleaning, heat is directly applied to the floor where it’s needed the most to help remove the most stubborn of stains.

Belts and motor

The carpet cleaner runs on a 12-am motor and as there are no belts; there is no tension or worry of replacing or changing broken belts.


  • Clean surge control at your finger tips
  • Comes with a one year warranty and 16 oz. Hoover deep cleansing detergent
  • Choose between 3-speed brushroll controls
  • Dual tank system with separate water tanks for clean and dirty water
  • SpinScrub technology gives a thorough 360 degree cleaning by loosening dirt and thoroughly cleaning carpet and upholstery fibres
  • Its 12-amp motor gives the necessary power to give floors a thorough cleaning
  • 8-foot stretch hose gives instant and extended reach


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Dirty tank is a bit small in size
  • Not so durable a machine
  • Not a steam cleaner and has no heater, though it’s called SteamVac
  • Difficult attaching and using the furniture attachment
  • Rather heavy and cumbersome machine
  • Not that convenient to use on stairs