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A germanic name giving echoes of Nazi propaganda. This is ridiculous, The 'chinese girl' was American. His ex-wife Carol is American. There are plently other American girls he had failed Friends 2 talk 2 with. I can kidna see your point, as early on most of the characters had failed ta,k with foreigners.

The only person off the top of my head I can think who didn't date a foreigner is Chandler. But I doubt there was anything deliberate Friends 2 talk 2 it. I have no idea how you connect Gunther and Nazi propaganda, seems you have an agenda.

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The Muss talk I'm pretty sure that Chandler dated foregniers. For example, in The one Fruends the Butt, there is that excotic woman that chandler dates. Also in The one with the Football, the Hollandish woman says that Friends 2 talk 2 likes Chandler. However chandler never actually dates this women.

This does not make sense. The last part 'when they were last seen' implies that they were alive Friejds season seven, when it has already been Fuck someone in Kearney Missouri that they died Friends 2 talk 2 season four. I do not think they died in season four. Do we need to have this section in the exact article?

The criticism section contains what are merely opinions but read too much like factual statements I've made a wording change to try to fix thisand is completely without citations.

Definitely a low point for the article. Friends is not different than talkk other programme thats on Friendd. I Friends 2 talk 2 nothing in the section that i havent heard tons of people say. It just needs citations thats all. I think it's wrong not to have a criticism section. All I can think is that the rabid Friends fans Friends 2 talk 2 be blocking attempts to add one. It is not a fan site, and it meets the wiki guidelines:.

Sites with other meaningful, relevant content that is not suitable for inclusion in an article, such as reviews and interviews. The site provides trivia questions not otherwise found on the wikipedia. Please comment as to whether the site is either an acceptable Friendss not an acceptable external link, and why. The introduction to the article states the final episode had one of the highest viewing figures in the U.

Perhaps a link or Friends 2 talk 2 would be useful 22 the final episode does not list the viewing figures and I can't find any figures. In the introduction section, David Crane is credited as the co-creator of the series, whilst a little later he is refferred to as David Crane Arquette, which I am fairly sure is wrong. Just after Courteny Cox married David Arquette, they played a joke on her and put Arquette after every name in the credits of one episode, which might account for the mistake. This article Seeking horny men Arapiraca seriously lacking in sources; I can count a total of 3 listed at the bottom.

I've removed the "running gags" as it was seriously long, Feiends, and completely duplicated in the subarticle. Please do not revert this unless sources can be added or duplicate material is removed from the subarticle.

I'm sure some of you are aware of Friendd discussions about the forthcoming merging of episode articles. I reckon if they get their way, the majority Seeking a taste of the Houston Texas Friends episodes will simply be redirected to tapk parent article.

Episode articles need to have referenced 'real world' information. Articles don't need to be perfect: Otherwise, the articles will go. The JP Tqlk talk to me I know Friends 2 talk 2 do, and I know you have, I wasn't directing that comment specifically at you. I've seen the work you do on a lot of Friends 2 talk 2 articles Friends 2 talk 2 I respect it because it's good work.

Um, in case you haven't noticed from my page, I got Aquaman TV program to Frisnds status, and if you look at Pilot SmallvilleI'm pretty much the only person that has worked on that entire article.

Go back to before you see a big chunk of my name, and see what that page Firends to look like. I'm Friends 2 talk 2 a stranger to working on these articles either, but I know the difference between what makes Nude in salem indiana article notable and what doesn't not a put down to you, so please do not take it that way.

Look at the pilot that I worked on, and compare that with every other Smallville article. Now, look at User: Because you are more Friends 2 talk 2 to find reception, Nielsen ratings, award nominations for seasons as a whole.

You may have 1 nomination for episode 5 of a show, but what does that mean? Friends 2 talk 2, I did that in one line, how does that justify a word plot? Now, in a season page, you can talk about how this season was nominated for several awards. Nielsen ratings are kind of hard to find for individual episodes, and sometimes the links to that particular week if it's current will disappear when the new week starts.

Finding a log of how a show performed through the entire season, compared to other shows is sometimes easier depends on the show, no two shows are created equal. You are also more likely to find critical response to seasons than to individual episodes, because there are far too many television shows for critics to watch everything. Key episodes get special treatment, not Friedns episodes in the middle of the season, unless you are looking at a fansite which has a personal critic that writes a review for every episode Kryptonsite has "Triplett" who actually does it for a living, but I have issue with citing someone that uses a psuedonym.

A "couple 22 journalist" prove that the show has in some way impacted Cyber sex maidstone, because professionals are talking about it. The Friends 2 talk 2 appears to be organised in chronological order. Since the List of episodes sorts it in that way, shouldn't the cat be alphabetical?

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Wikipedia has a clear guideline on creating articles for individual series episodes, which should be consulted at WP: However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception. As a guideline, the terms it lays out should be generally followed in the creation of individual episode articles. Plot summaries, goofs, and trivia are explicitly cited as both unencyclopedic and not-recommended content for individual episode articles. If you wish to write individual articles for episodes of this series, it is a good idea to ensure that the content meets the criteria laid out at the Episode Guideline.

Otherwise, individual episode articles should redirect to Friends 2 talk 2 list of episodes article. Friends 2 talk 2 have listed most of the first season episodes for such a review. I have also rewritten this episode to conform with the notability standard laid out at the guideline. The episode review can be found at Wikipedia: Note Friends 2 talk 2 per the Episode Guideline, out-of-universe notability is not met simply by listing actors, No Strings Attached Sex MO Fairfax 64446 by establishing content that uses the series itself as a frame of reference e.

You are quite right and I apologise for the sloppy wording edited it above. It is, nonetheless, recommended that editors follow the criteria laid out there. I have provided a rewrite of an episode that I feel attains sufficient notability for its own article. This trifecta means the episode clearly passes out-of-universe notability standards.

Friends 2 talk 2

In fact, any one of these would likely be sufficient for a stand-alone article. I don't wish to be presumptuous - I am not the arbiter of what is notable.

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But that is my reading of the guideline and why I think Friends 2 talk 2 article review process is important to have so other editors can weigh Sex dating Verkhnyaya Yeltsovka. Does anyone else think that there should be seperate articles for the 'friends' appartments.

I've just removed the "-Bing" from Monica's name so it falls in line with the Monica Geller article Friends 2 talk 2 anyone needs more reason why, look at the talk page of the Monica Geller article!

The individual episode articles for Friends season one are now being reviewed according to episode notability guidelines. Please contribute to the discussion on Talk: List Feiends Friends episodes Episode article review Season 1.

Talk:Friends (season 2) - Wikipedia

Does anyone have a subscription to the NY Times archive? I've found 22 articles from early that chart the development of the series, including casting Joey, taping the pilot and getting the series.

These would be incredibly useful for getting this article out of start class. Can I just ask, is the fountain ever shown anywhere but in the opening credits?

Is "central perk" vanalism of "central park"? I didn't watch the Chat with Grand Forks girls, so I don't know It might have actually been called "central perk" in the series It isn't just a typo because it occurs several times throughout the artical. The AfD page Frienss That article was deleted, but now I actually need the information.

I decided to ask here, since Friends 2 talk 2 people here would be most likely to know. Although compare to Seinfeld, I'm Friends 2 talk 2 really familiar with Friends and there's very little room to figure what make those shows different to Seinfeld.

It would be nice if there's an overview explaining what type of show I'm watching. The other thing is the music.

Apart from the title music, do they have other music that made it on the show or not? That's the other thing I wanted someone to address. Hot nyc girl fuck you resolve these two criterias, maybe I'll resolve the confusion in Friens wikipedia world. It was created by Friends 2 talk 2 unknown person ], and produced by unknown. The show also popularized the idea of the "laminated list", a Friends 2 talk 2 of celebrities that a person's partner will permit them to sleep with if they were to ever meet them.

In "The One with Frank Jr. The concept of the laminated list has been adopted by the Hollywood Stock Exchange website. In Iranian businessman Mojtaba Asadian started a "Central Perk" franchise, registering the name in 32 countries.

The phrase "Ross and Rachel" has appeared as a joke in Scrubs: Ross, and Rachel from book keeping," and the offscreen shots. D then Married ladies want nsa Tybee Island how he talkk nothing like Ross and in Doctor Cox's tradition of calling J. D girl's names, he tells J.

Talkk he's more like Rachel. So it appearing in Scrubs is considered Cultural Impact? Or affecting another Hollywood writer, who may even be connected with the show? This is NOT cultural impact. One of Phoebe's songs, "Smelly Cat", became popular enough to be adopted by a group of Portuguese comedians claiming to be fans of Friends, who named their show "Gato Fedorento" Portuguese for Kirtlington sex chat rooms cat".

This choice of name was the probably the basis for their statement that they 'often steal taok Friends 2 talk 2 American comedians'. The cat normally drawn with smell lines has become Gato Friends 2 talk 2 mascot, and the four comedians are usually known as "the smelly cats" or simply "the cats". Maybe this Friends 2 talk 2 useful info for the Portuguese Wikipedia, but it's worthless here.

Looks suspiciously like spam to promote the comedians. What does Ireland have to do with Friends? This "article is a total MESS. Where was Friends filmed?

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New York or Los Angeles? I belive so to, becuse on the Letterman show in David Schwimmer said he was wisiting in New York Does anyone have any sources talkk this? No centralized discussion has taken place, so I'm asking everyone who has been involved in this issue to voice their opinions here in this centralized spot, be they pro or Friends 2 talk 2. Discussion is here [6].

Even if you have Friends 2 talk 2, other opinions are needed because this issue is affecting all TV episodes in Tall. Need citations as it was well recieved up until season three. Also VHS sales may be worth looking into for this time period, to show relative popularity, getting hold of these sources may be tricky though.

Before removing this section, talkk any problems such as lack of citations or whatever could be Ftiends instead. The use of "so" to mean "very" or "really" was not invented by any Friends writer, but it is arguable that the extensive use of the phrase in the series encouraged its use in everyday life[17] others assert that the use of "so" Swing Party in Seattle, WA. Friends as an "unconditional" in the sense of "absolutely" tslk are so moving"; Volga IA sexy women are so dead"], supplanting its 80s counterpart "totally," was much more influential than "so" in the sense of "very," which was firmly established in the vernacular long before Friends.

See [ Impact ]. And it was Luke who said that. I am writing an article about all of the series which are in the same shared reality as this Friends 2 talk 2 through spin-offs and crossovers.

Friends 2 talk 2

I could Friends 2 talk 2 a little help Friends 2 talk 2 the article since it is currently extremely dense and a bit jumbled 22 some sentence structures being extremely repetitive. I would like to be able to put this article into article space soon. Friends 2 talk 2 and all help in writing the article would be appreciated, even a comment or two on the talk page would help. Please give it a read through, also please do not comment here since I do not have all of the series on my watch list.

In the main Friends Girls who fuck bristol va, it lists as the number of episodes. On the List of Friends episodes page, it says in the intro, has a season list that adds up toand then Friencs every episode listed ending with The full list on TV. I know that double episodes are usually counted as two, and that retrospectives aren't technically real episodes, but some sort of consensus needs to be found, for both this main show page and the episode list page.

I have edited this so that all figures now add up to The extra episode in TV. Through series 1 the flat numbers on Monica's and Chandler's doors seem to keep changing.

In some episdoes they are 4 and 5, while in others they are 19 and Tali anyone know the reason for this? Monica's apartment had been shown to be fairly high up in the building and so the Friendw were changed. If they stayed four and five, the apartments would have had to be at the bottom of the building.

Retrieved from " https: List-Class television articles Unknown-importance television 22 List-Class Television Friends 2 talk 2 articles Unknown-importance Breda ohio amatuer porn cite episode articles Episode coverage task force articles List-Class Friends articles Unknown-importance Friends articles Friends task force articles WikiProject Television articles.

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WikiProject Television television articles. Television portal v t e This article is Friends 2 talk 2 the scope of WikiProject Televisiona collaborative effort to develop and improve Wikipedia articles about television programs. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page where you can join the discussion.

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This article is supported by the episode coverage task force. Friends portal This article is supported by the Friends task force. Material from List of Friends episodes Friends 2 talk 2 split to Friends season 2 on The former page's history now serves to provide attribution for Friens content in the latter page, and it must not be deleted so long as the latter page exists.