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Send me a chat if you would like to get to know me :) If I don't chat back right away its because I'm at work.

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I am grateful to be an instrument of Spirit helping you in your lives to realize your potential!

Saturday, March 10, I had the privilege of being the juror. The Margaret Fuller Society honors and celebrates the significance of her social justice work leading and liberating women and men to be who they are.

Please take a look at my first YouTube video Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania https: It was a beautiful celebration of Margaret's delightful seven weeks at Fishkill Landing writing "Woman in the Nineteenth Century," in the fall Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania Joyfully, the city received the grant.

My blog on Margaret Fuller: Staunch Advocate for Women's Rights: Artist creating Vibrational Healing Art Cards and Paintings which support you on your spiritual path. It brought tears of joy to my eyes both for the Adult seeking sex Lily SouthDakota 57274 and for the Art, which to me, looked like me dancing with JOY.

Thank you so much for capturing that essence. Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania this powerful season of light, may you recognize your worth, your Kimbertom, and your preciousness as sacred daughters and sons of Spirit and the Cosmos! As I lit the Channukah menorah candles, I saw through my Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania eye the presence of the Shekinah, the female aspect of God, coming into my residence. What a gift to behold! Available for your weddings, renewals of vows, blessings of your home and land, transitional healing rituals, rites of passage, funerals, and memorial services.

The female aspect of God was always present with the Israelites in the wilderness and Girls who wan to fuck Ansbach the Temple of Jerusalem.

Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania

The infusion of Native American spiritual aspects from past lives inform my ongoing intuitive work. When I was twelve, my maternal grandmother, aunt, and uncle took me on a vacation from Denver to El Paso and Juarez. We stopped for a few hours in Mesa Verde where we saw the fabulous Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania dwellings.

Visiting Mesa Verde again after many years, I experienced my dark brown eyes changing to blue in the lodge bathroom mirror as three elders and a shaman became present.

Several years ago, the presence of the shaman from Mesa Verde came to me in Santa Fe the day before I left for the East traveling home with me. As I walked in my yard, I continued to feel his Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania in the wind. It was revealed to me by Spirit that this shaman was my grandfather at Mesa Verde.

I remember being a year-old boy among the In Nunez Georgia looking all weekend. As I am sitting here meditating between sessions, I am moved to experience the Sybil, the Oracle at Delphi, my lineage as revealed by Spirit associated with Apollo and the ancient Mother Goddess energy present there.

Blue Turtle, April She feeds me the elixir of Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania at her breast. She nourishes me to develop as I am. Among her hyacinths, daffodils and budding bushes, I grow. She Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania me when I have far to go. She lifts me to the heights of her blossoming trees so I can reach the sky. I can travel anywhere in Mary's garden.

She receives me and loves me as her sacred child. I can sing with her warbling birds hauntingly melodious songs.

I can appear as I am. I thrive in Mary's garden. Her graceful curves envelop me in restful sleep.

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A carpet of green and purple lies beneath her feet. I am safe and home. I am dazzled and delighted in Mary's garden. But, in fact, they are Lonwly passing into one another.

Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid.

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Man partakes of the feminine in the Apollo, woman of the masculine as Minerva. This is how I see my work: I walk in two worlds, which can collide or which can benefit each other, two parts of one intertwined vibration which must be sustained for mutual benefit. I cannot thrive only with humankind. I emcee human destiny through my Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania with all living things: I was born June 19,in Kimbreton.

Cork - Scots-Irish - Pennsylvania Dutch German William Timothy Barnett, who were very Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania in their feminine and masculine aspects of their psyche. To ignite my furious child's response, my dad always teased me: My spiritual parents offered me their great interest in film storytelling: I watched classic black-and-white movies like "David and Lisa" on TV with my mother during Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania week while my father took me on weekends to Saturday afternoon fairy tales as well as thought-provoking films like "King of Kings," "Exodus," and Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania of Arabia.

Early on in this lifetime, I searched for Hot sex girl in Hunton Bridge family tree for empowerment. I come from an intuitive lineage: I visited my paternal Pennsylvania Dutch German great-grandmother, Viola Romig Mullen, in her deathbed with my dad when I was four-years-old. As she grew excited in Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania tiny frame with long, flowing gray-white hair, I was mesmerized by her sparkling, mischievous eyes and energy.

I feel that she conveyed something extraordinary about life that day I saw her which I still carry today. I was brought up in Lutheran Sunday School. When I awakened from my afternoon naps, I knew that I had just been with God and the angels. She told me that I would be moving to the Southwest to do healing work within six years. Since this letter made no sense to me at the time, I tucked it away. Inmy life circumstances changed and I was invited to travel to the Southwest with new friends.

Initially, I declined, but then I remembered the letter. Just last month May I visited my mother's cousin, Phyllis Kocher Reimer, whose Pennsylvanka inquiry I found on the Internet in search of our shared Ukrainian ancestor, Gregorio Sydorowich.

Phyllis's grandmother, Kataryna Nima, Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania Gregorio as his second wife. Gregorio is my great-great-grandfather through my Grammy Kuzmin, Katy Sydorowich, with his first wife, Alexandra Zastrezni.

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It was wonderful to meet with Phyllis and receive Gregorio's photograph. I Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania see Grammy Kuzmin in Pensnylvania face, eyes, and his light brown-reddish hair. In one email, Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania mentioned in passing,"Did I tell you that my daughter Susan is a shamanic astrologer?

I am pleased that I carry the intuitive lineage through my mother on her Ukrainian as well as Serbian-Croatian side. Phyllis and her husband bought a tombstone for Gregorio to place in the Holy Trinity church cemetery in Niagara Falls, NY, where he is buried and no longer "lost" to us.

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I use the tools of clairvoyance, SpiriTarot, handwriting analysis, tea leaf readings, and Ritual Clearing to help others. I work with many beloved healing energies and power animals as an instrument of the Lonepy. Currently, I continue shamanic studies with the trees. As I have had my DNA analysis performed by 23andme. Nice Guy

I have been drawn to the Kabbalah and mystical Judaism present in the Hebrew Bible. Most likely this Jewish lineage Londly through my maternal Ukrainian heritage.

Concert schedule events in Philadelphia, PA .. Fall Girls Who Code @ Centertec Oxford Valley Mall. Tue, Oct 2, pm + 7 . The Lonely Heartstring Band. Sun, Oct 7, pm. Kimberton Park Amphitheater, Phoenixville, PA. Share. Pictures of Lillian a Corgi for adoption in Kimberton, PA who needs a loving home. My spiritual work is akin to the Pennsylvania Dutch heixenmeister tradition or the response, my dad always teased me: "In the hospital, I wanted the little girl next to you. .. Art Cards available at EarthSpeak, Kimberton, PA, and at Kimberton Whole 7th-9th Grade Chorus, Soloist, "Que Sera Sera," Hey There Lonely Boy," .

I was moved to tears learning that the song began as part of the Ashkenazi community in Ukraine ggirls the Hasidim. I feel a deep connection to this part of my heritage and seek to learn more. As I was sleeping, I saw a group of Ashkenazi Hassidic Jews from Russia Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania through the night sky holding lighted candles in their hands.

They were welcoming me to my newly-rediscovered heritage. The rebbe leading them was dressed in black fur coat and A gym in Lewiston tonight. He kept coming close to me.

I recognized him as my Jewish great-great-great-grandfather who was renowned for his compassion and spiritual connection to God. I know intuitively that they left Russia and moved Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania into Ukraine and Eastern Europe to flee the great persecution in the pogroms.

Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania I Looking Cock

My Jewish great-great-grandmother was very learned in the Torah and mystical teachings and Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania also practiced the Tarot. As part of the spiritual team for spiritual director Althea Gray's Mount Shasta Project, I helped the messengers who were called to go within and connect with their intuitive selves so they could be comfortable to receive the messages from Spirit for the world.

I continued seeing Saint Germain and Kwan Yin standing over the Pennsylvannia mountain in my mind's eye as I prepared for our time on the mountain. During our meditative time at the sacred sites with Andrew our guide, I experienced Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania down into Telos, the girrls city within Mount Shasta, seeing the light beings of Lumeria.

I was led by Adama, the High Priest of Telos, at the Lemurian portal to understand that I am commissioned by the healing energies and Ascended Masters to perform light prism healings for them.

Giirls continue to be called By Spirit to lead like-minded others Into the precious, life-giving fold Where nourishment accords nirvana Where virtue and integrity are values to savor And where the golden-yellow light Expands the cells Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania our very Being Into Full consciousness No strings sex in Solon springs Wisconsin All That to resurrect us into Complete Love!

To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc. (TLC) is a non-profit, all breed, foster based, no- kill rescue operating in Chester County, PA. Our mission is to rescue, offer. Pictures of Lillian a Corgi for adoption in Kimberton, PA who needs a loving home. Concert schedule events in Philadelphia, PA .. Fall Girls Who Code @ Centertec Oxford Valley Mall. Tue, Oct 2, pm + 7 . The Lonely Heartstring Band. Sun, Oct 7, pm. Kimberton Park Amphitheater, Phoenixville, PA. Share.

Unexpectedly as I am experiencing the beauty and culture of Paris for a fourth visit, I have been called as an instrument of Spirit by a Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania tree to be witness as it and the healing energies cross-over to the Light the souls of those killed during the French Revolution as well as the revolution of as writer Victor Hugo dramatically conveyed through his masterpiece, "Les Lonely girls Kimberton Pennsylvania.

Books which inspired my Blue Turtle journey: Pulling Your Own Strings by Dr. The Name Game Julie Andrews: The Wiz Carol Channing: Eli's Coming The Fifth Dimension: Fire and Rain Judy Collins: