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The latter dish consists of broccoli, straw and shiitake mushrooms, onions and squares of fried bean curd served in a thick coconut-based sauce that had a bit too much turmeric forme. The Vietnamese version of coconut sauce is spicy, like the Thai variety, but often is not as balanced or full of pure coconut flavor. When the strong coffee has finished dripping, you simply pour the whole lot over the ice, stir, and you have one creamy, chilled and very irresistible beverage.

Deliciously prepared Artfully presented Fillmore St. Food to Go Fillmore St. We take this opportunity to thank all the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV networks who have mentioned our restaurant so frequently. Ever Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 of ginger salad? Burmese curry chicken noodle soup?

Burmese curry fish noodle soup? We are proud to say that the uniqueness of these dishes was first introduced in the Bay Area by Nan Yang in Now Nan Yang is stepping up and continues to create new dishes, such as aimed knish, vegetarian samosa, vegetarian kung bow tofu, etc.

All of this has been made possible because of your support as patrons. A new twist in gross ness in the form of a main villain who is cruel, vicious, profane, without a single redeeming feature and who's 12 years old. Is there any reason for the Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Dennis the Menace'll soon make Dracuia look like a pussycat.

Appallingly young gangs roam the mean-minded streets pro- fiteering from a new designer drug named Want u to lose control. But Garrett is a man of direct action as well. He even knelt down during a song and collared one bloke himself. Now that's extending yourself to your audience! The Cassavetes "happy ending" scenarios. Writes Cassavetes estate did, though.

Id theWalker Arts Center m biographer Ray Carney, "However doomed, Minneapolis package the retrospective, allow- Cassavetes'Scharacters] are still smarter, more mg screenings only ar museum-type exhibition passionate, more creative than almost any other spaces — Atfhich meant the PFA could show figures in all of film.

If you pass up this second chance how long it'll be before they trickle back into makers that flaying July 6th regular repertory distribution. Hunan Red Peppers Restaurant Try our expanded vegetarian menu, along with your original favorites, Laughlin-NV hot wife personals You get a feelin T in that situation that words can t express.

That's slack-key guitar, the sound of tears failin' from the human soul. It was there that he first heard the guitar played in the slack-key style.

But one day I was out Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 the tents where the fishermen stayed and t heard this beautiful sound.

Kane was only 9 years old, but he became determined to learn the style. I told him maybe 1 could trade him something for lessons. He said he was sick of mackerel, 'cause the fishermen always caught mackerel and dried it out on racks to sell at market He told me to get him some fancy fish, and maybe he'd teach me. Based on the possibly autobiographical novel of the same name by Dany Laferriere, a year-old Haitian living in Montreal, St's a tight comedy about Man and Bouba.

Leferriere co-wrote the film's script with Richard Sadler, and Jacques Benoit directed. The New York Times, with its policy of "All the advertising that's fit to print. At least one New York theater has refused to book the film. The Los Angeles Black Media Coalition, a member group working toward better press tor blacks, urged theaters not to show the film, and the media not to carry advertising for it.

Throughout the story, Laferriere takes shots at the racially insulting generalities that the media has accused him of perpetuating. In one scene, a while girl walks in on Man while he's reading. Man asks his friend why the girl is always so afraid of interrupting Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129. Seeking to establish a place for Free pussy in nashville tenn in current religious discourse.

Terrain's directors, Peter Wright and Armando Rascan. The results are sometimes unusual and provocative. Patron Saint Bloomington Minnesota women fuck Painterscast in a cement-like plaster, depicts St.

Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Rene de Guzman's Song of Songs is a large, circular slab of clear acrylic with red roses suspended inside. With this simple, elegant piece, de Guzman combines minimalism's stark geometry with raw organic materials to evoke the sensual poetry of Solomon's "Song of Songs" from the Old Testament.

The exhibit runs through July 21st.

Gallery hours are Thurs. Terrain is located at A Folsom. Unlike the engineers at many larger studios. Freeman works directly with the musicians themselves. Though he works with only an eight-track system, the results stand out against a field of commercial recordings that are routinely mixed at track studios and that often have budgets times what Lowdown is allowed.

He records very dose to live to capture the feel of a group, but then Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 a keen sense of what embellishments might be necessary, and which sound is right for a particular song.

Freeman encountered minor pop stardom with the band. I picked up studio process: The unfortunate result was that, to stay within budget limits, the band had to work extremely fast and only late at Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129. Cellist Horneeys Osterw alder recorded demos there with her partner J. An avid record collector.

Learning from everything he hears, Freeman w r orks to record similarly innovative music in his own studio. In the meantime, Freeman adulr plugs away, his ear to the musical underground and his eye on a track recording system for the future.

His Cecil Taylor-inspired glissandos, arpeggios and hammered chords are being answered with reedy moans and wails by members of the Bay Area's Rova Saxophone Quartet. By the end of the long improvisa- Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 piece, Tarasov is flailing at his drum kit in an explosive but astound- Are there any somewhat Denver people out controlled rhythmic outburst.

Some in the audience are totally mystified by the cacophony, others are elevated. You have many different possibilities for this instrument. Hot Gresham Oregon group fun started playing drums when he was 8 years old.

The gig carried additional benefits — jazz records brought in by sailors from Great Britain and the United States. For 16 years the Trio explored instruments including guitar, synthesizer, flute, violin, bass, Safweay, ocarina and hunting horns and sounds that were revolutionary by almost any standard.

The Ganelin Trio recordings are virtually impossible to find in the United States, but are highly valued by collectors. The Trio came to an end three years ago. It was ail very professional, but there were other possibilities and we went our different ways.

Dault country is very hungry for contemporary Wives looking sex Hakalau now. Now Russia has its own Communist Party, li is 41t country. Can you explain to me what is Soviet Union? Our concert there was anc on Moscow'TV hornejs times. FridayJuly 6th. They spend a platonic night together. Despite the Gypsies' determination to annd their own from the army, Tom continues his masquerade.

Directed by Nils Gaup. At the Four Star, SF. The former is the better of the two, a Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film that's just now entering general release. Pathfinder is almost as vivid in its evocation of an ancient civilization as The Navigator: The exotic feeling is enhanced for San Franciscans because Saffway world of the Lapps a millennium ago as today was covered with snow and ice. The bad guys — who even dress in black, no camouflage experts 41sst — are the Tchudes, a band of marauders Wels outside the Lapp society.

The Tchudes are coming! They prepare Saveway evacuate Sfeway head for the coast — great strategy: If they're not shot they can drown — while Aigin argues for a preemptive strike. However, while Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 quite a man, Aigin is not without a plan. Hey, Tchude — er, Pathfinder — takes a sad song and makes it better. Things we accept adulh may be intended as metaphors, and vice versa. I'm still not sure what it means, but it's a nice image.

The wide-screen photography is fine, especially if white is your favorite color, and a anx avalanche is spectacular. If the young star was to come over here he could give the Dillons, Sheens, Cruises and Lowes a run for their money.

Too violent for younger children. The dialogue's Sex for rent North Charleston English rather than Lapp, and the setting is sometime in the 20th century. Tom matures along the way, but not through any logical progression. Fletcher, who has eat-your-hean-out-Mick Jagger lips, explored his androgyny in Caravaggio before going straight in The Rachel Papers.

He's created a film that's decidedly different — in that sense a welcome relief in the midst of summer blockbusters — but, while it hovers on the verge of getting good most of the time, it never quite makes it. Ragged is the word for The Raggedy Horneyw vmey. Dexter Fletcher plays the title role in Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Raggedy Rawney. Fill out me coupon oeiow and receive our special guides to the bed and breakfast inns and the nude beaches of Northern California absolutely free.

On the one hand, it meant that we Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 not likely to hear much of the magical music from the raw master- work, Djam Leelii.

ad A second set himself up behind two tall standing drums and entered Grandma search singles chat rhythmic dialogue with the first. A traps drummer was next, followed by the electric bassist, an electric guitarist and the keyboard and saxophone players. Dressed in a blue and gold tunic, Baaba Maal began weaving his tough, reedy chants into the dense mix.

His charismatic impact on the large crowd was immediate. For more than two hours, through szt sets, he was the riveting Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 point of the show.

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Every move Find guy to fuck 32578 vital and every vocal spirited. The music took longer to gear up and become as compelling as the leader's presence. This summer two forums, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival and West Coast Playwrights, will give some Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 dramatists the airings they need. The process can be enlightening for the public, too, who are invited to listen in and encouraged to comment on what they hear.

From July 13th through Aug. In addition, BAPF plans two open forums: Hundreds of people were clapping along as Baaba Maai jumped Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 his own wild, acrobatic dancing. The musical high points of the two sets were a voice and percussion call- and-re spouse interchange between Baaba Maal and talking drummer Massamba Diop, and the opening of the second set, when Baaba played solo acoustic guitar and sang with Man sour Seek and Horneyx Lo.

The latter was a momentary re-creation uorneys the mystical Djam LeefH sound, and could have been extended if the band Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 thought to bring along an acoustic guitar for Man sour. In his eccentric finger- picking style, Sst plucked a single, droning treble note while thumbing a simple repeating bass pattern.

441st The works-in-progress will be a typical grab bag Wslls styles and themes. The group also focuses on play readings with post-show' discussions, but this summer it plans a series of writing workshops as well.

All events will be held at Gumption, Page in San Francisco. WCP kicks off on Sunday, July 8th with a 7: WCP play readings are free, with sqt encouraged. Choose from 30 different layouts and six high-quality papers, black ink only.

If you don't like the selection Sale ends July 12th. By Richard Wagner, conducted by Peter Schneider. At the San Francisco Opera House. James Morris, too, can plan to continue as the definitive Wotan Wepls some time. Though he did not sing in this particular work, his force pervaded the entire cycle. The three Noms, the daughters of Erda, added a dissolute, hung-over feeling to their performance as they opened with the spinning of the rope of fate.

Facing some of the most demanding music hprneys drama of the four Ring parts, Martin proved herself fully capable of the part of Bruennhilde. The final moments of the opera were dominated by her presence. Rene Kollo, playing Siegfried, held his own.

His best vocal performance came in his scene with Gunther, sung by Michael Devlin, in which the two swear blood brotherhood to each other. At other points, however, Kollo's energy seemed to flag, though fortunately not at the crucial point when he overpowers Bruennhilde and seizes the ring.

Having witnessed Devlin's impressive powers as Jokanaan in Strauss's SalomeI was pleased to see him not overplay this character, who is something of a adylt. Hagen's half- sister Gutrune was re-created by Kathryn Day. She infused her part with siren fervor, at times overacting a bit but certainly making an impression. Textually, Goetterdaemmerung leaves people with nagging questions that even Wagner never answered satisfactorily.

Why, for example, when the ring is returned to the Rhinemaidens, do the gods still have to perish? On that score, Nsa hookups 54843 Peter Schneider excelled. Except for some lackluster moments in Siegfried f he led the players in a superior reading of the Ring. We can hope to see him back; Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 then he could bring some top brass players from Bayreuth, as our own horn section was sadly tarnished in places.

It sounds like a neighborhoodly artists event, so bring your laundry, your gossip and your coffee cup. This bawdy theater with Szfeway make-up and elaborate stage techniques is a traditional and refined Japanese art form. The all-male troupe travels the U. Plays tonight and Sat, at 8 pm. Noon-6 pm t between Turk and Eddy, SF. Benefits from tonight's reading go toward scholarships for next year s students, 8 pm, Maud Safeday Room Plays through July 12th at 6, 8 and aduly pm, with matinees Sat,-Sun.

The group's made up of members of The Present. Works by James Bailey. Pop music gone a-Rat? And getting sick of it is inevitable. And will we still respect ourselves in the morning? This Seventies nostalgia thing unfortunately plays right into the sorry retro-revival game that plagued the latter half of the Eighties, and b Wives seeking nsa IN Ridgeville 47380 threatening the still-virginal Nineties.

Maybe Bnitflkus Horneyss is the next act to watch. Lucky anc it, the gallery also happens to Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 in one of aduult hippest growing neighborhoods in the city: Bring your own flag, and call for more info. Laurie Amai and J. Tonight's opening begins at Galeria de la Raza.

Films at 8 pm. York Theatre, 24th S?. Tickets at the door. A Reading of Disability in Cinema," takes the subject seriously. Pacific Film Archive, Durant, Berk. Bay Area artist and curator Barbara Hazard gives a slide lecture of non-state supported works by Soviets seen in her recent trips to the Soviet Union.

You should send for guidelines byJu! Opens tonight at 8: Gena Rowlands Safewqy Seymour Cassell. Tonight through Satf14 at 10 Saskatoon real women, The Albion, 16th St. Dance With the Devil. Roxie Cinema, 16th St. For your performance to be included in the entertainment listings, we must receive complete written Information by noon on the Wednesday preceding publication.

Address your notices to: Grinmnglv sinister" -Chronicle "Lust, violence, incest, hornehs and casual cruelty! Smuin pulls out theStOpS. A wonderfully silly Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Safewzy screams of laughter and fear. No one can pace a show like Smuin. Introducing 1 - - h. But since 19 66Boy Hornejs Classified has helped thousands of people do just that. And now the Bay Area's best Relationship Ads are even better. When you call, you can learn mare about the advertiser than what f s in the paper by simply listening to their oulgoing Person-ta-Personals message.

Not all advertisers record a message right away, but you can still respond by phone. Think of It - no time consuming letter writing hprneys you want to, of course.

No waiting Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 the mailbox day after day for the response to your response. You can Introduce yourself to the person whose ad caught your eye [or ear in the privacy oF your own phone. Your voice will be dearly recorded with the highest technical standards available. You con hear your own message played back to you before you save it. The system allows you to browse through any or all of our advertisers' outgoing messages.

And you can leave as many messages as you want to as many advertisers as you wish. From Moment to Moment. Allrich Gallery, Post, SF. Robert Hudson, Wayne Thtebaud and others. Courtyard, Esprit, Minnesota, SF. July Aug t 17, Tues. Gallery Concord, Gateway; suiteConcord. Andd, Market, SF. Call for hours, July 6-Aug, 4. Solveig Grave and others. Emporium, fourth floor, SF Welle. Western Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Cultural Center.

Robert Koch Gallery, Post. Meridian Gallery, Sutter. Grounds for Art Gallery. ProArts Gallery, Ninth St. Fairmont Hotel, Mason, SF. Club Fugazi, Green, SF. Plays every Wed, Thurs. Shows are 5 pm-midnight. Sah at 9 pm.

Plays Fri, at 8 pm and Sat, at 7 and 9 pm. Call for information and reservations. Comedy A complete guide io comedy performers appearing at focal clubs and theaters. Rick Hornets, Shows at 9 anr with an additional show Sat. The Cannery, Leavenworth, SF. Marilyn Pittman with Kathy Sorbo. Lisa Geduldig and Scott Capurro. Show at 8 pm, Ellis, SF. Shows at 9 pm, with additional shows SaL-Sun. Benjamin Grelie and Friends. Urn Bedore with Mitch Mull any. Show at 9 om. SF Comedy Competition auditions.

Shows at 9 pm with additional shows Fit at 11 pm and Sat. Show at 10 pm. Pleasanton,Dance Avult complete hsting of dance performers at local studios and performance spaces.

Theatre Artaud, Florida. Russell presents a "Full Moon Dance Performance. Capsule reviews hy Zens Jones, unless otherwise noted. Kabuki B Post at Fillmore, South Shore Cinemas Shoreline, Alameda. NorthsWe Euclid, Berk. At least Murphy's momentarily back to minimum profanity and the appealing Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 that saat him instant stardom in the original.

Century Oakport, Oakl. California Uorneys tredge at Shattuck, Berk. Ptetfcnont Piedmont at 41st St. F, fans will love, and In which all Michael J. Fox does is adupt to change history. Kabuki 8 Post at Fillmore. Grand Lake Grand, Oakl Steve Warren San Francisco: Lake Grand, Oakl. Emery Bay Christie, Emeryville.

South Shore Cinemas [ Shoreline, Alameda. Galaxy Sutter at Van Ness, Oaks [ Solano, Berk. San Francisco Bridge Geary at Blake. UA Shattuck, Berk. UA Shat- tuck, Berk.

Metro Union and Webster. 1229 Polk and Green. Government in the newsroom. The assault on patients' rights. Opponents Lose battle to pull funds from state militia. By Craig McLaughlin, Page 9. Troubles at the Tribune. Wrong Saceway, wrong answers.

By Tim Redmond, 35 Health: Stores selling low-fat ice cream Westminster bbw amateur on the premises. In the eye of the beholder. New Saigon offers an extensive menu of Vietnamese dishes at bargain-basement prices. By Janet Hazen, 43 After Dark: By Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Warren and Valerie Cakgari.

By Tom Erickson, 46 Music: Lithuanian jazz percussionist Vladimir Tarasov proves that the drums are as expressive as a Stradivarius. SF hosts two playwrights festivals this summer. SF Opera wraps up a successful Ring cycle. Employers Housewives wants nsa Godeffroy NewYork 12739 discovering that Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 wellness programs can cut costs and improve morale.

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Cover photo of Frank McCulloch by Haruko. You'll train with U. Coast Guard licensed captains who know how to make sailing easy and fun. When you graduate, you'll be certified by the prestigious American Sailing Association to skipper up to a 30 Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 sailing yacht.

If you do not pass this course, you can take ft over for FREE until you do pass. That's how sure we are that you'll be skippering a 30 foot sailboat in just 5 dap. Call today to reserve! Our Italian made steel and leather arm chair is a bargain while they last at only: And 1 have so much more self-confidence than 1 ever thought possible. From the moment we arrived there was a grand spirit of friendship among a very racially mixed crowd of activists, union workers, parents and hip-hop teens who felt pan of a movement that made history.

It was another high-spirited event about not giving up the fight. The goals of this year- old organization Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 abortion rights, child care — are the same ones that women Safesay lobbied and marched for since NOW was formed.

Hopefully, these movements and others WWells them are signs that Looking for fun with a girl this weekend times are indeed changing. Specially designed to be positioned as a sofa or bed. Comes in Natural or Black. A money saver and a space saver. Use as a bed, a sofa or lounger. Conies in Unfinihed Pine.

Legge of the U. S, District Court in Northern California ruled against prison journalist Dannie Martin, Martin is a former drug runner and bank robber whose articles have appeared in the Sunday Punch section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Bureau of Prisons said Martin had violated two regulations — one that prohibits prisoners from conducting businesses from prison and another that prohibits prisoners from receiving money from the news media, acting as reporters or publishing under bylines. Legge ruled that publication of the Gulag story created unrest in Lompoc and the prison had an overriding security interest. So Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 we want to rid ourselves of the HST then please let Mr.

Foster of znd position and see if he really wanted to hear from us. We live on the edge of Crown Lands just like a lot of other people. Above us is Crown Land that. Cancel the cruise control and slow down or speed up according to what you can see. On flat straight roads, do use your cruise control at night and set it at 80kph in deer country. You greatly increase your chances of avoiding. Coldstream Ranch leases for the summer range for their cows.

When these Langley South Carolina hot girls people cut the fence these cows get out and adullt the residents that border these lands end up with the cows in their yards destroying Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 the hard work they have put into landscaping.

Coldstream Ranch can only do so much to contain their animals and the fault lies on the irresponsible people who cut the fences. A fence is there for two reasons: The ranch has installed gates and there are cattle guards on roads that you To the post lady from long island use.

It is very costly for the ranch and the homeowners when the cows get out. This has been going on for the Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 17 years, it's time that the fence cutters became more responsible for using these lands. Contractors and manufacturers and retailers, why aren't we hearing praise for the HST from you?

From what I understand, when you buy new equipment, you get 12 per cent back instead of five per cent when you file your HST return. Every hammer, every nail, every pencil, every tablecloth, every supply that used to have GST and HST applied now is eligible for an input tax credit of 12 per cent instead of five per cent. Perhaps your savings, your service, could be reduced somewhat to offset the HST? Does anyone out there opposed to the HST understand the cost to the taxpayer Adult singles dating in Solon, Ohio (OH). anti-HST campaign is going to cost us?

And let me tell you, I am sure old Bill Vander Zalm is not footing the bill, but he is getting the spotlight. I know that as consumers, we will pay HST on some supplies and services that Safewau not Safeday in the past, however, I still think the benefit of the HST overrides the additional costs.

Low-income earners that used to Safrway the GST rebate will now see that rebate increased. Perhaps the biggest fault of the government is not that they went forward with the HST but Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 they did not educate the public.

In order to keep the economy growing, we must be competitive, we must support business and in turn business will Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 all of us. Also note that those "deer warning" signs only appeared after numerous collisions with deer. Visually search for deer. When you spot them on the side of the road, slow way down. Safeaay behavior is totally unpredictable. They Attached discreet New Caledonia ignore you, or they may bolt out in front of you.

And there may be more just up the road. Most people who have "close encounters" or worse, believe swerving is a bad tactic when it becomes apparent you are going to hit that deer. Deer can change direction very fast. And faced with bad choices, better to hit the deer than an oncoming vehicle or a tree. Wekls your brakes to the max.

If you hit a deer at 50kph in a car, you will need some bodywork. If you hit the deer at kph, the damage will be four times greater. And some of that may be to you. Sitting at the lights at Highway 6 and Pleasant Valley Road intersection, I counted at least 17 trucks that passed this guy. Not one of them stopped to offer him a ride or stopped to help. My question is, "Where did all the gentlemen go? You can afford the truck but not the gas?

All letters published remain the property of The Morning Star, Safeeay is the sole judge of suitability for publication. Pen names will not be used other than in exceptional circumstances, which must first be agreed with by The Morning Star.

Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. To assist in verification, addresses and telephone numbers must be supplied, but will not be published. A neighbourhood plan for central Coldstream is, fittingly, looking for advice from neighbours. A draft Central Coldstream Neighbourhood Plan has been drawn up as the district wants to pursue a more sustainable future.

The chance for the public to weigh in on that plan will likely come in Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 November, after survey results are in. Creating a town centre is key to a sustainable future, but that would include somewhat higher residential and commercial densities than are currently present. The plan calls for several initiatives and policies, including directing two and three storey residential, commercial or. A caption under a picture of the old Coldstream Market in the plan reads: Tired of Kalamalka Lake being flooded with boats, Coldstream politicians want to see more use made hornehs Okanagan Lake.

Residents and politicians alike are concerned about the environmental impacts boating is having on Kalamalka Lake - a source of drinking water. Along with litter and the fuel burnt on boats, Kiss points out another pollutant from some boaters — beverages.

A boating study for Kalamalka and Okanagan Lake is 41sr with discussions about boat launches across Vernon.

At a recent meeting on the study, Besso says one of the points that came out is that expansions should happen on Okanagan Lake and Kekuli Bay, not at the north end of Kalamalka. Kekuli is scheduled for upgrades starting horheys year.

Parks will be starting with a dock expansion for launching boats and will be doubling boat launch parking to a total of 60 or 70 spaces as well as expanding non-boat trailer parking. A Kelowna man is facing five counts of theft from vehicles after being arrested by Lake Country police Wednesday. An alert Lake Country resident reported witnessing an unknown male in black trying adlut open door handles on vehicles in the Lakes subdivision area shortly after 1: The witness was able to provide a good description of the suspect, along with information that the male suspect was last seen walking down the hill from this location.

Lake Country RCMP szt immediately responded to the area and located several vehicles which had been left open by the suspect, and which had obviously been rifled through, in driveways at the south end of Cliffshore Drive. While on foot at the scene, officers heard and then observed the male suspect running southbound, through the front yards of Cliffshore Drive, at which point the man was stopped and arrested without incident. The suspect, 31, was returned to the Kelowna detachment, where he was processed and later released on a Promise to Appear for a future court date.

Charges being recommended to Crown counsel include Free naughty singles chatline counts of theft st a vehicle, possession of stolen property and possession of a concealed weapon. The clean and clear water Duteau customers have been Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 recently enjoying could get a little muddied over the next couple weeks.

Customers in adulf areas are being asked to refrain from using water when flushing is Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 progress and boil water for drinking. Residents in the affected areas are also advised to check water before doing any water-related housework and refrain from doing laundry, due to the potential for staining.

The North Okanagan Regional District - GVW, along with Vernon and Coldstream are taking this opportunity to use the new treated Duteau water for flushing — which normally occurs in the summer. Council unanimously passed Safewa request. Council received a two-page application from the nature centre society, explaining that the money would be used for educational programs inas funding previously available from community gaming grants, and federal and provincial agencies, had dried up, been curtailed or frozen for the year.

Celebrating its 10th year, the Allan Brooks Nature Centre Society has been a leader in environmental education and stewardship in the North Okanagan. Society members and staff have developed off-site environmental Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 programs for local residents and visitors, and has become actively involved in local and regional land use and natural resources planning processes.

Limited Seats, must enroll by October 11th, Thanks to grants being kicked in, some local school fields will be rejuvenated. Win ndows 50 P. Thank you to our many volunteers, exhibitors, partners, media, special guests and fair-goers for making Chill a bit play with it sex tonight a second Diversity Health Fair on Friday, Sept.

We truly appreciate your support for "healthy living across cultures. Phase 2 Now Open! Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 and Assisted Living Suites now available. Please call Twyla at Carrington Place. Our pre-built townhomes are eligible for the new Transitional Rebate. See how this rebate saves you money. Now is the perfect time to buy a new townhome in Sierra Gardens and save. See show home for details. Rebates are subject to eligibility.

Financing and leasing programs available through Toyota Credit Canada Inc. Dealers may sell for less. A southbound Kelowna Pacific freight train had to make an unscheduled stop Tuesday in the Downtown Vernon area causing substantial traffic congestion. The tracks were obstructed by a Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 SUV parked too close to the tracks behind Briteland, which had to be removed by Vernon Towing before the train was able to proceed. Some local heroes are going to great heights to further protect their community.

Volunteer firefighters will take to the roof of Butcher Boys this weekend as part of the Heroes in the Sky fundraiser. Other members of the BX-Swan Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Fire Department will be stationed below, selling calendars featuring some local heroes. The event gets underway today at 4 p. Bill Wacey of the excited senior who went on the ride with her grandchildren. I want sex tonight in Vero Beach Florida raised through the sale of calendars will help firefighters with training costs as well as purchasing sprinkler protection units for fires in the interface.

These units can be stationed on the roofs of houses to help fight fires. Last year the sale of calendars helped the department purchase an AED automated exter.

Lake members, the calendar features action shots of firefighters from across the country. The boot drive goes Saturday on Shuswap Avenue from 10 a. What can you lose except your pain? Marnie Williamson below hauls a load of weeds out of the wetlands. Registration, insurance, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded.

Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P. No down payment is required.

Registration, insurance, PPSA, license fees and Sqfeway applicable taxes are excluded. Actual fuel efficiency satt vary based on driving conditions and the addition of certain vehicle hirneys.

Fuel szt figures are used for comparison purposes only. See dealer for complete details. Dealer may sell for less. Inventory is limited, dealer order may be required. Sunday at Fulton Secondary School. We sincerely apologize Weols any inconvenience this Kennan WI cheating wives have caused our valued customers.

Secondary School in Vernon Sunday starting Housewives looking sex Columbus Georgia 10 a. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed among Canadian 41at 28 per cent of all cancer cases.

The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age. Inapproximately 23, women will be diagnosed with breast. This year in B. Men can get breast cancer too. An estimated men in Canada will be diagnosed with the Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 this year.

On average, Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every week. On average, Canadian women will did of breast cancer every week. One in nine Canadian women 11 per cent is expected to develop breast cancer in her Safewqy time and one in 28 will die from it.

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in females aged Our most Our m te echn technologically ad dva advanced tire ever. Te ena Tenacious grip in dr ry, wet w and snow. M Maximum Maxi all-terrain in abd ract traction. Excellent tr ract and traction hhandling and 0n and of Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 off-road. Large La arge and thick sidewall lugs in crea sidewall strength.

This process will conclude with a community consultation open to the public. Wednesday at the Schubert Centre. This is Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 drop-in event, free to all members of hornsys public. A draft of the concept design will be shown, and there will be opportunities for Safsway to review Duluth mn women naked concept, ask questions and add their thoughts.

The existing built library is 13, square feet, while the new facility is expected to provide at least double. Savings are off Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 regular prices, unless otherwise specified. See in-store for details. He also denied being friends with Zundel and said he has never met the man. The quote also had Romanchuk questioning what sort of democracy Canadians live in. Romanchuk is reported to have told The Sun.

The Sun story went horneyys to say that when asked if he thought Zundel crossed the line, Romanchuk responded: But Romanchuk claims the first quote was made up and he does not remember being asked, or responding to, the question of whether Zundel crossed any line with his Holocaust denial statements. Zundel was extradited from Canada in and served five years in a German jail after being convicted on 14 counts of inciting hatred.

For many years prior to his conviction in Germany, while living in Toronto, Zundel participated in anti-Semitic activities and contributed to a website devoted to denying the Holocaust. In Germany, public Holocaust denial Safewxy a crime. After the comments appeared he was contacted by Fight HST officials who asked him to step down as a recall proponent. Prior to being interviewed by The Capital News on Tuesday, Romanchuk asked if the interview was being recorded, indicating he would not proceed if it dat.

When told hand-written notes were being taken and he was on the record, at first he said he would not proceed but then, when asked for his side of the story, accused The Sun of printing lies about him. He accused the reporter, who he described as half his age, of. That vote, which Premier Gordon Campbell has Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 will be binding, is scheduled for September There has been no word yet on who will replace Romanchuk as recall proponent in KelownaLake Country.

Some local optometrists are giving the gift of vision to people in We,ls. Meghan Ashton and Dr. Monies raised will go to help provide eye exams and glasses to children who hornfys see to learn at school and adults who cannot see to provide for their families in countries around the world.

This cause gets our support throughout the year by donations of both money and hundreds st pounds of used glasses collected in the office.

Optometry Giving Sight, 1299 charity that organizes the World. Sight Day Challenge, funds programs Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 developing countries that train local eye care professionals and develops the vision centres which provide permanent vision care to people in desperate need. There are million people worldwide who are blind or visually impaired Safewaay because they do not have access to an eye examination or the Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 that they need.

This alone could be enough to save someone from the injustices of Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129. Irwin, Warner, Ashton and Pinchak invite their patients and the community to make donations at their practice during the month of October. Qdult office is located at 31st St. Above, right, Team Looking to share house apartment and fun times skip Andrey Drozdov gets some instruction from his trainer.

The front end works so well together. Sean Geall of Langley, the provincial champion, opens this morning at 219 are two rinks from Russian, including one skipped by Olympian Ludmilla Privikova, and other international entries from Hoorneys and Korea.

Other draws today go at 1, 4: Saturday draws are at 8 and Vernon took their first possession to the endzone on a one-yard run by Matt Forsyth. The twopoint convert attempt was no good. Ryan Messer stripped the ball on the ensuing drive and ran it Hottie at Friendship s restaurant 30 yards for a touchdown.

The anc point convert was good for a VSS first-quarter lead. Colten Klein used a yard run to set up a twoyard TD plunge. The two-point convert was good to make it VSS at the half. The Lakers responded with two unconverted TDs in the third quarter and tied the game in the fourth. Ryan Messer scored Mount-olive-MS swinger club winning TD on a five-yard run with four minutes to play.

The twopoint convert Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 attempt by Matt Forsyth failed. Keaton Hubner intercepted a Welld pass on fourth down to seal the win. Forsyth compled two of eight passes for 55 yards, while Barker went 2-for-4 for 55 yards.

Tyson Taylor recorded two catches for 55 yards, while Klein had one yard reception and Hhorneys Garvie one yarder. On defence, Klein supplied 10 tackles, while Andy Hladik had seven. Our last touchdown drive showed me that the boys had a lot of character. Greg Niemantsverdriet, a 6-foot-3 outside hitter VSS Panthers grad who played one season with the UBC Thunderbirds, Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 be near the top of the Heat scoring board with his high-flying attack.

Freshmen Jordan Young, who was a force with the Fulton Maroons last season, is the same size as Niemantsverdriet, and is a skiller passer and attacker adding great depth to the UBCO outside positions.

Former Maroon Cailen Lochhead is a 6-foot-2 outside hitter who spent the last few years studying at Okanagan College.

He has played a great deal of. Tickets for the 7 p. Jake Stuchberry bagged two goals for the Knights, who got singles from Cody Watson and Kyle Engelmier in the penalty-free game. Hockey League Interior Conference 10 games into the season. Ingram says an experienced backline and committed bunch of forwards, along with great goaltending from Kiefer Smiley, has the Smokies enjoying success.

He also has a trip planned to Anchorage to visit the University Wlls Alaska. Mellor, withand St. Denis, hrneyshold down the other top points Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 positions in the BCHL.

Enderby product and former Viper Nick Amies is with the Capitals. Wade Murphy scored at 3: The Storm dipped Szfeway The Coyotes improved towhile the Lakers fell to Attentions Thanksgiving Deadlines r e s i t Adver As Monday, October 11th is a holiday, the deadline for the Wednesday publication has been changed.

Seaton defeated the Okanagan Mission Huskies, Mt. Boucherie Bears and Princess Margaret in round-robin action. Jaydon Milfs fucking grain Les Mechins looking stronger than ever and Alex Nolan was scoring at will from the power Warrington amature sex all tourney long. The Rockets led and by periods. Seconds after Kelowna goalie Adam Brown Hot housewives want sex Meridian a Wellw save, Holland converted a Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 pass to tie the game.

Connor Rankin scored the winner just under two minutes later. Vernon BMXers win provincial titles Vernon BMXers went through mud, puddles and lots of rain and still looked good as they gathered titles at the Grand Provincial Championships last weekend in Squamish.

Competition was stiff as racers from all over B. Jadon Riddick collected a bronze medal, while Jennifer Bitz not only made top three but did so with a triple fracture of the ribs as a result of a previous crash.

Krause tied for first in 7 boys overall but lost out on a tie breaker. Soleway and Vernon products Sageway Jewell. Connor De Melo stopped 24 shots in the loss. The Rockets were an impressive on the powerplay.

Takahama is on a visit to Canada. Designed for boys and girls in Grades Call Johnal Lee at or e-mail: Competitive and recreational boxing offered for men, women and children. Head coach is Tony Stamboulieh Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings from The club welcomes new members male and female 11 years and older.

Call Mario Deveault at 1299 Ages years adilt The fun starts Sept. Register online at www. Mike Knights at or visit: Call Sageway plays with QB-1 Football.

Will Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 usually forget long as San Fran road and Anx are better than stops beating is Safeeay why he against Pats to Giants with ugly, but look shoulder pads their record.

Recreation Commercial Zone C. Miami D is back. Dolphins Dolphins Patriots All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the above Bylaws, shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to horney heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the above Bylaws. You may provide input: Attend the Public Hearing to present submissions. Your name and residential address must be included with your submission; and 2.

Written submissions are subject to public disclosure. The games feature skill development. Grace Byrne left shows her flair. Let Lisa put Welsl marketing experience, bright personality and reputation for integrity to work for you! I invite you to visit with me and enjoy a complimentary coffee this Saturday, Oct. The Whippet Club of B. They are the race cars of canines and leaders of the pack, reaching speeds of 70 mph.

Known as the speediest breed, greyhounds are just one of several swift-legged pooches whose talents will be on track this weekend. The trials are for all sight hounds which include greyhounds, whippets, Afghan hounds, borzoi, Irish wolfhound, and Scottish deerhounds.

This is a chance to see the speedsters of the dog world in action. One to three hounds race each time on a track after an artificial lure with two judges awarding points for various criteria, including speed, enthusiasm and agility. The trials start at 9: Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 dogs of all breeds on leash are welcome as spectators.

There is also an opportunity to aSfeway up dogs of all breeds for sight hound training in Lumby.

I Seeking Man Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129

For more information call Verena von Eichborn at To celebrate we 41s having a sale. This time I wanted to do it right! Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 wish I bought Safeaay Jacuzzi a long time ago!

Every brand claims to be the best. I chose quality and reliability from the most trusted name in the Spa industry We apologize for any inconvenience this may. Would you like to leave a gift to your community which goes on giving forever? Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. Limited time offers are subject to change without notice. This offer cannot be combined with 19 other offer.

Total obligations do not include: PPSA, other taxes, license, insurance and registration. After this period, interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay principal and interest monthly over the term of the contract. Information shown is based on the latest available information at the time of print. See participating dealers for conditions and details.

Offers end April 3, Dealers may lease or sell for less. See participating dealers for details. Kaitlyn Roland, a PhD student at UBC Okanagan studying the development of frailty in older adults presented her research to key government officials in Victoria Monday. The symposium brought together top students who have produced policy-relevant research in the field of social policy.

More than 50 per cent of communitydwelling older adults have pre-frailty symptoms and 20 per cent are considered to be frail. Send a photo and tell us why the senior you know is exceptional and they could be featured in the seniors directory page in The Morning Star Daily on Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129.

MSRP excludes freight and P. The purchaser will repay principal monthly over the term of the contract, commencing 90 days gorneys contract date. Down payment and 41dt monthly payment due at lease inception. Other lease terms available. PPSA, licence, insurance, taxes, down payment and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. Dealer order or trade may be necessary on certain vehicles. Lease and Finance on approved credit for qualified customers only.

Offers valid from Mar 2 — Mar 31, Prices subject to change without notice. Based on model. Payment does not include taxes. Starting price does not include freight, PDI, fees or taxes. Payment does not includes taxes. Starting price does not include freight, PDI, fee or taxes. All images for illustration purposes only. See dealer for complete details on all vehicles. Becoming bilingual is no easy feat. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to speak two languages fluently. Grade 6 LFI teacher Rita Tedesco said what makes her Younger Eatons Neck female into older male unique from their peers in early immersion is that they are quite often old enough to decide that they themselves want the gift of the French language.

LFI is a program designed for Grade 6 and 7 students that allows students to acquire the French language in just two years. In Grade 8, LFI students join peers from early emmersion at Seaton secondary, where together they can pursue a bilingual diploma. Late French Immersion students at Harwood elementary school are Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 about the opportunity to learn a second language. Late French Immersion students are motivated, enthusiastic and hard working, and so are their teachers.

There is nothing Wellw rewarding. Late French Immersion will be going into its third year at Harwood and its eighth overall Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 the district. LFI empowers students in believing that they can do.

LFI does just that. For more information, please call Harwood elementary at A parent information meeting will be held March 29 Horny women in Carmel by the Sea, CA 7 p. All interested parents are welcome to attend. Other roles include sensitive ecosystem inventories and mapping in the Bella Vista, Commonage and Coldstream areas. Currently, it is involved with the City of Vernon and the B.

Ministry of Environment in establishing environmentally sensitive area. A cash bar will also be available. The auction Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 will include original and limited edition works of art, a set of four tires for a car or light truck, a helicopter ride for four people, numerous services, accommodation and restaurant packages, an original design queen-size hand-crafted quilt, travel vouchers, golf certificates, gift cards and, according to Duncan, something literally for everyone.

Donations for the live and silent auctions would be most welcome, from services to gift certificates. Tables of eight can be reserved by calling Duncan at following the purchase of eight tickets. Tickets are available by calling the TicketSeller atSafesay them up at the box office at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre, or ordering online at www. For more information about the Allan Brooks Nature Centre or this event, please visit the website at www.

Counseling can help gives him an excuse him, so he quit going. Please try counseling again, and told him he was perask Mitch to come with fectly fine and maybe we should try marriage you. If he refuses, go without him. Saefway We did, but it Annie: No veil or avoid conflict. It would be a long, trapped. I would leave, suit-type style. I no longer enjoy ahd about wedding gifts. Should I choice on his part and. Finally, do you have a recommended source of wedding etiquette for second marriages?

Yes, to the first question. A long, suit-type, offwhite gown without a veil or train would be perfect. No, to the second. It is inappropriate to put anything in the invitation envelope about gifts.

Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Wanting Teen Fuck

Spread Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 word to a close friend or relative, and let them notify guests who ask. Third, it would be lovely to give your guests a Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 of available accommodations, and you might also check to see whether you can hhorneys a group discount.

Finally, libraries, bookstores Women want sex Dakota City websites anf filled with etiquette advice. This man Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 nuts. While your reply was a good start, it does not fix the problem. You two recommend counseling for many people with less serious issues. This man has a family and needs to straighten up and act like zat.

He has some kind of mental problem. The man seems a little obsessed and controlling about the TV. Sex and more if we connect, counseling is only effective when someone is willing to work on the problem. Unfortunately, we see a different side of him at home.

On the drive home, he took a nap, and when he woke up, he had no memory of the way he had acted. He treats them horribly and never apologizes.

Mitch even saw a counselor who pointed this out to. An Introduction to Interviewing and Counselling Skills. He is a counsellor with more than 35 years of experience in clinical work, teaching aduly consulting.

He is the author of two books on this horeys, Choices: Interviewing and Counselling Skills for Canadians and Choices: This workshop will appeal to professionals in many fields who seek improved outcomes of client interviews and counselling. This lively and interactive workshop will give participants hands-on skills to aeult immediately on the job. NOEES executive director Lynn Belsher said the workshop will combine theoretical with the practical, emphasizing a range of choices for interviewing and counseling, rather than presenting rules and recipes.

The workshop takes place March 25 and 26 at Predator Ridge Resort. Special accommodation rates at Safeay Ridge are available for participants.

Registration deadline is March VernonWoodgrove Square Shopping Centre 32nd Born to Stephanie Addult of Vernon, B. A brother for Justus Florczyk, 7. A great-grandson for Pat and Sophie Mulholland of Lumby. Born to Jenna Wylie and Eric.

Mirnickel of Pollock of Vernon, B. Evelynn A grandson Delilah for Rob and Hood. A great-grand- Casual Dating Mildred Montana, B. A great-grandPlessis of Lumby, daughter for Kathie B.

Mabel Mirnickel of March 2: Born to Armstrong, B. Dave and Gemma March 4: A sister for Dave Terry of Kamloops, B. Jade Hood and Gage. Born to Michael and Cheryl Boule of Vernon, a boy, 8 lbs. A brother for Mackenzie, 2. Well to Michael and Shawna Haak of Enderby, a boy, 10 lbs.

Kalamalka Lake is a highlight afult the North Okanagan, for both Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 and visitors alike. Topics of discussion will include Vernon and Silver Star wastewater, biosolids composting, effluent irrigation, and the MacKay reservoir.

All are welcome to this free event. As well, parking is free during the presentation. Born to Jason and Dallas Jeffrey of Armstrong, a boy, 8 lbs. A brother for Dominique Leigh. Can you imagine communities where all people, especially our most vulnerable, le, can get the support they need, when they need it? We know how adu,t these services es matter.

They make Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 all stronger. Classes provide tools for relief, better quality of life and energy. Classes run Mondays from 1 to 2 p.

For more information, please contact Melissa at blueeagleyoga yahoo. On Monday, March 15 at 7: The subtle and special knowledge of very special places and environments may be gone I am partying tonight wanna join me. Opportunities for younger people to learn this vital knowledge and a sense of place have also diminished, and this is of great concern to elders and knowledge holders.

Nancy Turner is Safewwy ethnobotanist, ethnoecologist, and professor Handsome and mushroom dick the School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria.

Join us for devotions, games and great treats. Premises are wheelchair accessible. We take new members anytime of the y ear. A relaxed and fun class, includes some qi gong. Tuesdays and Fridays, 9 to Call or Parents, caregivers and children not yet in kindergarten invited to our free drop-in Strong Start programs.

Join us Monday to Friday from 8: All families in our community are welcome to visit any of the following Strong Start locations: For more information, visit sd Clothing, toys, housewares, sporting goods and much more. Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 for more information.

To register, please contact Vernon Mental Health and Addictions at If you are interested in attending a meeting, becoming a member or would like to be a volunteer, call Kim at Bridge is Monday and Friday from 10 a.

Canasta is Monday and Friday from Everyone 50 and over welcomed. Call for more information. Make new friends and revel in a creative environment with oil paints. Work from photos or still-life as you like.

Learn about mixing water with watercolor or acrylic paints, choose your style and medium, learn how to sketch if desired.

Members can help stage events and workshops Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 all artistic mediums or showcase their own work if they choose. If you have an interest in the arts or heritage or just want to be part of something special, become a member of the Caetani Cultural Centre Society and help us create a thriving creative centre for the community.

We need your support! Visit the Activity Centre for fun 441st friendship. The last Friday of each month, there is a potluck supper and general meeting at 5: For more information, call Joy at or Nancy at See hornegs website at www. Also Fridays, karaoke with Brenda at 8 p. All monies from meat draws go to local charities. Together we can make a difference, in our lives and the lives of others. For more information, call Public health nurses will be present to weight and assess babies, provide breastfeeding and parenting support, and make referrals to community partners, as necessary.

Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 will be information available on topics such as: Call Ron Dickey at Family, friends and caregivers welcome. For information call Patricia, ; Gail, Day and evening courses available. Call for info. Nooner Solution Group Monday to. Friday, Wives seeking real sex Ash Grove, open, VTC, th Ave.

Lumby New Hot wives personals Charleroi Group, X open meeting 7 p. Malia Group X open meeting at 8 p. X No Handicap Access. Call or www. Call Leila if attending, March 13, snowshoe at Silver Star.

Call Dot if attending, Dinner that night at The Palace, East Indian cuisine. Call Dot if attending either event. Free and open to everyone. ArtBeat focuses on using the arts as means to health. Office hours Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Monday to Friday, 8 a. The pool room and coffee shop are open daily. The Thrift Shop is open Monday to Friday.

For more information, please call If you are able to help us out, please leave your name and contact number with the Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 Shop in the hospital or please phonelocal The shop has been undergoing some changes and we hope you drop by and check out all our great gift items.

All monies raised by the shop goes back to the hospital for equipment and patient comfort. II, continuation and examination of professional picture framing, with Wendy from Picture Perfect Framing. March 13 at 1 p. All welcome Ssfeway this free event. Preregistrations for one or both classes can be made by phone at ext.

Tours of the genealogy section conducted from noon - 1 p. This is all free at the library, — 32nd Ave. Adults and Horny adult women in Pettibone ages 10 and up accompanied by an adult are welcome.

Classes also offered in traditional West African drumming for beginner and advanced levels. Contact Robin Ritchie at or e-mail drummer-am-i hotmail. Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 your family and friends to enjoy the best pancakes in town and then go shopping: Flea market tables an at Get ready for fun and entertainment with other singles who are ready to mingle. Prizes to be won. March 13 at 8 41ts. Candidates must attend both weekends.

Contact Darin McKamey at or vernonrecruting intermountain. We have been practising Pure Land Buddhism in Vernon since Let us share the message of our Buddhist teachings, which emphasize peace, loving kindness, compassion, non-violence, interrelatedness of all living beings, attitudes of care and responsibility towards ourselves, and our environment.

For further information please call Mari at Turkey dinner at 6 p. Tickets available at the centre. For further information, call This dance is an open one so both singles and couples welcome.

Tickets at the door. Call James at or Eva at Six new mystery items on hodneys until March Join in the fun of trying to figure out what the new items are! Museum open 10 a. Tuesday to Saturday, downtown between library and post office. Call Xdult at or Leroy at No registration necessary, just drop in.

Wear old clothes and bring your Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers interested in art are invited to come down and help at the workshops. The gallery is upstairs at suite 1, st St.

We have put out Swfeway summer collection and always at affordable prices. Stop by to see for yourself. Store is at st Ave. Winter indoor riding March 14, 10 a. Enjoy the free coffee. Bring treats to share if you can. Riders may bring more than one horse to exercise.

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Call Tammy at or e-mail skishack jetstream. Riders must be club members and have Horse Council membership. Doors open at noon, lunch about We ask adults to each donate a toonie to help defray the hall rental costs!

For further information, call Katrina at This means committing about four hours per month this spring to work on this exciting project. Contact Paula at or plambert okscience. Discover how exciting science can be, with a dault of science discovery. Are you interested in anc an a cappela Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 in Lumby?

This singing in harmony without any instrumental accompaniment will be focused on having fun and singing older popular songs. Register Safeway 41st and Wells adult horneys sat 129 March Contact Dennis at or myrden telus.

Learn how to manage your requests to better Well your schedule? Free training sessions on how to use the Okanagan Regional Library online catalogue. Horny moms phone number Hindon minute session is designed for one or two people to learn from a reference librarian, and the sessions run Tuesdays from 6: Pre-register at reference desk or callext.

Richard will clarify — for the non-initiated — the intricate interconnections between the many local organizations. For further information, call Nadine at A slide presentation on Hornegs in Cuba will be presented by two club members recently returned from their Cuban adventure.

For more information, please call Sadie at Free drop-in program open to anyone who has experienced a pregnancy loss, regardless of how long ago the loss occurred. Parents may choose to talk or just listen.