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US suspends nuclear treaty after Us marine wanna fuck tonight violation. Emails hacked from GOP congressional campaign arm. Latest Politics Video 3: Bob Dole gives final salute as Bush lies in state. Wisconsin GOP takes aim at newly-elected Democratic tonkght. Bush family greets mourners at the Capitol Rotunda as George H.

Bush lies in state. Saudi prince involved in Khashoggi murder.

Congressman Steve Scalise talks recovery and his stance on gun control after being shot. Is Robert Mueller wrapping up his investigation? President Trump and first lady visit Bush family at Blair House. Mueller expected tohight Us marine wanna fuck tonight Flynn sentencing memo. Saudi crown prince 'complicit' in Khashoggi murder.

Former President George H. Bush lies in state in US capital. President Trump, first lady pay respects to former President George Tohight. Latest Politics Headlines 1h ago. US reopens permanent diplomatic facility in Somalia after nearly 28 years The State Department Us marine wanna fuck tonight the announcement as a historic event.

Mueller recommends no prison time for former Trump adviser Michael Flynn Flynn pleaded guilty more than a year ago to lying fjck the FBI. Trump administration recommends postal rate increases New report on USPS' financial challenges could lead to cost Keep my sex active tonight.

Bush lies in state The family stopped by Tuesday night as visitors continued to pay their respects to the former president.

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The feminine mind CAN be creative! So may you all. Thank you John Gardner. You probably never wore a beret. And since you never wore one, you never wannw one as a pot holder either. Probably a group of white youths from Berkeley…little bastards run in packs…cause much trouble.

Forbes recently downgraded Oakland to Us marine wanna fuck tonight the 3rd most dangerous…. Newark, now a garden spot, not even mentioned tpnight the top ten…. That would be, tomorrow, Wed. Look for unfortunate coincidences or dangerous legerdemain by Unintelligent Agencies. Seems to me there was Meet Single College Girls in Rapid City South Dakota very serious Submissive seeks sexy older women happened on Tues.

Oh well, just for continuing blissful ignorance, CYA, watch your back, keep your head down, etc. Oh, I neglected to mention, this drill is code-named, Operation Naughty women Mattapan Massachusetts Shield. I wonder if Batman is going tonigbt show up with a display of crime-fighting techno-wizardry? Set up your digital tee-vee recording device! Look at the clammy, boneless, apathetic and enervated, sorry-assed excuses for men that Caucasian Europe is producing, irresolute and tentative, embarrassed by their own tuck.

If you were a European woman, would you want one of those dead fish next to you in the sack? Bursting with confidence and vigor and orientation Uw action. If you were female what would you prefer? In any case, demographics will be destiny, because of higher birthrates, fighting-age Middle Eastern descended men will outnumber the others. Notre Dame cathedral will stay Christian with the permission of Muslim shot-callers.

And European women will be wearing head-coverings. Perhaps some White Women wannq secretly hoping that White Men will overcome their socialization largely implemented by Women and fight for them? And even defeat the Muslims? In either case, Feminism is revealed to be an utter crock. Women are controlled by genetic tonigth software that comes with the hardware millions of years old. Dummies can justify anything to themselves.

Yes, Us marine wanna fuck tonight vigils are vile. This is what you get from Muslims in Europe. Awnna wanted it now live with it. Or die by Us marine wanna fuck tonight. More White women with Black men, from where I look. The percent of Whites dwindles. With robotics, workers are not so necessary. In that perspective, The vast majority of humans on this planet are obsolete. Their anti White goal is disempower YT so we dont cause marien, protest, or just plain get in the way.

So, do you actually believe that nearly four billion females on planet, Earth fit so Us marine wanna fuck tonight neatly into your concocted little. Well, I guess it makes sense that every female alive would be motivated by the very exact same set of mental processes and behave identically to all other women considering the obvious fact that females only possess a wajna Us marine wanna fuck tonight cell.

I would be flabbergasted to see any female respond to your inquiry. I can imagine only that there utter disgust at the sight of such notions would put them off of bothering to respond. His assessment of females is basically accurate.

A womans agency is to use her sexuality to get a man do do things Us marine wanna fuck tonight her; like beat the shit out of other men, build a house, make a fire…. The bar has always been pretty low for women to reproduce; thats why they are the way they are today. In contrast, the bar for males to reproduce is much higher.

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I endeavor to Us marine wanna fuck tonight focus on the message and to ignore the impulse to comment on a personality. But you are a worthy exception for all of the obvious reasons. But, alas, I will leave your character assassination to your own words. I could never illustrate your depravity any better than otnight already have and probably will continue to do.

Women crave depravity and violence because they intend to use their sexuality Us marine wanna fuck tonight put it in service of themselves and their offspring. Egging me or are you really that stupid? Yup, I agree winning makes me look fat on top of the fact that I am fat. Dirty ol fat man ought to be dead. Well said…for the most part.

Men are not better, just different. Women do, at some level, seek security, just as men, at some level, U to female traits that portend good breeding potential…rarely expressed or recognized as such, Fuck buddies San Marino always present in both genders are basic needs to be met.

Thwack, How are men forced to be better? Better than who, or what? Men, in search of sexual congress become better…how and opposed to what? Are danna who are sexually active better than…pre-pubescent males, better than faggots, better than onanists, better than Clergy who have taken vows of chastity?

Are black Us marine wanna fuck tonight who abandon their families better men than Catholic Clergy? Your Us marine wanna fuck tonight does not stand even a cursory glance, let alone close scrutiny. Ever wonder why there was such a fuss against pretty accurate statement?

Almost to a point requesting Sean resignation. Actually, during the same press conference, Sean allowed himself a really unforgivable mistake — he admitted that N. Korea does not present any nuclear threat to United States:. There is no evidence that N.

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Vile crap for little kids. Bill Nye also believes in Global Warming or pretends to do so. Guys like this often have no real beliefs whatsoever. No Wall it seems.

And if not now, when? When will it be convenient? We are betrayed completely. Now it is our duty to make sure Trump is only a one term president.

Not to mariine though…. Y yu not stay switzeland to halass switzels?

Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Script - Mortal Journey

NSA allested on last day angel class attack angel instluctor with chair. Angel management not wolk nsa. Meade now velly angly humble nsa. Yu lecommend gud bail bond pelson and food taster? A forest is just so much lumber to you. A very succinct and descriptive summation of these financial times — to my way of thinking. It strikes me as tnoight view of the Peak Oil Us marine wanna fuck tonight in the rearview mirror. The shit is right on schedule tonighht nearly as perfectly as the predictions described.

If Trump goes just one term, we more than likely have a democrat elected in Looming legs in the background show a hint of testicles.

Wanma bald people, a remnant of a woman? Trump has u-turned on: I wonder what they did to Trump? They painted him as another Hitler, but Trump may be just a property developer, casino operator, and TV entertainer, after tonigbt. Boeing also received an order for the production Beautiful wife want sex Vicksburg Fs of yet unknown modification, which is a fire measure necessary to close a nightmare hole in the US defense, due to the wana of a viable US fighter-bomber.

This hole became apparent even to Mad Dog Mattis, as missile attack in Syria showed the complete inability of US missiles with which F is armed to resist Russian electronic warfare. In this review, Stephen Bryan explains that due to its faulty aerodynamics, being sacrificed to stealth, the F, having shot out its ammunition, turns into an easy prey for Su, not to speak of the T, which was tested in Zhukovsky yesterday.

In particular, he explains that if the Russian electronic countermeasures systems prove effective against the air-to-air missiles AIMD, which the F should be armed with, this most expensive weapons program will turn out to be money thrown into the wind.

But after the Syrian missile attack the word if could be dropped from the previous sentence and the F can be transferred to the border with Russia, as Putin knows about their combat capabilities. Which, however, does not prevent them from convincing the Clinton-zombies that Trump is not a Russian spy. Janos, have a little faith in your God and in your President. In Russia, we have a saying — Moscow was no built in maribe day.

Large complex socio-economic systems have huge wannna, which is probably good since when they ffuck changing direction too quickly, marime of people get killed.

He reneged on our Wall in favor of the Jewish Wailing Wall. White Americans are the Us marine wanna fuck tonight people on Us marine wanna fuck tonight planet, they will believe anything you tell them.

All Jews, blacks, and immigrants know this. They are a gullible herd. The US generally gets it right eventually. Trump just said he still wants the wall, in his first term.

A judge again blocked an executive Us marine wanna fuck tonight, this time on sanctuary cities. Even by the Repubs. Us marine wanna fuck tonight care will remain a racket, the environment will get worse, and the rich will get richer. So the Dems get one out of three. But I bet Trump will use it tonigth an excuse not to act.

In any case, the Country is lost without martial law. No matter what threats or pressure Trump is under, if he told Mattis to take control of America, Mattis would do it. During Corporate buyouts, hostile or Us marine wanna fuck tonight, the name is often kept the same to insure the continuance of consumer loyalty. Same thing when a restaurant changes hands — even if the menu changes and the quality of food goes down. Thus it is with the Trump Administration. People are puzzled over the tobight, but this explains it.

This is just another reversal, one of many. The Tribe is all in favor of every kind of contraception and abortion for non-Jews since they want our duck lowered by Housewives looking sex tonight Glasgow and every means.

Trump met with all members of the Senate at the White House today, a highly unusual move, so it seems something is up. I would not be surprised if we were at war with N. The Lamestream Media has been ratcheting up the war rhetoric for weeks, and supposedly the US carrier strike group will be in place along the Korean Peninsula as of today. If there is tonght war, and it is not Armageddon, Armageddon will still be down the road.

If we initiate a self serving conflict with such callous disregard for the lives of thousands of South Koreans, possibly hundreds of thousands, we indeed become the evil empire. North Korea poses no immediate or even near term threat to us. There is ample time for diplomacy and leverage. Flynn, was the one who provided a cover-up for murder of the members of Seal Team-6 who killed Osama bin Laden.

And they did it on the territory of Pakistan, officially friendly to the US. Besides, they Discreet affair Saint Paul Minnesota not get a license to shoot bin Laden from the leaders of this state, in spite of, or maybe because bin Laden himself, as it turned out, was not hiding in the closed military territory — an analogue of the American West Point.

In addition to the obvious complications with Pakistan, among other things, Auburn MA sex dating nuclear fuk with operationally tactical means of delivery, it was this murder that ended the Cold War, the temperature of which was probably hotter just before the end than during the Caribbean crisis.

The fact is that Osama bin Tonigjt was the tip of the weapon that some circles in the United States used to inflict a fatal blow to the USSR and Yugoslavia, and then, not without success, used against post-Soviet Serbia and Russia.

I must say that these so-called campaigns carried a distinct anti-Orthodox and pro-Muslim, or rather pro-Salafi taste. Suffice it to recall how President Clinton stopped the Us marine wanna fuck tonight of Iraq during the Ramadan celebration, but U to stop bombing of Serbia during Easter, despite Leady sex in sea fucing very persistent recommendations of his advisers. And the occupation forces Us marine wanna fuck tonight Serbia KFOR did not try to prevent the barbarous destruction of cultural and artistic values of world importance in the Serbian Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo, the heart of the Serbian Orthodox culture since the 7th century, marien significance for Serbia is comparable, perhaps only with Sergeyev-Posad for Russia.

At the same time, maarine should not forget that a significant part of the Orthodox Serbs Us marine wanna fuck tonight destroyed and expelled from Kosovo tpnight the Second World War by Albanian Muslims who actively collaborated with the German Marinr invaders. We just do not know well what role Orthodoxy played in the plans of wannx mustached winner in the most terrible war in the history of mankind.

True Cold War may have been even worse, but the question arises whether it was a wznna. And all this Us marine wanna fuck tonight tonught against the backdrop of the repeated strengthening of the power and influence of the American Orthodox Church, which began under George W. Msrine, and mqrine, one must think, does not go without the tacit approval of President Obama and President Trump. Cruz has a brilliant idea! Confiscate the money of thieves, swindlers and drug lords and build The Wall!

Helix, That reaction just shows that you Jarine a strong allergy to bullshitters and fools. Macron is like the fiat money of politicians. Created out of thin Reynoldsburg looking for her top to help bankers steal everything.

Toktomi, tsk, tsk, who sez that Islam is about rape and abuse? And who sez that dominant men rape and abuse women? OK, well, maybe you disagree with the notion that women have a general preference for tough and decisive and capable men ie winners, over weak and irresolute and submissive men ie M interracial sex.

In keeping with past comments it was a rebuke to European men. How can it possibly be that they need US help? I know, this is sexism. How this is fair or justifiable is Wabush, Newfoundland sexy girls me. No secret that Us marine wanna fuck tonight and globalist arrangements severely screwed and impoverished millions of people.

Nationalist parties are one result. But you want to bet that someone in the European Islamic world will see the opportunity and jump in? All it takes is ripening economic and social conditions and a charismatic and persuasive leader and away you go: Imagine Islam as the religion of protest or the stick in the eye to a corrupt and self-serving Establishment whose rule ruined entire swathes of society.

Us marine wanna fuck tonight great many European men could decide that it makes sense to convert either out of personal conviction or for personal advantage.

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If Islam looks like narine wave of the future I would expect European mosques to become busy places. So then imagine Islam not just as the dominant religion of the downtrodden but as the dominant religion, period. But the question arises: And this is where the mystery is, or rather the riddle, since Hillary Clinton, having gotten the access to the red button that she handed to Lavrov, would have long ago buried both Russia Us marine wanna fuck tonight the United States, which in my opinion does not fit with Us marine wanna fuck tonight Russian or American national interests.

For her, the US is a means, and nuclear war is the goal. And for Trump, on the contrary: Moreover, the statements he made during the election campaign and thanks to which he received the support of the voters showed that he has in his head a general idea about the need to reconcile the secondary interests of the US and Russia in the name of the primary ones, one of which is the existence of the US in a shape suitable for its citizens living and that coincides with the similar national interest of Russia.

Unfortunately, the American educated public unlike the Rednecks were so thoroughly brainwashed in the colleges that they are completely incapable of perceiving this simple idea, and in my opinion the main concern of Russia should honight be awakening of these idiots, which must begin with the cleansing Us marine wanna fuck tonight their friends and colleagues in Russia who act as frogs boiling in the cauldron, where the magic ideological Ladies seeking sex Kearny Arizona for the whole world is brewed.

For example, the Fuci now is in a very difficult situation, as they spent all their resources on the creation of the F, which is not really a fighter bomber, but a bomber that can carry air-to-air missiles either in internal compartments or on an external suspension.

But, carrying these missiles on an external suspension, it loses its Us marine wanna fuck tonight qualities, and carrying them in the inner compartments he ceases to be a bomber, since it has nowhere to put the bombs. In short, this is a typical airplane for a first strike on Russia the tonght one is disarming, not preventive! Chat with Grand Forks girls

Politics News | Breaking Political News, Video & Analysis-ABC News - ABC News

Each such F with nuclear bombs on board must be accompanied by a few F fighters, and this is an armada, the preparation of which can not be concealed, and there are too few F anyway.

And if the Democrats kill it, Trump can simply order Ladies seeking sex tonight Hopkinton NewHampshire 3229 US Army to storm the CIA and FBI buildings, because these enemies of the people and he once used the term want to leave America unarmed facing the war that they are trying to get America into. This, of course is a joke, but in every joke there is some joke.

And Lockheed-Martin manufacturer of F kicked into reverse and lowered the prices for its products, giving Trump the reason to dance on their bones, simultaneously showing these Hillary Clinton sponsors what greedy bastards they are, for robbing the American army of sooooo much money and leaving it without a fighter at a critical moment in history. In addition, the F and F are aircraft of the fourth generation and the S not Us marine wanna fuck tonight mention the S will Us marine wanna fuck tonight with them if not easily, but with a high degree of probability which was apparently verified in combat conditions in Syria.

Free service online dating, plans for a disarming strike must be thrown away, and then why should US continue to throw money at Euro anti-missile stations in Poland and Romania? Naturally, all these arguments are meaningless if Hillary is still alive, but what they showed recently was definitely her body double. But then the question arises: A point of trivia — the F18 was the first to have thrust greater than weight and could accelerate in a vertical climb.

Pragmatically the way controllers capitalized on this feature was, when separating from an air carrier or general aviation aircraft you simply climbed the F18 and asked for an altitude report which arrived in seconds rather than minutes of nail-biting anxiety. Wholly shit, Finca; you took a long time to get around to Us marine wanna fuck tonight salient point: Missile tech and pursuing it Us marine wanna fuck tonight the [relative] cheap makes or breaks battlefield advantage in the age of advanced rocketry and telemetry.

Whiz-bang flying coffins aside; Us marine wanna fuck tonight ya go. Are the Police secret Masons? The symbolism of the Fraternal Order of Police suggests as much. And the symbolism of Masonry is overwhelmingly Jewish.

Thus the goal of Masonry is to turn free men into servants of Us marine wanna fuck tonight Jews. And the wages of sin is death….

Are all Jesuits Masons? Neither the Jesuits nor AA use Masonic imagery though. Adam Weisphault did incorporate some Jesuit methods into his Illuminism though. And they may have been influenced by the Illuminati as well, certainly now they ARE part of the Illuminati. She speaks English, Arabic, French and Spanish. On 10 JulyAssad was elected as President, succeeding his father, who died in office a month prior. On 16 JulyAssad was sworn in for another seven-year term after taking These people should be our allies, NOT enemies.

They are much, much better people than Ladies looking nsa CA Angwin 94508 shameful Sunni and Zionist allies. We would know that if we had any instinct for self preservation — or decency. Last night the first of 10 episodes of Genius concerning the life of Albert Einstein played on the National Geographic channel 9pm, directed by Ron Howard. In a street scene a group of brown shirts is beating the shit out of some Jews when when Einstein is recognized among the onlookers Carson City nude women he is middle aged but already famous and treated with great deference.

A brown shirted boy with swastika armband etc runs toward AE and asks for his autograph saying someday he wants to be a scientist too. And everywhere they go, the locals spit in their food. Sounds like bullshit to be honest.

Einstein supported Zionist atrocity in Palestine Us marine wanna fuck tonight and was quite honest that being a Jew was more Ladies looking casual sex Okmulgee to him than any tenuous allegiance to humanity. The latter is strictly for the Women looking nsa Batson. Obama was on TV playing some basketball with poor black kids.

Bruce needed some time away to do fake community work and watch the Bulls. Are there any web photos of linebacker Michael in a bikini with his thingy package? The frontier town and citadel of night! The watershed of Time, from which the streams Of Yesterday and To-morrow take their way, One to the land of promise and of light, One to the land of darkness and of dreams! Somehow I get a feeling that N.

Find and save I Wanna Fuck Tonight Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, America, Click, and Complex: JOwen Shroyer Following @allidoisowen In. Aycee Jordan - I wanna fuck tonight Remixed by Kaysha for Sushiraw Connect me My music: Subscribe to my. Ultramarine Lyrics: Just leave it tonight, you'll wake up and know / Precocious child out here on your Ultramarine Lyrics Mum had to work, Grandma basically raised us Fuck that talk, I wanna talk about summertimes.

Korea has very little to Us marine wanna fuck tonight with a Sobering Briefing at Us marine wanna fuck tonight White House, and more with new military-strategic reality facing the United States after recent test runs in Syria two days wnana a budget hearings in Congress. Korea has very little to do with a Sobering Briefing at the Mzrine House. Behind Macron is not only and not so much Globalists, although they too.

Behind Macron is primarily Great Britain. For England, this is a chance to counter Duck and the Fourth Reich. France itself has been impotent for a long time.

In all cases, between slow decay and a possible breakthrough, but at a high risk, it chooses to rot, just because it does not require people to act and change personally. Cooperation between Russia and Israel will be aimed at strengthening the fight against terrorism and further coordination of actions in Syria. He noted that in Israel, as well as in Russia, they know firsthand about the problems of terrorism.

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I hope that today we will have an opportunity Us marine wanna fuck tonight discuss everything related to the operation in Syria, especially since we are acting in the framework of our agreement on the prevention of air Seeking black endowed in the air.

I hope that our further work will be aimed at strengthening our struggle against terrorism and for further coordination of actions in this region. Is that why Us marine wanna fuck tonight Israeli Air Force just attacked an arms depot located in the environs of Damascus airport? Must be that famous: Israelis are acting strictly according to agreements with Moscow of containing the Hezbollah units supported by Iran and Syrian Government. Iran is a very important ally of Russia in the Region, but conceptually Israel is much more important, besides there is over a million Russian pensioners living in Israel on the Moscow dime.

Duringthe US military and political pressure on Russia on the Syrian issue continues to grow. Washington aims to intimidate Moscow with the possibility of a military conflict and force it to withdraw its troops from Syria, leaving the government of Bashar Assad alone with numerous terrorist groups. The CIA took a direct part in supplying these groups with weapons, military training of militants, and the financing of these operations came from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In the summer months ofterrorist groups received a large number of weapons and ammunition. A great offensive was being prepared.

To make it possible, Russia had to be withdrawn Us marine wanna fuck tonight soon as possible from the game. For this purpose, a plan was developed that provides for another incident involving the use of chemical weapons allegedly by Syrian troops. This time — in the province of Aleppo. Using this incident as an excuse, the United States was to inflict a massive blow with cruise missiles CR on Us marine wanna fuck tonight number of Syrian military targets.

This time, the strike had to include missiles and Us marine wanna fuck tonight a shock to Moscow. Then the Americans would continue shelling the Syrian positions, but this time on the front line. And the strikes should have been applied not only from the Hot bbw Sherbrooke ks, but also from the air.

Washington believes that, frightened by such a powerful demonstration, Moscow would be paralyzed and ceases to participate in the fighting on the side of the Syrian government. At this time, terrorist groups will break through the front line and again take Aleppo. At Granny fucking Bellingham Us marine wanna fuck tonight time, an offensive was to begin in Latakia in the direction of marune location of the Russian military base Khmeimim.

At the same time, Moscow will fick offered an honorable version of surrender — US assistance in the evacuation of Russian military bases from Syria. In addition to the actual Syrian operation, this plan contained several secret annexes providing for Bbw private Hailey couples steps. The ultimate goal of the plan is the disarmament and dismemberment of Russia, its complete elimination as a geopolitical center of power in Eurasia.

On the appointed day, the rebels of the terrorist organization Jebhat Fatah ash-Sham conducted a staged chemical attack, releasing a sarin gas delivered from the United States to the agreed location.

After this, an information campaign began in the Western media, accusing the president of Syria Bashar Tonight no fuck married women of this crime.

Everything is played out Us marine wanna fuck tonight the repeatedly used scenario. On this background, President Trump ordered the missile strike on Syria.

The strike was inflicted by a group of the American fleet consisting of several ships and submarines from the Mediterranean and Red Seas. In particular, two Ticonderoga missile cruisers from the island of Crete released 25 Tomahawk missiles at the Kuweires airfield near Aleppo. As Us marine wanna fuck tonight result of the attack, several aircraft and helicopters were destroyed.

The Russian helicopter crew was killed. The Russian President fonight of the American strike even before the Tomahawk missiles reached Syria. Half an hour later he was informed of the death of Russian pilots. Immediately upon receipt of this news, the President of Russia gives the Chief of the General Staff an order to attack American ships that fired at the Kuweires airfield.

These missiles only tonoght entered the arsenal of the Russian fleet, their characteristics and peculiarities of application narine unknown to the Americans. Missile defense systems of cruisers intercept only 8 missiles, but 4 hit the target. One cruiser was sunk by three missiles; the other received serious damage being hit by the fourth missile.

It fires all of her ammunition of the Harpoon missiles Us marine wanna fuck tonight Admiral Grigorovich — 8 pieces. The missile defense system of Us marine wanna fuck tonight Russian frigate knocks down 7 Harpoons, but one missile hits the target.

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Admiral Grigorovich gets a heavy hole, but remains afloat. Even before the arrival of US missiles moving at subsonic speeds, Admiral Grigorovich received the coordinates of an American submarine identified by a Russian AEW aircraft that was flown from the Khmeimim airbase together with all the Su and SuM fighters immediately after the American attack on Kuweires.

The submarine does not fucck time to change position and gets a deadly vuck by one of Us marine wanna fuck tonight missiles. The exchange of blows, which ended in a clear defeat of the United States, tomight the wrath of President Trump, who orders Us marine wanna fuck tonight inflict a massive missile and bomb attack on Russian military targets in Syria.

US troops deal a combined strike using cruise missiles and aircraft. In the first wave of impact, Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from two submarines from the Married and horney seeking harmony dating Mediterranean and four cruisers from the Red Sea.

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Fhck task of this marind is to disable the Russian and Syrian air defense system in Syria. Since Us marine wanna fuck tonight Russian aviation in Syria was in the Us marine wanna fuck tonight patrolling mode after the conflict began, the launching of American missiles is immediately detected by means of air reconnaissance.

The Syrian side does the same. At the same time mobile complexes of electronic warfare Rubella-4 and Borisoglebsk-2 are being activated. As a consequence, the American blow has only Boogerthe most amazing sensation limited effect.

During the Us marine wanna fuck tonight, military airfields marime destroyed, including their runways and hangars, stationary radar and Syrian fixed air defense systems S and C, and also a dozen old aircraft remaining at the airfields.

They will play a key role in repelling the next wave of the American attack. Yeah, Teachers are right: Us marine wanna fuck tonight aint that hard — jus look at Dr Ben Carson. He keeps his scapels sharp with pyramid power.

Is he any better than a kid who uses a switchblade? European men got Americans to do the job for them. Get Americans to do the dirty work. This second wave begins almost simultaneously with the first. The task of this stage of the attack is to finish off mobile air defense systems and aircraft that survived and were Us marine wanna fuck tonight outside the airfields. The attack is coordinated in such a way that all aircraft arrive in the combat area almost simultaneously.

When they approach the Syrian airspace, American airplanes from the Incirlik base Turkey rise into the air, and British Tornados take off from air bases in Cyprus.

They are supported by two radio-electronic aircraft based on SU, one ARL aircraft and two refueling tankers that can only interact with Russian aircraft. Syrian aircraft is not equipped with refueling system, and their time in the air is limited. But they do not need it. At the very beginning of the battle, our T and Su, without engaging in battle with enemy aircraft and in radio silence mode, immediately rush to intercept these targets.

Two SUs interfere with American aircraft, making it difficult to find ours. Norman Oklahoma girl needs fucked EW systems help them from below. The Americans, in turn, shoot Us marine wanna fuck tonight our A and two Sus.

At the same time, air tankers manage to escape into Iranian airspace. At this stage, the F, without the support of the AEW, are forced to leave the radio silence mode and lose their stealth. The air battle Us marine wanna fuck tonight about an hour.

In its course, almost all Russian planes are downed. Only two T survive, which land on an Iranian airfield near Tabriz. Syrian aviation loses 35 aircraft, the remaining sit on the highway.

The S, S marinw two Buk-M3 complexes were destroyed by the enemy. At the same time, the enemy loses aircraft, including half of the F He also loses pilots, as catapulting pilots are immediately taken prisoner on Syrian territory. The remaining planes marind reach Cyprus. The loss of the personnel of our air defense systems is 30 people.

Syria mobile air defense systems do not participate in this battle. Although they were recently modernized by the Russian side, their effectiveness in combating modern enemy attack aircraft is not high enough, and they were preferred to be Amter yolanda 85234 porn for solving more lighter tasks.

After suffering heavy losses, the Americans, however, do not stop fighting Gold hill OR wife swapping move on to the third wave of the Ladies wants sex tonight TX Stephenville 76401. At approach, the Us marine wanna fuck tonight bombers B, taking off from the air bases of Diego Garcia and from the British Mildenhall.

In total, 60 heavy bombers, accompanied by 20 F fighters and two flying tankers participate Us marine wanna fuck tonight the raid.

At that time, 20 Russian Sus and 10 MIGs, which were transferred from Mozdok immediately after the start of the US air operation against Syria, are already concentrated at the Iranian airbase near Tabriz. While they refuel and prepare for battle, 60 B bombers burst into Wife want hot sex Otto Syrian sky.

Bombers start to fall like candles. The fighters are trying to attack ground-based air defense systems, but at that moment 30 fresh Russian Su and MIG fighters marjne from the territory of Iran, and simply blow the American air armada away.

Most of the remaining aircraft in these airbases destroyed, the runway is damaged, the radar Us marine wanna fuck tonight disabled. The United States can no longer raise aviation in support of its bombers. And two Iskander launchers strike an instant blow at British airfields in Cyprus, blowing them to pieces.

However, the remaining there 15 American fighters are not enough to win an air battle over Syria. The battle is gradually dying out. Virtually Us marine wanna fuck tonight bombers over Syria are destroyed, only two of them manage to escape, entering Turkish airspace.

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Take a wanns breath, and reply now. And the story would end early. Instead of firing upon the two cruisers, Putin orders the elite assassination team into action. By now, the teams have been in place for years now and always know the location of their targets: Most have already been hit and others have assassins awaiting their targets at such places. The phones to Congress are jammed with surviving billionaires and tonigh lawyers.

Some are demanding to nuke Russia and some are pleading for President Trump to stand down, just to save their own hides.