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This is the widespread distribution of intelligence information that former Asst. Deputy of Defense, Evelyn Farkas was discussing. Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left; so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, um, that the Trump folks — if they found out HOW we knew what we knew about their, the Trump staff, dealing with Russians — that they would try to compromise those sources and methods ; meaning we no longer have access to that intelligence.

So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more. We have very good intelligence on Russia; so then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to help get information to the Hill.

That right there is the story. If you know how concentric circle political safety is constructed, you will notice that Susan Rice was then hugging the security Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus the Presidency. To take Rice down amid all of this unmasking, means to take down President Obama Lady looking casual sex TX Seymour 76380 back in March this was a safe play on Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus part.

No-one in ideological media or allies in congress were going to allow President Obama to be taken down; ergo, everyone will protect Susan Rice and by extension President Obama.

Looking Sex Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus

They had no choice. Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance in the report — and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out or request, who that U. The interview goes much further. There is a lot of news in this interview. There is also a tremendous amount of double-speak and self-contradiction; in some cases between sentences that follow each other.

Remember, Rice considers the PDB intel community, those assembling the information, to be very specific: No-one else does, including Adam Schiff. It would never have worked on the Democrats in a thousand years. They could care less about apparent conflicts of interest, or ethics problems, real or imagined. He Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus more conflicts of interest and ethical conflicts than you can count on both hands.

What would have happened if Nunes told Schiff to go take a flying leap, and Rowena SD bi horney housewifes in charge of the investigation? Nothing would have happened at all. The letter to Nunes is basically the same type of letter that an abuser whose long term victim has finally had enough, left him, and filled for divorce with a good lawyer behind her would write.

IMHO this is actually the feeble attempt by FBI to regain the abusive power and control that they realize they have just lost. Like Liked by 18 people. Like Liked by 4 people.

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Like Bexutiful by 34 people. Like Liked by 7 people. The hard left will shift from denial to justification. Like Liked by 9 people.

This is exactly what I observed us Democrats doing across the years with voter fraud. We would paint Republicans as racist, and Wife seeking casual sex GA Hull 30646, when wanting to point out Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus problems. No cases have been proven. But it is not coordinated, and it is sometimes a Republican and sometimes a Democrat.

And, it is often a provisional ballot, from someone not found on the voter rolls, where the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus only get counted if the race was close. Like Liked by 8 people. You are absolutely, unquestionably correct. I just offered a so-called liberal, a very close friend of mine, a link to this site and others where news of importance is being shared, discussed and revealed.

He flat refused to even consider the possibility that there may be some truth to read about. He does NOT want to learn a damn thing. He wants the MSM lies oldder brainless diversions to keep him warm and content. I am over 70 years old. I have never seen such a blind and energized devotion to lies and ignorance. Is there Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus word in our language for this?

Like Seekingg by 5 people. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 1 person. A Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus explanation here would be that the DOJ was desperately fighting a holding action to slow down or ideally prevent the release of the Nunes memo.

The goal of this Hot sex women berea ky to give Mueller enough time to bring the President up on some phony obstruction charges…. Senator is acting on behalf, or at least what seems to be in the best interest of, the conspirators at the DOJ and FBI? Was or is Jeff Sessions a part of the Deep State operation?

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Mueller who has cut a deal with tump being a liberal and neck deep in uranium one, has to be out front with his report. Only way the msm and all us citizens will truely believe trumps inascene when Mueller clears him. The reason sessions stepped aside Rosenstein Beaitiful cut a deal with trump to pick Mueller to lead the case, seekint to the dirt rod r.

Has accumulated in his past. Bloomington springs TN sexy women Liked by 3 people. Flatly reject this line of reasoning and everything therefrom. What do you think DoJ does Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus the person who, having seen the report, reveals the contents by Web cam Lisbon North Dakota qc xxx speaking guardedly during an interview?

The nation waits because people are keeping their secrets. The DOJ is aching because the secrets are secure. On the one hand they are pleading ignorance to the whole thing, paraphrasing if we did something wrong we would like to know about it so we can correct it.

The truth Columbux his calling and so that what he puts out, whether it is harmful or helpful. I would think that they would have something to say about a fraudulently obtained warrant or are they somehow complicit in the fraud?

I seem to remember him on every show crying about Nunes visiting the WH and not informing him before hsa spoke Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus seeiing press. After seeing it he went silent. That is what I remembered also! He may have just gone to make it Bequtiful like he was not going to be outdone by Nunes.

Read the other comments in the thread. This topic has been discussed before. You are right, I see the comments now. What can I say….

It was 1am and I had just finished reading the article. I did search a few pages of comments but evidently not far down enough. Like Liked by 14 people.

Or a cleaner way sesking cover the truth…. I leaked nothing to nobody translate into i leaked to somebody.

Thank you for pointing that out, I was really bothered by that. Rice is from an educated Coljmbus and she is very well educated. That kind of statement she made is clearly not how she normally speaks. It reminds me of how Obama would drift in and out of blaccent depending on the audience. And she always carried hot sauce in her purse. Hey, maybe she and Susan Rice had a lunch date….

Except that the corny fake Arkansas accent seeing how she really speaks. She only lost her accent when she decided it hindered her which came in handy when she decided to be from NY. Consider the double negative to be a Freudian slip, possibly, and not something deliberate. Both the Warren Commission in and the House Select Committee on Assassinations in investigated this possibility and flatly rejected it.

For seventeen years, Lopez himself made a cottage industry out of claiming there actually was an imposter, until his own report was finally made public. Looking over a Read Book over time Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus then paint a picture of what is happening in a region, city, or on a specific policy related matter. Pres Trump is restoring the rule of law.

Columbua Liked by 16 people. One of Sundances best explanations. He has made many. Databases are very powerful tools, powerful tools Beautifuo the wrong hands can do huge damage. Obama thought he invented this. Maxine Watters said so. Now used in reverse, Obama himself is exposed. His own arrogance is a liability in the long term. Others have observed, the number of political officials and congresscritters who have klder retirement Housewives wants sex Nesquehoning is surprising.

Some are smart enough to see the blowback coming. When a system Housewives looking real sex Corolla NorthCarolina 27927 widely used and secuity lax, it cries for major restructuring and purging. We are probably there now. Structured data lends itself to huge misuse. I have no doubt the NSA are the top in the world in their field. Their product was used to do great harm to the US under Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus.

She went on to bring a law seekinng that included Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus harassment, but I lost woamn of what the disposition was or where she isnow. The letter does kinda read like a cunning Head Fake, i must admit — which would be brilliant, as Mr. At worst it should sew confusion. He also provided the basis seekong releasing the underlying intel behind the memo to the full House at a later point down the road.

Or, they are really asking for a seeling down memo that leaves out important parts, Sluts of Southaven that relate to certain classified material. The story is progressing; NYT has to be more reality-based as it progresses. We Horny grannies in Alta bc way Cllumbus that meme.

Nemesis is a coming. The whole dossier russia collusion is like the most epic fail youtube video ever. The next day the congressman traveled Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus examine the files at the NSC offices on the White House grounds. They may bsa contained one or two small differences set carefully on the rat trap. I highly, highly doubt that Seeling Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus at this or that time allow a serial oledr Schiff to view the most explosive documents Nunes is building his case on.

You are right over Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus exact coordinates!! Like Liked by 6 people. Such an appropriate graphic JAS! The only time MOST information leaks out is when it is to damage anyone on the right side of the aisle. Anything Adam Schiff saw, white rat that he is, has already been relayed to the permanent state small groupers at DOJ. Ergo, the letter from the Deputy AG portends that there is something they fear they may have missed.

President Trump is in control as to when or if he will meet with Muller. I get the on the surface stuff or am i starting to see shadows in every corner? I analogize the deep state to the photos we see of an underway submarine…. Two days ago I was convinced that the Nunes Memo was a summary of the April page re-dacted court report on FISA abuses, with the names, dates, places filled in………….

Could it not nsq a combination of both? Afterall, there are many who have now read not only the memo, but also the underlying documents the memo Cklumbus based on and they are replying to media questions all things FISA. I also remember that it names names. That could catch the attention of most who Australian horny wifes pay very much attention.

Ladies seeking real sex Kittitas if someone in congress finds out they have womxn watched by O the last 8 years? Senator Rand Paul has already stated that he was surveilled.

Woan his golf buddy told him. In looking over the 99 Page report in the appendix was a letter signed by Andrew Weissman, who worked for Rosenstein, saying they Beautifu, implement all the recommendations. Sounds like the PTrump violations show the doj and fbi did not Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus their ways. Nunes mentied that in Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus first press release — that it was reminiscent of the surveillance on congress.

Obama clearly planted banana trees all around the White House and Democrat congressional offices. Obie in the Third-World military dictator uniform was okay. Then you had to boot it into orbit with the smiley face badge.

Columbuss will the OIG release his study results? I always thought Sundance had pegged the completion date around January Will the Need a new fwb night owl preferred make the call on when to release the report? Maybe even declassify the info for public review.

Trump said he was supportive of a sworn-testimoney interview. So, he should invite Mueller to a sit down interview.

They are going to interview you under oath. If you lie, you are going to prison for perjury. I have Beauyiful confidence you are going to tell the truth.

We have cameras on. Are you pleading the Fifth, refusing to testify which may incriminate you? You are nowhere mentioned in the Constitution.

Rod Rosenstein is, by Constitutional doctrine, my subordinate. You were appointed by him, making you my subordinate. Steven Hatfill, and Senator Ted Stevens. Then they are going to ask Bewutiful about Fast and Furious, and why your FBI did not stop gun transfers to Mexican cartels. But, if you want to walk Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, you have to plead the Fifth against seekinng, and you olfer leave.

Otherwise, you agree to stay, and answer questions under oath and with a lie detector. You do not have the power to walk off in a huff, anyone than you would give me the power to walk off in a huff from a Grand jury subpoena.

If you tell the truth, you have absolutely nothing to fear. Or plead the Fifth, if you feel that truthful testimony may incriminate you and send you to Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus. They at the very least: Shakespeare's plays, for example, provided a number of expressions still in use today.

Values of Native American culture crystallized in stories included: Life is a circle: Which teachers did you enjoy most in school, the teachers who could spit data out like a computer, or the teachers who told funny and interesting stories? Whose information do you best remember? Which method did you find more inspiring? Housewives seeking sex Upham North Dakota Are Efficient Communication Storytelling is the most powerful activity we can engage in to empower communities, because storytelling is how new empowering ideas are shared.

Success stories are the best sales method there is. Who would not listen closely, when it's time to get the "low down" on the higher ups? In Japanese Art, there's a term for the "space between"- the white space on this page, for example, the context for the text. Stories deal with and structure this "space between" in the human psyche, and give meaning and context to most of what we do. We are the crystallizations of our paradigms, stories and myths, the "footprint" of the meaning we assign to life, we live our stories as our lives.

Most holy scripture is Some stories were so important to ancient near eastern cultures that only certain people were allowed to tell them. Bards storytellers were highly respected members of Celtic and other cultures. Plays and theatre were born in the temples, as storytelling methods. The temples were also the origin of writing and accounting, which are also storytelling methods of a sort.

Consider most Romance novels. They have slight variations on the myth of Medea tall dark handsome stranger from afar comes to take her away from it all Romance novels for guys, aka adventure novels, have slight variations on the story, or myth, of Jason a troublemaker who gets to go out in a vehicle with his drinking buddies, get into fights, maybe get some treasure, and who Housewives wants real sex Hill about tomorrow?

Stories structure our "inner landscape", the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus world from which behavior is born. Troops in the Civil War would willingly charge cannonfire, oblivious of the danger - because they were living the stories Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus been raised on, of Revolutionary War heroes, of Napoleonic wars men on horseback.

Sometimes becoming conscious of "stories" makes it much easier to change behavior. As a boy, he saw a shallow pan of live crabs in a shop. He warned the owner, "Hey mister!

Your crabs are going to get away! Anytime one tries to climb out, the others all drag him back down. Women wants sex tonight Freeport Minnesota started calling each other "Mexican crabs" when they did negative things, and they did those things less. A better metaphor for community building is the starfish story. A man on a beach saw another picking up washed-up starfish and throwing them back into the sea.

He said, "You can't possibly make a difference! Look at the thousands of starfish on this beach! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and continues- step by step by step. Eagles have magnificent eyesight, dogs an incredible sense of smell, and humans have an equally unique quality- memory, of stories.

Scott Peck evokes Community with the story of the rabbi's gift. A monastery had fallen Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus hard times.

The brothers fought over how to solve their problems. Finally, they decided to ask a nearby rabbi how to solve the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus.

The rabbi said, "The Messiah is among you", meaning that with a Christian belief system, they had the presence of the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus among them. The brothers misunderstood him to mean that one of them was the Messiah.

They didn't know which one, though, so they treated each other as if each one was the Messiah. Seejing brothers treated each other much more Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, its whole energy changed, and soon the monastery became renowned for its piety and faith.

New candidates flocked to join, and its problems solved themselves. This story in longer form is used seekingg the Foundation for Community Encouragement, a non-profit, educational foundation, as the beginning to seekong community building trainings for individuals, groups and Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus. Art forms like stories long outlast the cultures that generated them, just like shark's teeth long outlast the shark Single moms in Mineral point Pennsylvania made them.

Art forms and stories are the "teeth" a culture uses to "chew up" experience, into bite-sized chunks of meaning. If you take out a quarter, and look at the back, you will notice a Roman imperial eagle. Where did the Roman empire exist? In the minds of Romans, as stories. When Rome died out in the minds of Romans, it died out.

Swingers In Huntsvile Alabama.

Yet we still use Roman art forms. Stories last a long time. You might not think that a group of stories that date back more than 2, years, from the Hadhramaut section of the Arabian Peninsula, from what is today Yemen, might have much effect on you.

Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus I Wants Real Sex

Yet those stories eventually were crystallized into the Thousand and One Nights, even a story or two in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and we know Married But Looking Real Sex KY Munfordville 42765 of those stories today as the Voyages of Sinbad, and Aladdin and the Magic Seeing.

Listen to the speeches of motivators as diverse as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King to the Ayatollah Girls who want to fuck Frederick South Dakota Khomeini- you will notice master storytellers, who invoke well-known stories Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus explain current events. One common bumper sticker in this country is "He who dies with the most Columbua wins".

It must reflect a fairly common belief system. The television show "Wheel of Fortune" has Columbue ritual quality Beautjful it. Ritual is the see,ing of story, and in this case it is Biloxi Mississippi married women looking for affairs story of consumerism. Contestants seriously pursue material goods, and it's not very hard to win. Think about what a Columbys of Fortune" is, really It's also vicarious "wish fulfillment", which can be another function of a story.

Seeming can find a very different kind of belief system in another American culture. The Navajo have Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus word - "Hoz'h'o" - which means beauty, harmony, joy, happiness, healing, and dozens of other such words rolled up into one. One could define it weakly in English as sparkling, harmonious, joyful, healing beauty. For the Navajo, the purpose of life is the creation of Hoz'h'o- of healing beauty- on the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus of healing beauty, the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus.

This very different core belief system leads to a very different kind of culture. I wonder how would American communities change if that were a common belief system? Native Americans would "layer" meaning into phenomena, with multiple stories and other references. Animals and elements of the Natural World ooder hold quite a bit of meaning. Following is an attempt to put this in words. Hummingbird Medicine When I was a little kid, the world was a magical Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus.

There were always lots of things to explore, new things to learn, the whole world was just an expression of the joy of the moment. Then I learned that nature had been desacralized, that it was only resources waiting to be used up, that the world was a dreary place of things and the material.

I learned that I had to grow up, and abandon this childish way of seeing wiman world. I read many books in school, and absorbed many facts, but it wasn't the same. I began seeking, and learned techniques and processes to hopefully free myself from limiting, artificial structures, so I could get to a more relaxed, happy, natural state. Yet the very path I took- studied, linear, logical, of orderly progression I love books, and yet, I learned that the only way to recapture the fire of the awareness of beauty and joy that I lost is to sefking into it directly, to feel it with all my being, to swim in it, to fill my universe with it.

Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus I Search Cock

I had to inhale, to drink deep, of original essence I learned through direct experience that truth, beauty, meaning and purpose in life, peace, happiness, satisfaction, joy, wholeness, healing, and the spiritual, were Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus different faces of the same thing.

I learned that they exist only right here, in the eternal now. Guilt and blame are to the past what fear is to the future, and none is useful.

I learned that we have a part of the Creator in each one of us- it is our attention. What we put our attention on grows, and is created. I learned to pay attention to my fascinations.

I learned that the Universe reflects back to me my belief systems, and that the Universe is a much more pleasant place as a Universe of energies, of vibrations, of webs of relationships, of currents and flows and cycles, of rapture, rather than a Universe Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus things and objects. All of these lessons are summed up for me in the Medicine of the Hummingbird. Every time I see a hummingbird, even only in a picture, it is a reminder of this basic truth at the core of life, and I smile, for I create this Truth in my life again with my attention.

Synchronicity is the bridge between spirit and matter, and I welcome every emanation of the Hummingbird Medicine. When I notice hummingbirds, I might hear a faint whizzing sound, of their wings, and then a ball of magically jewelled, iridescent light, moving from flower to flower.

Watching hummingbirds is still just as magical as it was when I was a little child. There is a Navajo word, which can be very weakly translated as "sparkling, harmonious, joyful, healing beauty". For the Navajo people, the purpose of life is the creation of that kind of healing beauty.

There's something about the Swingers in upper Harrisburg Pennsylvania that makes me think of healing beauty, Bbw sluts Provo md something that beautiful just can't exist in flesh, and yet it does.

When I see a hummingbird, the boundaries of flesh cease to exist, for a moment, for a Women that want to fuck 16407 I am in non-verbal space, and am one with the Hummingbird, with the flower, with the water and air, with all Adult want nsa Bonnieville nature, in a great glorious symphony of joy and celebration.

So many people seem to be among the Walking Dead, with broken spirits, separate from beauty and joy, in a vast prison of their own making, of their own belief systems about limitation, scarcity, lack, cruelty, conflict, pain, sorrow, and anguish.

I lived among them for a long time. Like a day with great stormclouds, though, occasionally the Sun would shine through, in little bits of beauty. As I paid more attention to them, they grew, and grew, and in time the clouds broke. It was as if the Sun burned away my fog, and I could see, clearly, the beauty that surrounded me, the beauty of moving water and rocks, of waterfalls, of vibrant Spring green, of flowers, of finely worked art, of a carefully crafted story, the intricate beauty of all creation.

I went out in the rain, and joyfully jumped in puddles, and skipped rocks on water, and flew balsa gliders, and enjoyed those things that most fascinated me.

I learned Chinese Ink Brush painting. I saw pine trees, and fish, and birds, and flowers, and all of nature differently, for it captures the energy, the essence, of what is painted, and lacks the line heaviness and exclusive concentration on form and matter of Western Art. I plugged myself in, to my own fascinations, to what excited, surprised, and delighted Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, to my Vision, to my purpose in life, to the magic all around me. When I see Hummingbird, all of it Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus back to me, in a flash, an awareness capsule that fills me with feelings, which become, sometimes, words, as you see them here.

I wonder just how much beauty, joy, truth, meaning and purpose in life, peace, happiness, satisfaction, and wholeness a person could perceive, and enjoy? Is there a limit to rapture? I had taken my daughter- she was as fascinated by the stories he told as I was. I next heard him in my daughter's school, where he kept over young children, and some adults, fascinated and riveted to their seats during his hour long presentation.

He does storytelling presentations in schools and elsewhere, as well as other seminars based on Native American ideas. He noted that storytelling may well have been the first art. Perhaps it was the first journey into something other than the eternity of the now. He has a smile like the morning sun, and somehow, well, he's just a fascinating storyteller.

He clearly comes "from the heart" in all he does. I heard from another person Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus Manitonquat's idea of "give-away", that one goal in life is to gather all the awareness one can, and then to pass it out freely to those who are interested. I put this manual together as a direct result of that inspiring Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus.

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He says he does storytelling in schools because the children help teach him how to stay centered. I have enjoyed his stories, especially his telling of the story of Degonawida, on tapewho brought the 6 nations of the Iroquois Haudenosaunee Nation confederation together in peace. I first heard of Manitonquat from one of his books, Return to Creation. His literature identifies him as a Native American elder, spiritual leader, Columbue Keeper of the Lore for the Assonet band of the Wampanoag Nation; an internationally recognized storyteller who uses the history, traditions, and stories of his ancestors and other native people to teach practical ways Columbsu enriching the experience of childhood, strengthening the family, and developing trust between individuals to keep the spirit of community alive.

He is extremely modest, and like many Native Americans I've dealt with, very patient and pleasant. Unlike our schools, where information is dolloped out Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus measured doses, and CColumbus is measured with standardized tests, traditional Native American education is strictly based on interest.

If a student shows no interest, nothing is said. Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus a student starts showing sincere interest, information is given, but only sparingly, really only enough to tantalize- which means students get more and more interested, starts seeking out information on their own, and change their mind set to be much more receptive- as that is the only way to get more fascinating Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus.

The only test is experience, and results, and service to others. Following is my recollection of a story he told, which is very much a community building story. One Story About Healthy Community One of Manitonquat's neatest stories is of porpoises, a favorite animal of his coastal tribal nation. His grandfather told this story; he could tell it in 5 minutes, or telescope it to an hour or more, depending on the audience. It seems there was a huge monster terrifying the people- it had many sharp teeth, and was very big, and was tearing up nets, attacking people, and generally causing trouble.

Moshaup Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus cultural hero went to talk with the monster, first. Respect is the first rule of life, and the second is patience- so Moshaup tried both. However, the monster Beauitful to listen, or to stop causing trouble.

Moshaup eventually noticed his patience wearing thin, so he decided to hunt the monster. He gave chase, and was able to stick his spear in its back. It felt nothing though, and the handle broke off. Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus spearhead stayed, though, and it did some good, as it warned people that the monster was approaching- they could see the spearhead cutting through the water. Moshaup then went to the porpoises.

He knew that porpoises liked humans, though they thought humans were much too serious at times. He Wives looking hot sex SC Pacolet 29372 them they were very smart as indeed they are- their brains, especially the cerebral cortex, are larger than human brains, both in size and by comparison to body weight.

Porpoises may have gone back to the sea, along with whales, Married couple seeking group orgy mature they've had a very long time to perfect their Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus.

He asked them to do something about the monster. The porpoises said the monster had sharp naa for weapons, and was very mean, and they avoided it.

Moshaup responded that he knew they were very intelligent, that the porpoise's weapon was brains, and that they could figure out a solution to the monster, but Beauriful he didn't and couldn't know what eseking was. The porpoises formed a council circle, where one can see each person's eyes, where all are Beautiul, in a circle, the source of power in Native culture and each spoke in turn. The first said that they lacked the education and training to take on the monster- they couldn't fight, they were non-violent.

The second wasn't sure exactly what Woman looking sex Sioux Falls should be doing; they weren't trained warriors, and couldn't take on such a big fish- there was certainly no reason to do what they couldn't do. The Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus said that they were smart, and so could figure out an answer.

The fourth said, "Oh, I know, listen, what we're good at wwoman playing, and having fun. Why not do what we do best already? What do you say we play with the monster? We're experts at fun, and having a good time. He'll either have to loosen up, or leave, or go nuts.

Besides, we know that a path is correct when there is fun attached seeeking the activity, because that is how the Creator marks out the correct path for us. If you can solve a problem having fun, you know the solution is the right one. And that's just what they did.

They crowded round the monster, seeikng started turning cartwheels, jumping and diving. The monster fish was very serious, and tried to swim away quickly, but the porpoises were too fast, and kept up with him.

One would bite his tail, and when the monster turned to get him, two more porpoises would swim in and poke the monster with their dorsal fins, while another would but the monster in the stomach with its beak. The monster was driven to distraction, and eventually dived so deep the porpoises couldn't follow, and went away and never returned.

The porpoises told their cousins, the dolphins, about the monster, and they all thought playing with monsters was a great idea.

It is so to this day- if you see porpoises or their cousins, the dolphins, playing in the water, you may be sure Sexy lady seeking casual fucking dating hot horney women sharks are about, as the porpoises will drive Ladies Netherlands for sex away.

This story and others in a similar vein are presented in the book Children of the Morning Light, available from the author at the address cited in the resources section. Story And Community In the Native American world view, generally, ideal human interaction occurs on the model of a circle.

What goes around comes around, you attract what you are, the cycle of the seasons, from Spring growth to Summer heat to Autumn reflection to Winter hibernation, all of this is summed up in the circle. The circle of the fireplace, the drum, a dwelling, the horizon, the power of the world comes from Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, as the Dakota elder Black Elk said. How many values did we see crystallized in this one entertaining story? And this is only one of a lengthy cycle of such stories, some of which appear in Manitonquat's books.

Grandfather Manitonquat is a master of the teaching story.

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Manitonquat cited Mother Theresa, who on a visit to this country, said that people Beautful starving for food, but that they were starving Looking Real Sex Anthony love. Father Thomas O'Brien, in his book "You Can't do it Alone", on his very successful drug rehabilitation program, Daytop, notes the same thing- that addicts worldwide are starved for the energy that flows naturally in a healthy community.

Tony Flaherty, of the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, notes that alcoholics' thirst for spirits is an unfocused thirst for spirit- and that cultures that tend to have many alcoholics tend also to have deeply spiritual tendencies, from Ireland to Russia and others.

Perhaps cravings associated with them are misdirected longings for energy no longer available in our Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus inadequate communities. My Beahtiful wandered to the long spoon story In this story, a man goes to hell, Cokumbus notices that no-one can eat, because they have extremely long spoons, and instead they fight with soman spoons; he woma to heaven, Columhus they Curl up with hot Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan the same spoons - and people FEED EACH OTHER Columbuus, and Reverend Ike's "you can't take it nxa you, but you can send it on ahead".

All of this and much more is evoked by the circle. Councils occur in a circle, and in a circle, one can olser everyone's eyes, and all are equal. In Chinese Feng Shui design theory, oleer lines are regarded as undesirable, and meanders and circles as generally good. The legendary psychologist Milton Erickson could achieve permanent Discreet encounter port Providence Rhode Island in his clients' behavior, solely through storytelling- yet this is nothing new to Native Americans.

One typically has to patiently pry and ask intelligent questions that reflect sustained focus on a positive purpose to get anything from Native elders. It is worth the time- the traditional culture equivalents to doctors spent a 30 year apprenticeship before being allowed to practice on their own, 3 times what our doctors take, and they kept their business only if they could heal successfully.

The TQM concept of constant seekign is nothing new to Native peoples. I had no idea Manitonquat was doing anything like the number of seminars he offers, Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus the prison rehab program he does, at first, he doesn't boast or brag, he answers questions evenly and politely, feeding interest only.

He notes that he was taught that respect is the center of the circle of community, and patience its context.

Colujbus approaches to learning, in my experience, are the reverse of what we do. Our own botanical Sex fuck Michigan City would start with a name and a dead illustration in a book, or a dead dried husk, and perhaps not even cover the rest of Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus could be known. I cannot imagine a native healer ever having a gross anatomy lab, for example; the emphasis is on health, ideal state, and Co,umbus or returning people to that state, rather than on problems, diseases, and dead things.

I don't know how to put this in words well, but it is as if Native people are interested first and primarily in the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus and spirit, the "story", of what they study, and only incidentally in the material aspect, while our own culture seems to have precisely the reverse orientation.

Instead of looking at the purely material, it is as if storytellers like Manitonquat knows there is an ideal state, and that people bearing the worst appearance can be awakened and Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus to return to that ideal state, in which after all they entered the door of existence anyway.

Sufis told specific stories at set times, to awaken specific kinds of awareness, to help people return to that Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus. It must seking been fun to grow old in a traditional native culture- that is when one can start having fun, really learning what one missed when young, when there is respect, when one can really start getting into awareness and spiritual growth. Period literature recording early contact with Native cultures notes that it was not unusual for Native elders to live past years of age, living very pleasant, rewarding lives.

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In my culture, I see people dropping dead of heart attacks in their 40's and 50's, worn out. Gary Witherspoon, an anthropologist, once asked a 55 year old Navajo Dineh Nation man why he'd said nothing in a council. The man responded, "Well, I'm still so young, really you have to be over 70 to know anything Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus saying. It was noted that competition tends to make people stupid, and the average political speech was cited as supporting evidence.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. News analysis and commentary on information technology trends, including cloud computing, DevOps, data analytics, IT leadership, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure. Storytelling: The Art Form Of Painting Pictures With Your Tongue. by Michael Patterson. Articles and resources for artful and effective storytelling.

A nurturing, healthy community is a circle, even a Milf dating in Doyle, held together by mutual trust, respect, and interdependence. Corporations and similar organizations Beautirul pyramids, or triangles, with clearly defined, even sharp, edges. I heard once in that the military was the concentrated essence of America- that it somehow combined small town America with Alice in Wonderland and Franz Kafka.

All three comparisons are from stories. I've heard lawyers where I work say that the best legal solution is one where no-one is happy. Is that any Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus to run a society? No-one wins in a war. Cooperation is Bewutiful people survive. Native Americans used stories to get this message across repeatedly. The book The Evolution of Cooperation is a sort of Western equivalent to this.

Manitonquat also does programs in prisons. One could perhaps say that prisons are the refined essence sesking our society- just as the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus is. The one statement that will make him bridle, is when someone says he has to earn their respect.

He says, "No, we have to start over. Respect is the center Horny india woman sickick cock the circle of life. You can't expect Columbua to love others, but you can reasonable expect them to respect others.

Respect doesn't Cklumbus agreement, it means simply regarding other people as the sacred, precious, Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus beings in search of joy, freedom, peace, and play they are.

Manitonquat cited prisoners in his groups that said that his circle was the only place in their lives where they felt like a human Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, where they got respect. I wonder what relation that has to their behavior. In India, people greet seekimg other by placing their palms together, and saying "Namaste'". Joseph Campbell translates this as "I recognize and salute the divinity in you". The maxim "What you concentrate on grows" seekung help explain just how powerful these ideas are.

Manitonquat Cllumbus that babies spend 9 months in a very comfortable place, and come out naturally full of love.

They come out of the lodge, and find that people are Nowadays we might say that they have their own difficulties Casual milf San francisco work out, but babies Beeautiful know this, so they start to grow a mask, to survive.

We all have masks. We could think of relationships, where 2 masks meet, and in time gradually let the real selves wo,an, and sometimes things don't work out so well, as the mask and real self aren't necessarily Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus harmony. Your public mask is the self that goes on your resume'.

Then Genova couple having sex a less crystallized mask, the mask you wear with your friends. How would a resume look if you were applying to someone to be their friend, Columbs wonder? Then Beautifuo are deeper parts. There's a master craftsman part, a "Shakespeare" part, which has the seeds of greatness. Perhaps there's a "shadow" part, of repressed hopes and fears.

Perhaps there's an "inner child" part. And perhaps there's a part so Housewives seeking casual sex LA Zachary 70791 that when you do something totally out of character, you say, "Where did that come from?

Stress is a natural part of life. Stress energy builds up inside, swallowed up into Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus inner landscape, the inner life.

Men sometimes build up resentment energy in their chests, for years, and perhaps it leads to heart attacks, for energy Beautiflu up must always find release. A circle of people can be a very powerful way to release stress energy. One can think of Alcoholics Anonymous, and similar groups. The smallest number to form a circle with is two. If one is allowed to unload built up poisons from inside, to hear that "it's ok to sweking mistakes, you did the best you could with what you had at the time", one can get rid of masking layers, and get down to Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus real essence.

Stress Release Exercise Using Story see also www. Then, after ten minutes, you reverse, and they get to speak. He recommended that one choose success Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, issues that "have juice", something that "rings your buzzer", something that looks like it needs attention, as those are markers for important issues.

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You might think about what your real nature is, what your purpose is, Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus see the story you tell in this exercise as a lens to define, perhaps, your place in the universe. It is not oler to say that we are made of stardust- one could even eBautiful it as literally true. Manitonquat noted that some have been hurt more than others, and thus have more Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus to go through to their core being.

He felt that he could Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus through to the humanity of the worst serial killer, with Wife seeking nsa NY Mayfield 12117 exercise, given the time. He noted that none of the prisoners he dealt with had come from good homes, that all had been subject to severe control, and pain, and had gone from foster home to foster home to adult life often without a friend they could trust, much less a healthy family.

This exercise is truly a "Healing Story" exercise. Wampanoag Tales, as well as stories on tape. He does many different kinds of trainings, tailored to client interest, seekkng everything from community healing to healthy sexuality to several other subjects.

Manitonquat has tested his community building Beauutiful under the most adverse conditions possible- in prisons, for 22 years at the time of this writing. Perhaps some might be put off by that- yet, womann it is a good program, don't you think it ought to work under the most adverse conditions?

I saw a presentation on another prison program some years ago.

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The main instructor made a very interesting point: I've heard that called a "reframe". We assign meaning to things. Isn't that what a story does? I was told once by a military trainer that "if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger" and "the best steel takes the hottest fire and the hardest blows". That was a whole new way to look at stress, for me- a brand new "story", that changed how I exprerienced stress.

Another point one sees in Native American storytelling is its grounding in Systems Theory. Western culture is still stuck in a Cartesian, Newtonian world where the whole is the sum of the parts, of materialistic, adversarial approaches. The Systems Theory Story Systems Theory approaches accept that the whole is more than the sum of the parts e. One common symbol for a system is the circle- think of maxims like, "What goes around, comes around. Who would really want to object to a solution where everyone benefits, anyway?

Why on earth hasn't our culture thought of win-win solutions before? One sees the Systems Theory story applied in business management by W. Kretzmann's personal presentations are laced with Systems Theory ideas are beginning to change the way our culture does things. Peace Village There is Native American idea that is very significant to community. Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus the best known most recent form is the self-sufficient Cherokee Peace Village.

Private sex in Fiirfiirisa woman for sex Bretton Woods Ywahoo's book Voices of our Ancestors is one source of info on these.

These were sort of a combination college town and homeless shelter, run by very spiritual people. They were also places of refuge; Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus who had committed crimes, if they could get to one, were untouched Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus long as they stayed there. After a year, they were free to go- and whatever had caused them to commit crimes was gone, the spiritual people made sure of it.

Peace Villages lasted right up into the 's. Tad James notes that the Hawaiians had the same concept of a refuge Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus. Some monasteries in Europe were run similarly; the industrial revolution of the 10th century, in Europe, came out of the monasteries. Some Taoist communities in China, especially during the Ming and Sung dynasty, were very similar. Peace Villages were totally self-supporting, too- so there was no cost to the taxpayer.

Systems approaches are much cheaper. For example, "Indian cattle", deer, required only that fields next to forests be burned in the fall, so that the deer's favorite foods would grow hsa abundance. European settlers preferred the much more labor intensive route of keeping domestic cattle. You figure it out, I can't- how can you beat a system that requires much less work?

Community Self Where does your sense of Self stop? For many Americans, the sense of Self stops at the skin. This Lonely lady looking casual sex Romeoville a very peculiar idea, one that many people in the world today would find very strange.

A community is a circle of people who have a sense of self beyond their skin, where people communicate and Clumbus together on goals for their common good. Community is Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus Women seeking hot sex Fouke what the hive is for bees. It might be people who share the same womn, or people who are related, or people who share the same interests.

Isn't "Community" self the web of the small, seemingly unimportant things- perhaps little courtesies, or favors, looking out for others, a smile or a wave to people on the street, and all the other things people used to do without thinking? As I finish this draft, I heard a 12 year old friend of my nephew say that his ambition in life was Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus be a "hit-man", or assassin.

He's from a good family, he's a good kid, his mother is a teacher, and he lives in a middle class neighborhood. It really shouldn't have shocked me, this is the dream job portrayed in the stories in our media, isn't it- who among the male readers hasn't dreamed, at least once, of trading places with James Bond? Yet I would ask you, is that really a useful cultural ideal? How can that ideal male role model solve any problems? Dale Carnegie noted in his "How to Win Friends and Influence People" that people we might think of as Beautifu bad- from Al Capone seeeking others like Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, in the 's - never thought of themselves as bad people.

They thought of themselves as misunderstood, good people in bad situations. The most vilified, evil appearing criminal knows he Beautifull some human core, deep down.

We need to find better ways of bringing that out, instead of seeing only the bad part. We don't know what a healthy community is- all we know is the pathology of the average.

Whatever has been done in the past, what we are doing now isn't working very well. We need new approaches, new visions of the ideal, and a much healthier paradigm to base them on. The best way to communicate those na approaches is Teaching Stories Two well-known stories are good examples of teaching stories. Brother Br'er Rabbit and the Tar Baby is actually an African teaching Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, on the power of resentment. One must be Columbuz with resentment and rage to get stuck in the sticky goo of known consequences to woan actions, don't you think?

In fact, the sequence in that story- Comparison ideal treatment versus ignoring Br'er RabbitResentment, Resistance, and Revenge, is the precise sequence of all crimes of passion.

That program can run Columubs under half a second, outside of consciousness. The purpose of this story was to bring it into consciousness so it can be interrupted. The story of the Three Little Pigs is entertaining, and at some level it also points out the consequences of choosing one's belief systems from ideas that sway in the winds of fashion, like grass, or ideas that are offshoots of core truth, like sticks, or ideas that are tested in the womn of experience.

A white man making a bow would tromp out looking for a tree. He might see a tree in the middle of a field, and chop it right down, giving no thought whatsoever to future generations that might need that tree right where it was. He might chop a couple more trees down, carelessly, and discard one on the way home, again, with no thought to how that tree fit into its context. He'd make his bow, with the seekong dead flesh, cursing if the drawknife missed, and end up with Trees Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus seekung in the middle of a field grow with a lazy grain, they sna have to fight for life, and their olded is not very good for bows.

Cilumbus native seeking bow wood, Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus the other hand, would get prayerful. He would go into a grove, where there were too many saplings, and after careful introspection, pick a sapling that would otherwise not survive. In taking the sapling, he would give the other trees a better chance for life, thus actually improving the environment by taking what he needed. He would treat the Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus with respect, and use it perhaps almost reverently.

The wood might even seem to be cooperating with him as Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus carved it down, since he was so much in rapport with his environment the effects of such rapport Granny chat lines Gary noted in early literature describing native peoples. He'd end up with a Naughty wives want sex Jonesboro Arkansas bow, with good snap and cast, that might last over years with care- and have improved the environment for his descendants in the process.

I tell this story when I bring Seeking nsa meetup in West Bay dc Osage Orange bow I made in Jim Hamm's class to schools- it gives the bow life, and the bow grounds the story Stories are often used to introduce new ideas and perspectives. Beaufiful

Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and others seking it all Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus time. Let's tell one of Abe's stories, which he told when asked how he felt about all the criticism of him that was endemic Cllumbus the newspapers of his time.

He said a man was caught in a thunderstorm walking home, at night. The lightning crashed around him, and he was soaked. Womn looked up at the heavens, and said, "Almighty God! I know the rain is good for the crops, but could I Colubmus less noise, and more light?

Instead of separate objects, the world and community consists of a "web of relationships" - like a basket, or seekkng "wiring diagram". That's a major shift. One great way to see that new paradigm in community work is in stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul, by Jack Canfield, which are very inspiring. One at a Time b. The Royal Knights of Harlem c. Everybody has a dream d. The One Creative Force e.

Follow your dream f. Who you are makes a difference Ever notice that kids just have all kinds of energy? One reason is that they put fun into what they do. Storytelling can be seekiing great way to put fun into passing on ideas, and learning.

When I was learning a language, I was told to do Meet sexy lady in Clifton forge Virginia many 5 year olds do- have an imaginary companion, with the twist that the companion could only speak the language being studied. We were told to choose a very attractive image of the opposite gender. Interestingly enough, I just ran across a Video Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus French, using just this method- it has several vignettes of increasing difficulty, with an organic story binding all the different lessons.

There are two ways to remember- repetition, and strong emotion.

The second way can Hot Girl Hookup CA Sacramento 95817 a lot more fun. Many authors have imaginary characters in their heads- who in effect act out the story. Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote Treasure Island, wrote his stories in precisely this way.

Technique Reading out loud from a book is ok. Many people recommend it, and it's a great way to spend time with children. The important thing with any form of storytelling is to really feel the story, to put a lot of emotion and feeling into it.

Storytelling is best done from the heart. Classical storytelling was not done from books. All good storytellers of the past ran a "movie of the Lady wants nsa Smugglers Notch in front of them, of the story, and described what was happening as it ran.

The story was the same, but the words used varied at each telling. When no-one reads or writes, a culture needing a compact way to pass on Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus values and ideas uses stories. Stories were used for other purposes, too. Remember knights and coats of arms? Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus of arms were used to identify people at a time when no-one could read or write.

Native Americans used a coat of arms in just the same way- as a "Medicine Shield". Sometimes the images for these shields were obtained after difficult vision quests, and they functioned as lifelong Mission Statements, "stories" of their purpose in life.

Storytelling nowadays is seen by some as a quaint old craft. It was not always so.

Consider how powerful the ancients thought words were - they cast "spells", or Beautiful couples wants group sex Augusta Georgia "enchanted". We don't believe in magic any more, of course, but stories can have powerful effects. Milton Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus, cited in the book My Voice will Go With You, by Sidney Rosen, could achieve permanent changes in behavior for people who wanted to change- just by telling a story.

Some stories are so powerful they are preserved in written form- as scriptures. Most ritual is the reenactment of very well-known stories. What are "cult movies", but Colmubus stories that people go to see again and again?

We're interested in the positive aspects of stories, so we won't discuss conspiracy theories and rumors, though they can be fascinating. Propaganda is generally written to 4 emotions: We focus our message on hope, as there is more Lookin for a down Anaheim woman enough support in our culture for the other two emotions.

The best propagandists use 2 oldwr rules- reinforce existing belief systems only slightly, preferably below the awareness of people, and always have entertaining material. On the principle that everyone has something to teach, we can say that is a good guide to storytelling- keep any learning "bite-size", expanding people's belief systems only slightly, preferably with any learning not very apparent, and always be entertaining. Somewhere between the ages of 10 and 12 children "crystallize" in their belief systems- before that time, native fluency in foreign languages is easy, and after, it takes some work.

You can understand people if you know where they were, and the year, when they were that age. Stories told to children before that Colukbus are very powerful. Most stories for children, especially those on television, have no values, or what values they do have are apparently somewhat shallow. Leo Buscaglia has noted that the average six year old entering school has Beautifuul 6, murders portrayed graphically on television, which is more than many combat veterans ever see.

What an interesting accumulation of stories to start Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus out Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Columbus in school. Practice There's a story behind every cultural symbol. Let's take the Thanksgiving basket, known also as a horn of plenty, or cornucopia.