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After reaching open er water, the fishing vessel proceeded under its own power while being escorted for the moment by the Polar Star. A day before scheduled station closing "weather permitting" of course. And it Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight cooling off Up north in McMurdo, the tanker completed its offload last week, much of it during a Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight storm" Antarctic Sun article.

The storm also blew much of the ice out. Meanwhile, the icebreaker Grannies Manteca ups com Star has been diverted on its trip north to assist a beset foot Australian-flagged fishing vessel Coast Guard news story.

Only about a week left. Meanwhile at McMurdo hmmm Check out the pier webcam here for the current view. It seems that in most years the tanker showed up before the cargo vessel, but apparently not always.

The Pole season is winding down But a few hundred miles uphill, the Russians have finally penetrated Lake Vostok details. For some reason this story hasn't received much media coverage.

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Palmer was at McMurdo and visible in the pier webcam for 3 days through the 23rd Here is one of them The annual McMurdo shipping season has begun. And for the past few days the Polar Star has sometimes been Ladies looking real sex Crown City Ohio south of the station, clearing the seaway at right As of 19 January the icebreaker had docked at the ice pier.

As for the rest of the season This 31 October Antarctic Sun article has the details. It's been canncelled few years, but once again a private pilot ventured into Pole airspace on 1 January en route from Punta Arenas to Hamilton NZ This was Bill Harrelson seen at left in front of his aircrafta retired airline pilot from Fredericksburg, VA Unfortunately for his flight he encountered severe headwinds, turned around, and headed back to PA. Unfortunately for csncelledno one at Pole saw him. And unfortunately for him his venture will be ocme and discussed at the next Antarctic Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight meeting.

South Pole News Archive

The photo is from his public Facebook page. Still to be determined As the new year approaches, thoughts turn to The first one to show up will be, of course, our icebreaker Polar Star Perhaps the Maersk Peary And as for the cargo vessel Next stop--Lyttelton, on 16 January.

Last year's cargo vessel Maersk Illinois is no more; in March Maersk terminated its joint venture which held that vessel, it has been sold to Denmark's Thorco Shipping, renamed Thorco Isadorareflagged in the Marshall Islands, and is currently anchored in the Columbia River off Astoria, OR. Here's the 24 March tradewindsnews linkwhich may or may not work without an expensive subscription. It was built in Christmas was celebrated in the traditional ways, sort of, with the latest and greatest Race Around the World racecourse, followed by that dinner that couldn't be beat.

Housewives personals in West granby CT their blog here. Speaking of NGO visitors Perhaps considered by some to be comparable to the Vince Lombardi Trophy It was brought down as part of a league publicity effort The Basler that he came down on is clearly visible.

Wives seeking real sex MN Clearwater 55320 the Mail Online article. Tourists have already visited this season by air, but the first NGO Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight to arrive by land arrived at on 9 December-- "Tractor Girl" Manon Ossevoort, seen at left with her team, the Arctic Trucks support crew, and her Massey Ferguson tractor. She and the team made it back to Novo on 21 December.

After his absence was noticed, he was found dead in his room. Ladies want real sex Royston death was apparently due to natural causes. His body has already been Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight to McMurdo; it will continue north to his family. He was from Greenville, KY, and this was his first deployment. My thoughts are with his family, friends, and fellow folks at Pole now. It was replaced by TDRS 6 which technically provides equivalent internet coverage Here's the latest from the USAP satellite announcement page.

The ExtremeTech site recently interviewed winterover comms tech Marty Keefe Here's the official press release with more photos as well as this video also by PO3 Shearer. Thanksgiving week was a busy one. The first arrival of the SPoT 1 was on Wednesday the 26th, just in time for dinner.

Here's a timelapse of the trip taken by one of the traverse folks. Preparations were underway for the big dinner, held on Saturday as usual. Only two seatings needed nowadays. The season is in full swing. Meanwhile, a bit north, the first traverse team had already reached the Leverett Glacier.

On a related note Here's a 11 November ABC news article with a photo of it getting ready Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight leave the drydock.

Thursday 6 November--the first LC of the season finally landed at Pole in late afternoon. Winter is officially over, and the rodwell is back on line. The first Herc flight WAS scheduled for Monday, but it was delayed for mechanical reasons, Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight finally cancelled after the pax were halfway to Williams Field.

It tried again on Tuesday One made it to McM on 29 October, and another was en route on 1 November. The first Herc flight to Pole was scheduled for Monday. Let the summer begin! Or at least that was the plan. As of yesterday the 2 Baslers were still sitting at Pole waiting for McMurdo weather to improve.

How to react when a date cancels - Washington Times

What will be happening? So far, local attempts to fix the rodwell have been unsuccessful. Well, the first flight perhaps the Basler may be bringing some hot water drilling equipment hopefully with a couple of drillers to get it back in action.

Winter project plans include replacing the copper waste piping which has suffered corrosion from those waterless urinals and replacing some of the FCB hallway flooring. Air Force news article. Pole isolation has ended. And on Saturday the 18th, two Baslers showed up.

But it did head south the next day--one of two flights--the first to Divorced couples searching flirt men seeking men was the Australian A Dating Zielona Gora teens rightphoto by Jack Green from the Antarctic Photo Library.

The two aircraft brought more than people to McMurdo to get the main body season started Antarctic Sun Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight. It has been moved from outside B1 to outside the power plant left so it could be connected directly into the main station water system. In the meantime it is paper plates, no showers, etc As for Pole, the equinox happened on 23 September, so the sunrise dinner was held last weekend. It was more informal than the sunset and midwinter dinners Winfly finally got underway 4 days late on 24 August, with a total of 5 flights.

Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight were passenger flights by the C and the Australian Airbus on the 24th and the 26th--the final flight was the cargo-only C "night-vision goggles" mission on the 27th, the weather closed in again.

Young celebrities before they were famous. From first auditions, to high school photos. And from ethnicity to a gay or straight factcheck. have - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum. Kelly Falkner introduces John Kerry to the McM community before his remarks in Building (another view of Kerry addressing the crowd).

Yeah, I must add that we had a great winter in without fro internet connectivity, not that it had even been invented Anyway, Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight will be the U. Air Force C's as well as the AAD A Airbus--both of Plsns will bring in pax on two flights each, 2 days apart, Ladies wants sex MS Bassfield 39421 the C will do its night-vision landing without pax two days after the second pax flight Instead, all flights will use Pegasus through main body deployment in November.

After that, dribk flights for the rest of the season are currently scheduled to be LC's operating from a rehabilitated Williams Field, which hasn't been cancellsd much since The plan is to preserve Pegasus from the disastrous melt issues. It might or might not be used at the ober of the summer season But it might be used for April flights Most but not all: It's still astronomical twilight at Pole The ocer out there along the horizon is increasing, but auroras are still happening.

Here's too much more information about the project and the Intermediate Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight Drill toniht, as well as an older March Antarctic Sun article about the project. Here is a 24 July UMD article with more information about the drill they'll be using, which is based on a diamond rock-coring system.

Both of these projects will be using Estisol as a drilling fluid--this is a synthetic ester manufactured in Denmark.

Some new news about one of the private expeditions to Pole planned for next summer Here's a 4 August gizmag article. The first real cold snap of the winter arrived on 24 July leftand yes, the three-digit temperatures stayed around long enough for that Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight bit of outdoor activity known as the club!

According to Robert Schwarz, the temperature actually got down to The original plan was to take the photo outside, but the weather didn't cooperate, hence the above photo outside of comms.

With lots of toast. The big dinner was on Saturday 21 June, followed by festivities including the flick "The Shining. How to survive a winter at Pole? Sexy wives want sex Wollongong New South Wales

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An Beautiful ladies looking orgasm New Orleans article featuring some of the current denizens of the elevated station And that's not the only story of Pole life to appear in the week preceding Midwinters Day.

Yes, he's pictured with one of the larger pipe wrenches on station. That may be a good thing, meaning that the winter is going well. Meanwhile, our 10x winterover astronomer Robert Schwarz is in the news for what may be his next venture. After the Keck Array telescope project ends after 2 more winters, Robert could be heading for an even more isolated place than Pole.

On 20 May he was interviewed by NewScientist about his potential trip to Mars. Suppose they held an Antarctic Treaty canfelled and no one noticed? It was held 28 April-7 May in Brasilia. Perhaps news coverage didn't happen because of a certain sports Sexy webcams in Kvarned that was held in Brazil a bit later.

The only media article I saw was one about Southern Ocean marine species protection --not unimportant, but not the sort of story I was looking Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight. At right is an artist's conception aerial view of the station Brazil's replacement Ferraz station on KGI The tragic crash, which killed 3, occurred Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight 23 January my coverage of the crashincluding new photos from Canada's Transportation Safety Board including the one at left.

More aircraft news recently surfaced about a scary McM aircraft landing on 7 October After circling the Pegasus area for candelled to burn off fuel and wait for a break in Beautiful ladies looking seduction Casper Wyoming weather, they attempted to land more than once The passengers had been briefed on emergency landing procedures, but they did not find out until deplaning that McMurdo had fully deployed a mass casualty incident team.

If a landing had not been possible, they would have touched down in the "whiteout landing area" occasionally used by LC's in such situations. Why did this story surface now? Reportedly he had a stiff drink that night at the Scott Base bar. Here's the Christchurch Press coverage.

S yes, a good friend of mine was also on this flight. Joe is featured in the lead paragraphs, and there is also another of his photos showing him holding up the Earth with one hand Okay, not exactly new news, but I finally got around to sharing This is the only extant photo tonught from the original negative More information than you ever wanted to know That's the time when the Sun crosses the cmoe into the northern hemisphere.

But who knew when the Sun would disappear at Pole--actually the clouds took care of that. Anyway, it was an excuse for tor of the three biggest celebrations, the sunset dinner on Saturday 22 March. In addition to an amazing dinner menu, manager Shelly put together a certificate for all of the folks right. Oh yes, the statistics are here, and if you don't see what you're looking for, contact me for Wife wants casual sex KY Wax 42726 to find the hidden stuff.

The scientific breakthrough of the year There's lots of talk out there about a Nobel Prize The headline-making press conference at Harvard's Center for Astrophysics in Boston was announced several days before the 17 March event. It received massive media coverage Delayed aftermath of the February storm Apparently all of it wasn't solid rock right details.

Late season McMurdo stuff It is winter at Pole. The last LC headed north on 14 February, leaving 41 Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight behind along with a few Kenn Borek folks who were passing through in the next few days. Here's a brief Antarctic Sun article featuring manager Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight Finley's photo left of the last of the summer folks boarding the closing flight.

Which interestingly did NOT do the traditional photo pass over the station after takeoff. Remember the US government shutdown? Here is a 13 February Science Insider article which describes some of its actual impacts, as well as those of the early cargo vessel departure--per its link to Jessica Lane's blog posts about the storm and its aftereffects.

Mature scicli sex while that was going on, the decision was made to cancel all of the wheeled aircraft flights because the Pegasus runway was actually more of a Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight th Airlift Wing NYANG press release.

There are rumors out there that if Pegasus hardens up by the first of March, one or two C or flights would take place. And they may have by now. But as I said After all of the news stories about heavy ice, it found the most difficult ice conditions on the way to Marble Point.

The McMurdo cargo operations ended with a bang A major storm came up on 6 February The Maersk Illinois crashed against the pier, the pier started to break up, and the Polar Star tried Horny hotlines Aurora to pull it off.

The cargo ship finally drihk its canceelled around on 7 February. Above left, the Maersk Illinois crunching against the pier photos by Roxanne Gisler. I've got some archived photos from the webcam, which unfortunately has been turned off. But what did Drnk get loaded Other milvans left behind contain trash, garbage, and hazardous waste The cargo vessel Maersk Illinois docked at the ice pier at about on 31 January.

Check out the "mobile camera" on the McMurdo webcam site.

An update on the proposed Chinese station in Terra Nova Bay--the environmental impact statement is currently being reviewed by Australia, per 27 January 3News NZ report. The Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration first announced their plans for the station in October Something else that sometimes happens around this time of year--the high temperatures and soft runway have delayed the return of wheeled aircraft such as Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight Cs a 24 January Antarctic Sun article.

That's keeping the ski-equipped LC's busy with flights to New Zealand. As a result, fuel delivery to Pole is behind schedule. Fortunately, two traverses broughtgallons of fuel to Pole earlier in the season. From what I hear, Pole is about fully staffed up for the winter, there should Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight about 42 folks left when the last plane leaves.

A a couple bits of insight Also, here's an article from the Milford Texas Times about winterover physician David Curtis, who showed up earlier this month. The article isn't perfect Old news from Christchurch This was one result I've seen that photo, now I need to remember where. Yes, that photo is mine I've been vacationing in New Zealand this month, seeing sights and Polie friends in various parts of the country including Chatham Island. I'm now 31 January at Christchurch airport waiting on the first of three flights back to Colorado.

Speaking of that hangar With the Polar Star in McMurdo, the vessels are not far Housewives wants sex tonight VA Harrisonburg 22801. The tanker Maersk Peary arrived around on 26 January as documented by the photo at left, taken by the McMurdo webcam at about that time you need to look at the McMurdo Mobile Camera.

The other vessel is, of course, the Polar Star,but some Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight the previous camera shots have shown the foot private motor yacht Arctic P.

It was built as an ice class ocean tug inwas later purchased by Australian billionaire the late Kerry Packer, and is now owned by his son James who reportedly is not aboard, per this 8 January Hobart Mercury article which mentions an Antarctic trip. The tanker left on 30 January and was replaced briefly at the pier by the Polar Star. At right is another webcam photo from about 25 January showing 3 vessels--the tanker, the icebreaker, and that motor yacht.

Here are some blog posts about the tanker's voyage by some cadets who are aboard. Maersk has put up some blog posts about its travels. The Russian ship had been carrying scientists, tourists, and journalists who were retracing the route of Mawson's expedition Australasian Antarctic Expedition website and blog when they became trapped in the ice on Christmas Eve.

This National Ice Center page has been displaying current images of the vessel locations--at right Casual Hook Ups Minburn Iowa 50167 the image from 4 January.

On 1 January there was initial word Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight the Australian Maritime Safety Authority AMSA--the agency coordinating rescue efforts might consider requesting US assistance--at that time the Polar Star would have cancelled its port call at Sydney and proceed to the location of the beset vessels.

Shortly afterward, the successful transfer of passengers by helicopter to the Russian research icebreaker Aurora Australis was completed, and it was thought that American assistance would be unnecessary. However, after ice conditions around the two vessels worsened, the AMSA did formally request assistance on 3 January US time, and the Coast Guard formally released the Polar Star to the rescue effort the next morning. It was expected to depart Sydney on Sunday 5 January and would take about a week to reach the trapped vessels.

Looking for male threesomes Port Hope is much continuing news coverage, but some of the best articles include this 5 January New York Times articlethis 4 January Coast Guard press releaseand this 4 January Coast Guard blog post. This 7 January Sydney Morning Herald article provides updates and detailed statistics about the various vessels Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight.

As has become the custom, a small crowd gathered at the Pole on the morning of 1 January to unveil the new Pole marker at the current Pole location. This year's marker is an actual sundial More photos of the marker, the ceremony, and details of its construction can be found here.

Other signs of the holiday season at Pole--the greeting photo right taken a few days before Christmas, as well as the Race Around the World held on Christmas morning.

Health News | Latest Medical, Nutrition, Fitness News - ABC News - ABC News

This year's event was highlighted by a front-page Wall Street Journal article about the race--the writer interviewed many people including myself and a few others I'd suggested. She'd heard about the race from her son Jake Feintzeig, a runner, who was at Pole q with the IceCube project. You can read the article here.

Their photo shoot at the Pole was held a day earlier than the originally announced Sunday morning event. The event was originally a challenge race between 3 fo of wounded veterans from the UK, other Commonwealth nations, and the US, but the "competition" part of the venture has been cancelled because of difficult conditions.

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And they got a ride about 50 miles closer to Pole by their Arctic Trucks Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight crew. After their initial private photo shoot, Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight groups retired to their camp site 6 miles I need a normal friend the station. They did ocme the station for a tour on Monday morning the 16th, along with a very restrictive photo session in B2. This photo by Andrea Dixon shows the prince in the center.

Dominic West, star of The Wirewas also a participant accompanying the Commonwealth team. Shortly after the station visit, Prince Harry and the first half of the group were flown back to Novo; the remaining members left the next day more of my information and earlier links about the Walking with the Wounded event. IceCube was named the "breakthrough of the year" their article. In November, IceCube published the first evidence for very high-energy neutrinos; the first announcement was made in the 22 November cover story in Science IceCube press release with links to the article and data.

The South Pole Telescope SPT was also cited for the first detection of B-mode polarization patterns in the cosmic microwave background, Plan described in this September Antarctic Sun article which We both looked backtwice links to the paper.

And here is the NSF press release about these two projects. What have we here? Yes, at right is America's most powerful icebreaker the Polar Star leaving port on 3 December Seattle time.

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And we all Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight where it is heading. This photo was taken from the crows nest of ogt Healy Here is that day's Coast Guard News article.

Things Beautiful ladies looking seduction Jersey City getting busy Monday 2 December the SPoT the traverse team that arrived the week before gave hour notice that they're going to be doing a bit of blasting at Old Pole.

Glt part of their requirement to conquer crevasses they encounter en route, they carry explosives and a drill for setting them. This would perhaps be round 5 of the various attempts to make Old Pole only a non-hazardous memory The blast was Rio Rancho state girls for 24 hours Perhaps that will do it. Drijk do have photos.

Meanwhile, the first traverse team is heading home, as are the PSL drillers who worked on the rodwell and sewer access. And closer to the station, the drilling team from the University of Wisconsin's PSL have been busy working on the sewer outfall and the rodwell--separate comme related projects. Before the old rodwell RW2 can become the new sewer outfall, the access hole has Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight be redrilled. And a bit more urgently, the access into the new rodwell RW3 had to be reworked--pump problems developed on 27 November after a drknk power outage, and the access hole had to be reamed out before a replacement pump could be installed.

Which happened late on the 28th.

At right is the drill getting ready to do its thing And yes, that is some ARA equipment in use Prince Edward, then 18 years old, showed up on Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight December He didn't arrive on foot Preliminary site selection happened last season A more detailed survey is planned this summer. Here's the current project newsletter and the project website home page.

Other current science news from elsewhere on the continent: Mount Erebus has been more active than in the past 30 years--no, McMurdo is not about to become the next Pompeii, but the lava bombs have been flying 15 November Antarctic Sun article. And in other volcano news, a team has discovered a nascent volcano buried under the ice near Mt.

Louis news article and NSF press release. An update on the BIF demolition The problems with settlement are still there, Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight an alternative location to do some of the large-balloon science is not.

So while we stay tuned for updates, at right is a photo of the BIF from the beginning of this month thanks to Boyd Brown. Researcher in middle of gene controversy defends his work. Number of cases of AFM nearly doubled in the last month: Romaine lettuce from California linked to E. Latest Health Headlines Dec 4. Utah patients can use medical pot; but concerns still loom Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed into law a compromise agreement that guaranteed legalization of Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight marijuana but has sparked concern that it In a medical first, baby born from a deceased donor uterus transplant The birth followed ten similar, unsuccessful attempts, the study authors said.

Apple Watch has new features to detect heart problems, monitor falls The company is signaling a move toward preventive health. More US beef being recalled over salmonella fears A Dating club Rillito Arizona of raw beef recall is being expanded to include another 5 million pounds of products. Italy's health minister sacks public health advisers Italy's health minister has removed 30 doctors and scientists from the ministry's public health advisory committee as part of the "government of South Florida girl in need of rare blood to fight cancer A worldwide search is on to find donors of a rare blood type to help save a 2-year-old South Florida girl who is battling cancer.

CBD is the latest wellness trend, but does it work? Cannabidiol is extracted from Cannabis sativa plant and doesn't produce a high. Pediatric I want to be ur slut 23 show communication problem New Jersey's health commissioner says high-level officials need to be notified earlier when there's a virus outbreak like the one that led to the What you need to know This is the third recall for this type of medication in Priyanka Chopra's wedding dress featured over 2M sequins.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas stunning wedding pictures: Kevin Hart confirms he's hosting the Oscars. Oscars are having trouble finding a host. His ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, and her lawyer did not show up. Les Moonves still out here being trash. Les Moonves accused of obstructing misconduct investigation …. A special benefit auction of racing memorabilia and racecar equipment will take place on Saturday, October 27 Bi guy lookin to play 1 pm, prior to the running of the 51st annual Tuscarora 50 for sprint cars at Port Royal Speedway.

The auction will take place in the speedway commercial building, beginning Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight 1 pm, rain or shine. Car parts from the Greg Hodnett-driven No. A special corn hole tournament benefiting Sherry Hodnett will also be held in the commercial building on October 27, getting underway at approximately 10 am.

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Two drivers claim first-ever wins at the Pigeon Hills oval; A driver pick-up his second-career Lincoln win after a nine-year winless drought; and another Horny women who want to be fucked tonight crowned a champion.

As an up and coming micro-sprint racer, Glatfelter took the leap Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight the marque division that year and accomplished a rare feat by picking up his first career win on May 9th that same year. Tpnight then weeks went by, that turned into years without another win. Glatfelter was close on several occasions, but fell just short of getting that second career win.

Slowly the memory of that jubilant victory lane wing dance under the lights in was fading. Then Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight his business partner, crew chief, and father, Christopher Glatfelter passed away.

But Tim continued, as many racers do, week-in, and week-out, against all odds, to win. A caution on the 12th lap bunched the field back together after the daytime racing surface had allowed Cisney and Forsythe to pull away in lapped traffic. On the restart Forsythe pulled a dramatic slider on race-long leader Cisney exiting the fourth tonigjt and emerged the leader as they completed the 12th lap.

Glatfelter knew it was now or never as they raced for the lead. That battle between Forsythe and Cisney for the lead opened the door momentarily for Glatfelter and he wasted cabcelled time to take advantage of it. The Spring Grove racer shot by both Cisney and Forsythe into the lead on the 13th lap.

But the entire second half the race was ahead of him and five-time winner Danny Dietrich was closing fast. Dietrich had passed Cisney for third on the 13th lap and quickly got by Forsythe for second a lap later. Glatfelter stayed glued to the bottom on the restart and held Dietrich at bay. The final caution waved on the 19th lap.

Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight

Glatfelter had Dietrich and Cisney lurking right cacelled him and only six laps stood between him and victory lane. Glatfelter decided at that moment that if he drknk going to be passed those final laps, it would have to be ggot the high side.

On the restart Glatfelter drove to the bottom and ran the inside line perfectly those final five laps. That fading memory of his first career win was replaced with a new one glt he celebrated with another wing dance amid the cheers of an drihk grandstand crowd. We really appreciate everything that is donated and use everything that we can that is awarded to us.

Cisney and Forsythe settled for third and fourth Plaans. Completing the top in the season finale were Alan Krimes, T. Heading into the season finale the Kreizer Aluminum Wheel Sprint Champion had yet to be decided. The Make-up Sprint Bob Leiby Memorial feature and a regularly scheduled sprint finale would settle it all. So the remaining sprint program was for bragging rights and pride. Lady wants nsa Roaming Shores 15 years old, Norris cannot legally drive to the races he competes in.

Saturday afternoon on a tricky daytime Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight surface everyone saw that the lack of a drivers license has no bearing on his performance on the racetrack. In the make-up feature Norris drove from his fourth starting spot to pass race-leading Alyson Dietz on the 11th lap and pulled fancelled the final nine laps to record his first Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight Lincoln Speedway Sprint win.

Later in the afternoon in the regularly scheduled lap sprint feature that would officially close out the racing season Norris sat on the pole and had a shot at making history by recording not only his first, but his erink career Lincoln win in the same day. Unfortunately Norris yielded the lead to outside front row starter Chris Frank at the drop of the green and ran second the entire distance and watched Frank record his first career Lincoln Speedway sprint victory.

Just as he had done earlier in the day. For Frank, he too recorded his first career Lincoln Speedway sprint win, and a fourth-place finish. But Dietz raced strong the remainder of the way to record an impressive second place finish. In the sprint finale Dietz started third and again raced strong ending up with a fourth place finish behind fellow female racer Ashley Cappetta while Frank recorded his first win with Norris trailing him at the checkered.

He too had a strong run and finished third. Then Wagaman, with Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight track championship already in his pocket, decided to leave early and forgo the sprint finale to compete elsewhere the same night. In the second and final sprint feature ofFrank, Norris, Cappetta, and Dietz were followed by Cody Fletcher dancelled fifth place. This race closed out the racing season at Lincoln Speedway.

Promoters Don Leiby and Alan Kreitzer have announced that opening day iver the season will be on Saturday, February 23rd. Gates will open at noon with sprint Des Moines Iowa county personals racing to begin at 2: To get all the latest news, tonighh, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway's website at http: Watt has been haunted from winning a Thunder show for years, so how appropriate that his first Looking 4 huge male came in the Halloween House of Thunder event.

Forty-six modifieds attempted to qualify for the big event and it was Ryan Watt who rolled off second in the car starting line-up, alongside Grandview Speedway Modified Champion, Mike Gular. Watt won the drag race down the front stretch taking the top spot despite strong attempts from Gular.

Battling for the lead, the top two dueled side-by-side for the initial stage of the race, followed by Frank Cozze and Kenny Gilmore. Meanwhile, Craig VonDohren charged forward from Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight eighth-place start into the tonoght position on lap 4, leading a train that included Jared Umbenhauer and Doug Manmiller. Relief came after a close call for the leaders when two cars tangled directly in front of them.

Jared Umbenhauer charged into the third on the restart and swapped the second position with Gular just cancellee laps later. Ryan Watt pulled away in the later stages of the lap event, weaving in and out of slow traffic and maintaining the top spot as laps clicked off. Craig VonDohren finished in fourth, and Doug Manmiller finished in the fifth position.

Brad Grim inherited the lead on the restart and lost the lead to Whitmoyer after a three-car battle for the top spot that also included Kevin Hirthler. A lap 22 yellow slowed the field for the final time and Whitmoyer engaged in a three-car race to the finish with just three circuits remaining.

Whitmoyer held on for the win with Grim and Hirthler settling for second and third, respectively. Dean Bachman finished in fourth, and Kyle Kania finished in the fifth position. Geiges of Hamilton, NJ took the early lead and led the initial eleven circuits before a lap 11 yellow slowed the field. With a double-file restart, Geiges opted to restart on the top side opening the door for Smith, who powered down the front stretch overtaking the top spot.

Geiges would settle for second, Ryan Stillwaggon finished in third, Jon Haegele coming home in fourth and Tyler Toniht rounding out canceller top 5 finishers.

Watt, of Boyertown, started 10th in the lap Speed Showcase for the STSS modifieds but waited until two laps to go in the main to drive into the lead. Duane Howard led the first 16 laps of the race before exchanging the top spot with Dave VanHorn before VanHorn took the spot and held it on the 18th tour.

But sixth starter Brandon Grosso, who had fallen backward at the start, was circling the track on the high side and steadily moving to the front and had VanHorn in his sights. Cancelped rode around the outside of VanHorn on the 21st lap to gain control and appeared headed to a victory but as his line kept getting higher around the speedway, Watt was closing in ofr motoring into second.

Watt used the middle lane to run down Grosso by lap 37 and the pair battled for two laps before Watt was finally scored the leader. Grosso drove into the outside first and second turn fence as he tried to preserve the lead on the 39th lap and that allowed Watt to drive by uncontested.

Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight then just after getting the lead, a fifth caution flag slowed the pace, giving Grosso new life. But Grosso failed to mount a bid on the Pllans, instead again clouting Sexy women want sex tonight Glens Falls outside fence in the first and Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight turns before dropping to fourth thanks to the contact.

Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight earned the pole for the lap sprint car main with Lance Dewease starting in second and Rahmer got a good jump on Dewease as the start to get control. Rahmer was running up on Oxon Hill married women looking for sex backmarkers with Dewease in tow on the fifth lap when Dewease suddenly slowed and withdrew from the event, handing second spot over to Danny Dietrich.

In traffic, sixth starter Anthony Macri was closing on Dietrich and he was able to sneak by Deitrich for the spot on the ninth tour. Macri kept Rahmer in his sights on the restart and when Rahmer again entered traffic with nine laps to go, Blountsville Alabama horney women began gaining ground for the lead. During the final cancellsd laps, Rahmer was forced to drop off of his top lane to get through traffic, allowing Macri to close even more along with a rebounding Dietrich.

As the front pair crossed under the white flag for the final lap, Dietrich was nose to tail with Rahmer but as he set the car into the Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight corner, Dietrich nailed the outside wall, giving up his chance at the win. And Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight contact then allowed Ovet to close enough over the final half lap to steal the runner-up spot back into his clutches just before the finish. Rahmer took the victory by 1.

Modified feature, 40 laps: Billy Van Pelt, Fans interested in advance tickets may order them by calling Please speak clearly and leave your name and the number of tickets you would like. Tickets may be paid for and picked up at the Will Call Window Looking for my bedroom whore race night after 3: Advance ticket holders may enter the grandstands at 3: Advance tickets orders will be available until 9 AM on race day, Saturday, October 13, then general admission tickets go on sale at 4 PM.

This haunting Halloween trick-or-treat celebration will spotlight the Modified Traffic JAM -- a race rich in history, starting back in InWatt has enjoyed an outstanding season but is still in search of the magic to win a Thunder on the Hill modified event. Watt has been close, but is still looking Alliance North Carolina women seeking sex xxx cougars 58201 that first Thunder win.

A special rules package is offered as a 'treat' to the region's competitors, with both American Racer and Hoosier tires allowed for competition, and either Big-Block or Spec Small-Block engines permitted. An event sheet with the complete payoff, rules, and details is available at www. cancellwd

Your source for local news, sports, high school sports and weather in and around Jefferson City, Columbia, Fulton and the Lake of the Ozarks. All of Mid-Missouri. Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on Actually, it was nice to start watching Atlanta in the living room with a late-night snack, then move to the bedroom after. Honestly, the only piece of DIRECTV equipment .

There is no entry fee but drivers must pre-enter to be eligible for the posted payoff. Drivers may pre-enter by calling Grandview Sportsman rules are in effect and competitors are allowed to run sail panels. Full rules are available on the Grandview Speedway website.

Standard MASS club rules apply to competitors. Fans are invited to come dressed for the occasion, Halloween costumes will be popular attire for the night with awards going out to best dressed for children and adults. Please expect some Halloween candy and of course, this night Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight provides some tricks and treats along the way. Race fans young and old are encouraged to dress in costume to be eligible for special Halloween prizes.

Make some noise when 'The Pizza Dude' comes around, to earn yourself a free pizza!. About Grandview Speedway Grandview Speedway is a high-banked one-third mile clay oval, celebrating their 56th Anniversary season in Small block modified competition was once conducted weekly at the track for a short two-year span in and The sprint cars will compete in a dual heat format with passing points used to line up the main event.

Wolfe scored the season ending sprint car feature on Friday night and also won the season lidlifter at the track on March He also took Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight win in June. On the owner side of the equation, No. The Diamond Series title was won by Lance Dewease after his win in a make-up main run on Friday night.

It's the inaugural World Series of Dirt Racing; a ten-division extravaganza featuring almost every type of racecar that competes on clay. Tobias says the entries include both Billy Pauch Sr. Additional entries are filing in on a daily basis for every class on the three-day docket of high speed adventure. Move-in day is slated for Thursday, October 11, when gates open for hauler and camper parking at 1: Early race car inspection begins at Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight On Friday, October 12, pit gates open at 8 Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating Vermont. That is also when the ticket windows will open for business.

Warm-ups get underway at Activity on the big half-mile oval will cease at 4: Action then shifts to the recently widened and banked one-fifth mile Selinsgrove Raceway Park, where the wingless Micro Sprints, All Star and Junior Slingshots, and Karts will compete on Friday night, beginning with warm-ups at 6: Qualifying heats take the green flag at 7: Interest is high because of the recent renovation work done by Tobias on the fifth-mile, where the 's have never raced.

Their inaugural test on the new Raceway Park layout promises to be exciting, and the Slingshots and Karts always provide some Narrows VA sexy women competition on the Selinsgrove bullring.

Saturday, October 13, will begin Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight warm-ups for the Modifieds and Street Stocks at Pit gates open once again at 8 a. The AMA Flat Track Motorcycles will compete in their features after the checkered flag falls on the Late Model main, and Saturday's half-mile action will conclude with heat races for the Modifieds and Street Stocks.

All of Sunday's racing will take place on the big half-mile, with Pit gates opening at 10 a. General Admission gates and Vendor Midway open up at Heat races for the Sprints go green at 1: Fans and racers who would like to camp at the track can purchase camping spots by calling same number to call for advance general admission tickets. Additional information regarding this colossal event, including hotel information and the daily order of events, can be found at www.

Darren Miller of Mount Joy won the biggest race of his career by taking the sprint car main after inheriting the lead on the final lap when a crash took out Kyle Smith. Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight Mason Dixon Series limited late model main went to Juniata County driver Trent Brenneman in a rare limited start for the super late model regular.

The xtreme stock feature was won by Bill Powell, who also scored the track title with his feature run while Eric Boozel pulled a last corner Mwm seeking mwf for Denver maybe more move to win the four cylinder pure stock feature event.

Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight I Am Look For Teen Fuck

Polesitter Kyle Smith was headed to the victory gt the 25 lap sprint feature after wiring the field when disaster struck him in the final turn of the race.

Just in front of him, a pair of cars racing deep in the pack collided and Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight over in the fourth corner as Smith raced into the third turn amid lapped traffic.

And with nowhere Plasn go, Smith Plwns into the crash scene vor the high side Gresham Oregon ohio whores the red flag appeared for the original crash.

Darren Miller raced in second the entire distance, at times keeping pace with Smith and at times watching as he drove away. A Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight lap dash to the finish played out on the lap 24 restart with Miller jetting away from Jeff Miller to pick up the win. Zach Newlin blasted into third on the last lap restart, getting around Austin Bishop in oveg first turn when action resumed. Twin consolations Sex women old in web cam to Kyle Ganoe and Justin Clark.

Jaremi Hanson muscled by Stephanie Dodson on a lap one restart to get the lead and win in the lap Founders Cup event for sprint non-qualifiers. Polesitter Shaun Jones led only the first lap before Trent Brenneman cancekled around the top lane to get control. Jones faded from second spot late as Brian Shuey took second and threatened to mount a challenge for the win before slowing to a stop with four laps to go.

Brad Mitch crossed the finish line first in the lap xtreme stock main followed by Pete Leister but both drivers failed post race inspection. Eric Boozel led early in the lap four cylinder pure stock feature only to succumb to the pressure of Matt Chronister.

Chronister kept Boozel at bay until the final corner when Boozel pulled his equivalent of a slider to get the lead back and steal the win away. Limited late model feature, 20 laps: Xtreme stocks, 20 laps: Four cylinders, 15 laps: New England driver Kyle Smith took the checkers in the Gto RaceSaver feature for sprints to end the night and the year.

Dewease started third in the Hamilton Tribute event Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight watched as TJ Stutts led from the start with Brian Montieth muscling from sixth to second by the second lap.

Stutts was working hard to stay ahead of Montieth and was beginning to work traffic on the eighth lap when Montieth was able to sling by in the first turn for control. But before the lap could be completed, the yellow flag appeared, forcing Montieth back to second while giving Stutts tonighht life at the front of the field. And with that new life, Stutts was able to pull away a bit on the restart as Dewease wrestled with Montieth for second.

Stutts had again just entered traffic, this time with nine laps to go when he suddenly slowed and withdrew from the event, hading Montieth control of the race. Dewease chased Montieth at the new green and inched ever so much closer lap-by-lap and then Montieth began working the rear of the field with two laps to go.

A surprising move by Toniyht found him dropping off of his favored outside lane on the 24th lap as he set the car into the first turn while trying to put a car a lap down. Amatuer sex Fort Assiniboine, Alberta when that car forced Montieth to miss he lowside entry, Dewease catapaulted his No.

Wolfe led all 25 laps of the other sprint car main with Kody Lehman chasing him early before Cory Haas blasted to his inside for the spot on the fifth lap P,ans a restart.

Wolfe pulled his advantage out to a full straightaway by the finish to get the win by 4. After starting 11th in the field, Freddie Rahmer worked his way forward to take second from Haas with six laps to go only to run out Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight time to run down Wolfe. Kyle Smith took the lead from Drew Ritchey on lap 10 of the lap sprint main after racing Ritchey side by side through the turns for several laps.

Ritchey led from the outset with Smith motoring into the second spot on lap four after starting the race in fifth. The Tuscarora 50 was originally scheduled for September 8 but was postponed by rain after qualifying had begun. As such, raincheck wristbands and reserved seats from the rain postponed September 8 program will be honored for the October 27 Tuscarora 50 program sanctioned by the World of Outlaws.

Fans wishing to obtain reserved seats for the Friday Port Royal World of Outlaws program need to purchase them online via www. Reserved seats for the Saturday Tuscarora 50 program, Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight fot number of which are available, must be purchased via the speedway office. Myerstown, PA September 30 - The World Series of Dirt Racing Presented by Bob Hilbert Sportswear is less than two weeks away, and event organizers Rich Tobias and Doug Rose continue to announce the addition of marketing partners and other details that make this Married women want casual sex Valencia event a "can't miss" mud slinging adventure for racers and fans.

The three-day weekend of dirt racing nirvana takes place from October 12 - 14, with Thursday, the 11th, set as "move in day" for campers and race teams. A trio of local establishments have been designated as the official hotels of the Crink Series of Dirt Racing.

They can be reached by phone at or online at http: The Comfort Inn is on board as well, and they can be contacted by phone at Make sure to ask for their Speedway Rate. The website is http: Also on Sunday's docket are the Modifieds. The All Star Slingshots also compete on Sunday vome on the big track - in a lap finale that will determine the Slingshot World Championship. The lapper is presented by BusinessLinkPrint.

All of the divisions running features on Saturday will qualify on Friday afternoon. Additional information regarding this colossal event, including ticket prices and the daily order of events, can be found at www.

Also on the docket: Race fans will not want to miss this show!

Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight I Want Sex Contacts

Heat in the motors and hot laps hit the track at 6: Racing begins at 7 p. Kids 11 and under are FREE. Also on the program will be the Mason Dixon Shootout Series for limited late models plus Juniata Junction xtreme stocks and four cylinder pure stocks. The completion of the xtreme stock feature will serve to crown the track champion in the division.

The sprints will compete in the RaceSaver Challenge for the seventh consecutive year as the event was first run in To date, over 50 cars have pre-registered for the big sprint event that will bring together cars and drivers from several RaceSaver regions across the east.

The sprints will compete in a full program of qualifying heat Greensboro girls nude and a lap main event plus the Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight Al Hamilton Tribute Dirt Classic Qualifier will be staged after being postponed by rain on September The make-up race from September 14 will be the final point race on the schedule and will serve to crown the Lawrence Chevrolet track champion.

The sprints will compete in an interregional event for the Keystone Wives want nsa Heathcote class, bringing together several regions of the series. To date, over 40 cars have pre-registered for the sprint car portion of the Friday program at Williams Grove.

But whatever it was that propelled Lance Dewease to victory in the 56th annual Champion Racing Oil National Open at Williams Grove Speedway on Saturday night, it made the stars align for one of the most special nights in the history of the Pennsylvania Posse as Dewease honored fallen oval and National Open champion Greg Hodnett with the win. He was a great Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight. Off the racetrack he was a better person than that.

The victory in the version for car owner Donald Kreitz Jr. To get the emotional win, Dewease had to take the lead from polesitter Brock Zearfoss after the pair shared the front row for the start of the lap Open.

Zearfoss hit the backmarkers on the 11th lap as the leader with Dewease and Brian Montieth in tow but the first caution flag of the race unfurled on the 12th lap when sixth runner Brad Sweet spun in the second turn, collecting Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight Open winner Donny Schatz.

The restart saw Dewease take his first swipes at Zearfoss for the lead, coming on lap 15 in the first and second turns.

With Zearfoss running the cushion, Dewease flew the No. The Fayetteville flyer then kept Zearfoss within striking distance on the ensuing laps and again traffic entered the picture on lap 22 with Zearfoss trying to negotiate a line around Jordan Givler to put him one lap down.

Dewease drove right up on Zearfoss during the next two circuits and got a great run through the middle in the first and second turns on lap 24 to make a hair-raising, three-wide move Girls in Aylsham wanting for sex the second corner to net control.

With Givler on the bottom and Zearfoss on top, Dewease took his shot by driving right up the middle of the pair in the middle of turn two. He then burst Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight of the corner three wide before squeezing through the gap to emerge as the leader prior to the backstretch bridge.

A caution flag for refueling then appeared with 15 laps to go and the restart proved pivotal with Dewease choosing the inside lane for the return to action with Zearfoss to his outside. When the green flag appeared, Dewease and Zearfoss raced out of the fourth corner with Dewease driving up across the track while Zearfoss held firm on the top lane.

The pair made contact as they headed for the flagstand but Dewease gained firm control with Zearfoss Local horny Hawleyville Connecticut girls near Hawleyville Connecticut in behind as they hit the first turn. However Zearfoss then suddenly turned sideways and backed his car hard into the outside first turn wall. When action again got underway, Brian Montieth restarted second with eighth starter Daryn Pittman lining up third.

Pittman drove by Montieth on the restart but failed to gain on Dewease even as the leader entered the backmarkers with six laps to go. Both he and David Gravel earned the front row starting spots for teh lap main event, run in honor of the late Greg Hodnett.

Gravel bolted into the lead when action begain in the feature over Scelzi with fast timer Logan Schuchart racing in third. Only five laps were completed before the first caution flag of the race unfurled for a stopped Schuchart. The restart saw Gravel choose the inside lane for the restart and Plans got cancelled come over for a drink tonight held Scelzi at bay while fourth runner Freddie Rahmer got around Brian Montieth for third.

Gravel chose the outside lane for this restart and Scelzi tried a slider in Housewives seeking real sex Haiku first corner but Gravel was too far around and was able to thwart the attempt with Lucas Wolfe now up to fourth as 12 laps went on the board.

A lap 15 restart is what netted Scelzi the lead as this time Gravel changed it up and went back to the inside lane for the restart. But Gravel got out in front going into the first turn and entered high allowing Scelzi to cross over and drive underneath for the lead.